World War One Trenches Newspaper

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Conditions in the trenches

Food – appalling rations make things worse than ever!

We have all read that every soldier in the trenches is getting 10oz meat and 8oz vegetables every day. Well this is just not true. Rations have been cut severely and few soldiers see meat more than none times in thirty days. Most solders are living on cans of bully beef and dried biscuits. Sometimes things are so bad that bread made with turnips and pea soup with horsemeat are the only food available.

Poisonous gas – death by breathing!!

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It has been revealed that from April 1915, shells containing poisonous gases have been used to bombard the trenches. Gases like chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas have been used. In small doses these gases cause the eyes to water and diffculty breathing. Those exposed to higher levels develop blisters on the skin and in the lungs. Many die a slow and painful death

there is nowhere to bury the bodies. Many soldiers also suffer from fungal infections like trench foot  (see the photo below) and trench mouth because of the damp conditions they live in. They cannot wash and ...

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