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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 12524

3E-The legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT

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3E-The legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT In my prior tasks, I have written an in depth report on the enhanced development of an array of technologies which effects and have provided numerous of opportunities for everyone whether they are studying in school (like me), in employment, individuals with special particular needs or generally the whole community. Task 3A is a detailed report on the technologies I use on a daily basis. These large numbers of technology have proven to better meet my personal, social and work related needs. For instance, having access to the World Wide Web has ensured that I am able to gain efficient research for school work somewhat then going to the local library and finding a specific book which relates to the topic I am studying at school. The World Wide Web Is much easier and generally less time consuming for me. I can access the World Wide Web and retrieve ample of information that's needed for my school work rather then having to proceed with the hassle of going to the library and searching for the specific book related to the topic I may currently studying at school. The technology is available for all my needs and wants and has proven to provide exciting opportunities. Similarly, task 3B is a particularize report of the technologies Mr. Obrien uses in his everyday life. The numerous quantity of technology has enhanced Mr. Obrien's working conducts whether it is personal, social or work related. For instance, Mobile phones have ensured that Mr. Obrien is able to stay in contact with family members, acquaintance and workers. Without the technology, communication is very intricate for him and which is significantly needed by all. Also, task 3C is a particularize report of the technologies Maria korelli makes use of and is a person with special particular needs. One of the many examples of technologies used by her will be an electronic wheelchair. ...read more.


There should be some sort of sophisticated encryption in place to avoid users from using there computer illegally and to better protect Mr. Obrien and other computer users. IMPACT OF LAW UPON MARIA KORELLI The Computer Misuse Act creates an impact upon Maria korelli because she is a computer user at home and at her workplace. Maria is an individual facing physical disability, she is unable to walk and therefore she uses a wheelchair to carry out movement. She is unable to work but she thinks that's not an excuse which shall stop her from working. Maria is a computer user and therefore she will need to ensure that she complies with the Computer Misuse Act and avoids using her computer for a number of illegal purposes. The legislation protects Maria Korelli because with the Computer Misuse Act introduced, Maria is more protected from various individuals who intend on sending viruses and who try accessing computers of other users. This is because under the act, Maria can prosecute the individual who sends viruses to her computer or try's hacking her personal computer or her computer that she uses at work. This ultimately reduces the amount of people who carry out computer misuse because they no the consequences which is facing jail. However, Maria will need justification to prosecute someone if they are a suspect in sending the virus and if the individual sends a virus mistakenly then he or she is not considered guilty. The legislation protects Maria's files stored in her computer both at work and at home. With the legislation in place, Maria is sure to have more confidentiality in her work and clear from viruses which could cause corruption. In order to abide by the law, Maria must make sure that she avoids using her computer for illegal purposes. If she does carry out these legal offences under the Computer Misuse Act, then she will be prosecuted and in jail. ...read more.


I think this is the most relevant law that creates the most impact upon Maria Korelli because the law protects her in her workplace and ensures that everything is running smoothly and no injuries are caused to Maria. Maria needs to be protected at all times as she uses her wheelchair and is disabled, thus more priority is needed for her. With the law in place, she is assured to have a safe place to work in i.e. overloaded power sockets are taken care of which could cause a fire. Maria's employer must ensure and evaluate the workstation so that it is secure for Maria and other workers to work in. WHAT LAW AFFECTS LEYTON COMMUNITY THE MOST (3D)? The legislation that affects the Leyton community the most is the Computer Misuse Act as this is because numerous of people in the community use a computer and therefore are most affected by the Computer Misuse Act Legislation as the residents of Leyton must use there computers in accordance to the law. These people must abide by the law by assuring to use the computer for acceptable purposes and avoid using the computer for illegal purposes. Some of these illegal purposes include, hacking accounts, the sending of viruses that ultimately create loss or corruption of data, game/DVD piracy and using the computer to commit acts of fraud. CONCLUSION In conclusion, I think the legislation are excessively useful and ensure that individuals are protected in same way and this is the reason why the law had been introduced in the first place. The legislation has a contrary to the advantages but on the whole the legislations secure a number of people from threats and damages that could occur via ICT. Without all these legislation, a number of individuals would be victimised through ICT and there will be no justice for the individuals who are innocent and have been affected. Therefore, the sole purpose of all these legislations is to provide protection and defend individuals from criminal activities that occur via ICT. https://www.edexcel.com/_layouts/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmigrationdocuments%2f_layouts%2fAuthenticate.aspx%3fSource%3d%252fmigrationdocuments%252fsecure_content%252520general%252fGCSE%252520Maths%252520and%252520Statistics%252520A_MTH_0%252f2381_Foundation_Stage_1_mock_dec_07.pdf&Source=%2fmigrationdocuments%2fsecure_content%2520general%2fGCSE%2520Maths%2520and%2520Statistics%2520A_MTH_0%2f2381_Foundation_Stage_1_mock_dec_07.pdf ?? ?? ?? ?? Zeeshan Zamurred Mr. Sheikh Applied ICT 3E 1 ...read more.

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