Why were major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-41?

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Assignment One

Question – 1 Why were major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-41?

Germany and Britain fought a battle from August to September called Battle of Britain. This fight was for control over skies. There were four major battles in battle of Britain in which Britain won.  After being defeated by Britain, Germans knew that they would not be able to invade Britain, so they began to attack it in different ways and adopted new tactics. They knew that if they carry their troops and tanks on ships R.A.F (Royal Air Force) of Britain would destroy them and sink their ships. So, they decided to destroy R.A.F first. They not only planned to destroy R.A.F but also Britain’s economy and its war effort by destroying its factories. Factories were the main economy of Britain so for destroying its economy, they bombed them.

They also knew that Britain would do its level best to keep them away from their colonies so as to maintain their empire. So Germany tried to frighten Britain and desperately changed their tactics to create fear and panic among people.  

They attacked the docks in London so as to stop supplies of food being brought into Britain. They started bombing its main towns and cities. The most affected towns by German bombing were Coventry, Glasgow, and East end. In all, Germans killed over 60,000 people due to air raids and they destroyed over 250,000 houses, so that people loose their morale and hope and government surrender itself in front of German dictatorship.

Question-2 Describe the effects of the blitz on everyday life in Britain?

Germany started invading Britain in September 1940. German bombers flew over Britain at nighttime and threw high explosives on it. Instead of doing precision bombing in which only main centers are targeted they commenced carpet bombing killing thousands of innocent’s people. During war, whole of Britain was facing a massive loss and destruction due to heavy bombing by Germany. Britain had to face lots of hardships during wartime. There was a fear of attack even on schools. Whole of country suffered a feeling of insecurity, fear and panic. They had no hope whether they would be left alive or not. Government passed their propaganda and initiatives and tried to persuade women, so that they can send their children to a safer place, so that they are not affected by war. Government tried its level best in the war and tried to embrace people who were affected by the war. Lots of civilians became target of German bombing. In 1940, nearly 38,000 bombs were dropped on Britain killing so many people. There were blackouts, evacuation, shortage of domestic bombs shelters and rationing in the country:

Blackouts- Their were blackouts in the country at night time, so the German bombers can’t point out British cities and towns and turn them into pieces and ash. No one was allowed to switch his or her lights on, in night time.

Rationing- In it food gets limited and comes in a limited amount. Government limited food by rationing it. People were given ration books at the time of war.

Evacuation- People were frightened and started leaving cities during wartime.’ Night after night exodus went on’, which means people, left their country for better and safer place. There was a massive amount of people who were leaving their country at time of evacuation.

These sort of emergencies resulted decrease in morale of the people. Britain’s king and queen visited to the bomb affected sites and boosted people so that people would not loose their morale. But when Britain started winning the war morale of the people started increasing automatically and feeling of fear and panic started decreasing. Government was given a big task to handle frightened citizens but they were unable to meet their demands. Even the rescue parties were inadequate because of overwork that they faced. There was shortage of food and even the evacuation was not well planned. Government tried its level best for the task, which they were facing but still it was not enough. So, we can say that, not even people faced a lot of hardship during war but even the government who had to deal with them.  

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Question–3 In what ways did the British government attempt to hide the effects of the blitz from the people of Britain?  

The main objective of British government behind hiding the effects of the blitz from the people was that people don’t loose their morale. They created an illusion in front of its people so that they might not fear and panic. As if government discloses the number of bombs dropped on Britain, people would get scared. So, people don’t loose their morale government hided the number of loses they faced in war.

During war, lots of ...

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