WWI: The Big Four and what they wanted from the Treaty of Versailles.

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The Big Four

Georges Clemenceau

French journalist and statesman, Prime Minister of France 1917-1920

Georges Clemenceau was nicknamed ‘Le Tigre’ as he wanted Germany to be treated harshly after their defeat in WWI. Clemenceau was a political activist and was known to in strong opposition of the Imperial Regime and in his earlier life was once arrested for placing posters urging for a demonstration against the regime.  Clemenceau was also known to support the principle of having ‘total war’ and the policy ‘la guerre jusqu’au bout’, meaning ‘War until the end’. Clemenceau opposed the suggestion that France should surrender to Germany in order for peace. Clemenceau served as Prime Minister of France during WWI.

Clemenceau wanted France to be restored as a power of Europe as at that time Germany’s economic development was higher than France’s, and so used the Versailles settlement to try to get this. Also, Clemenceau wanted Germany to be suppressed and so that Germany would never be able to start a war on a similar scale again. This was because a lot of France and its infrastructure were damaged by WWI and Clemenceau believed that Germany were responsible and deserved to pay for causing this.

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After the Versailles settlement, the Kaiser Wilhelm II was to be tried for being a war criminal, and the settlement blames Germany and its allies for being responsible for starting WWI. The German army was also restricted, such as that the German army could not have more than 100,000 troops and no import/exports of weapons allowed.

In 1919 there was an assassination attempt on Clemenceau but failed to kill him. In 1920 Clemenceau was replaced by Alexandre Millerand as the French President.  

Woodrow Wilson

Governor of New Jersey, President of Princeton University, 28th President of the ...

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