World War One known as the great war?

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Why was World War 1 known as ‘The great War’?

World War 1 is know as the Great War, simply because it changed so much in the world. After World one war Countries could have lost lods of their land resulting in loss of economics, this changed who owned what land and has affected this way we live today. However some countries might think it’s not great because of what they lost. This essay will cover all the reasons World war one was known as Great.

This War was groundbreaking because nothing like this had ever happened before. Countries uniting and fighting, everything on a huge scale- Death, Weapons, People ect. This made the war Great because it was unique, one of its kind.

World war one was unusual at it time because it was the first time chemical weapons such as Mustard Gas where used to kill enemy’s. Before the war Aeroplane had been used for exploring places, in the war they used them for dropping bombs. Also in World War 2 France was completely against Britain, however in World War 1 they worked as a team. It was unusual because after World War 1 they decided instead of giving people electric shocks, they realised that letting people talk about their problems helped. This is when counselling first begun. World War one was Unusual because one mans death caused millions of others.

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The war affected generations of people. Over 40,000,000 casualties and 20 million civilians died. This is a huge amount at the moment the Iraq war has 28,822 soldiers. I don’t think all these people dieing can be classed as a good thing; however some enemies might see it like that.

People were deeply affected by the war because big families lost there sons or husbands which where earning the money to live in big mansions. When they died there families could no longer live there, this meant they would be kicked out. For example places such as ...

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