Year 10 Essay: How successful was the League of Nations between 1919 and 1929?

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Year 10 Essay: How successful was the League of Nations between 1919 and 1929? The League of Nations was an organisation designed to maintain peace throughout the World. It was created during the Paris Peace Conference. The League of Nations was the idea of President Woodrow Wilson from the USA. The League’s four main aims were to bring together all nations and create world peace, to discuss and solve disputes, to protect the independence of countries and the borders, to improve people’s living and working conditions, and to completely abolish war by persuading nations to disarm. From the beginning of its creation the League of Nations had to overcome many hurdles. One of the major problems the League had was that the USA never joined, which meant leaving Britain and France in charge of the League. Without the USA the economic sanctions that the League would give to others, would not be as effective. Both Britain and France were not strong enough, to be able to lead the League of Nations; they were both weakened during World War One. For Example they had both lost a lot of their armies and money. Another weakness of the League was that it did not have an army of its own, and it would have to depend fully on the co-operation of the members. In addition the
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council of the League met once a year and the assembly met five times a year, which caused the League not to be able to talk about a problem immediately. The League of Nations had to deal with many disputes during the 1920’s. A few of these disputes were settled successfully while some were failures. Some successes were the dispute between Poland and Germany regarding Upper Silesia. The League sent British and French Troops to maintain order. There the League organised a successful plebiscite, but the voting turned out equal and the area was split. The industrial area went to ...

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