Why were British troops sent into Northern Ireland in 1969?

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Why were British troops sent into Northern Ireland in 1969?

For centuries there has been conflict in Northern Ireland. The disagreement between Irish Catholics and the Irish Protestants still continues to this day. Between 1921 and the mid 1960s Catholics in Northern Ireland faced many problems. After the War Of Independence, in 1919, the country of Ireland was divided into two parts; The North, here there was a large Protestant Majority, each of the six Ulster counties had their own parliament and their own government. The South, largely occupied by Irish Catholics, most of which were opposed the idea of dividing Ireland.

The conflict between Northern Ireland is part of a larger conflict with a long-term history these factors may have contributed these factors were the reformation in 1517 the being of the protestant church but I think the plantation, the introduction of the penal laws were major factors that caused hatred between each religion, also with the arrival of Cromwell caused more bitterness as Cromwell and his troops massacred both soldiers and innocent people in the counties of Drogheda and Wexford, the remainder of Catholics involved in the rebellion had their land taken off them and were forced into the poor lands of Connacht where many died of hunger and disease.    

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 Between the Irish Catholics and the Irish Protestants. The conflict between these two groups became so violent that Ireland had to be divided. Some Catholics found themselves in the minority in the Protestant controlled North, where they were treated unfairly sparking a series of Civil Rights marches in the late 1960’s. The violence escalated, and this is why British Troops were sent to the area to maintain the peace.

The struggle between Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants had a long-term history. The Nationalist’s wanted an Independent Ireland but their rebellion, the Easter Rising on 1916, failed because the British quickly ...

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