Why was the Munich Agreement signed on 29 September 1938?

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Why was the Munich Agreement

 signed on 29 September 1938? 

The Munich Agreement was an agreement between Britain, France, Germany and Italy by which a part of Czechoslovakia called the Sudetenland was ceded to Germany. To understand why the agreement was signed it is necessary to look at what had been happening in Europe during the previous twenty years.
After the First World War Germany had been severely punished. It had been forced to give away land and money and was not allowed to have a proper standing army. Czechoslovakia was an artificial country constructed partly from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and as a consequence about one quarter of its population was German.

During the 1930s Adolph Hitler came to power as Chancellor of Germany. He used his position to become dictator and brought about many changes in Germany. He successfully seized land such as the Rhineland and the Saar And was not stopped by any other country.

He gradually built up the size of his army, navy and airforce for example, the anglo-german treaty that allowed them to increase the german navy to 35% of Britain’s, and again was not stopped. He used the Luftwaffe (the german air force) in the Spanish Civil War to bomb places like Guernica. He made a pact with the other Fascist State, italy and the two tried to distablise the solidarity against germany by keeping on reasonably good terms with Soviet Russia and making sure that the allies did not form an alliance.

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Because no country had stopped Hitler he managed to remove many of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, this was mostly acomplished because countries such as Great Britain had a policy of appeasing Germany as they did not want to go to war with them. And perhaps some countries felt that the Treaty of Versailles had been unduly harsh on Germany. The Anschluss (take-over of Austria by Germany) or union as hitler called it, made the Czechoslovakia situation very dangerous as it was now surrounded on three sides by Hitler's Third Reich.

Hitler was threatening to invade the whole ...

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