Analyse the websites of NHS, Amazon and Greenpeace

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For this assignment I will need to write a report to explain to the assessor how three contrasting organisation (NHS, Amazon and Greenpeace) have been designed to have a visually appeal to their users.

* Search Engine Operation

* Ranking Information

* User Paths Through the Website

* Conflicts Between Different Aspects of Usability

* Design for Usability and Appeal

Search Engine Operation

Amazon will use search engine options to make sure that the information on their website is correct and the language used is professional and that the design of the website is not affected they will also make sure that it is correct and to make it to a standard to be the best to make sure that a search engine will choose to put their website first when searching on a search engine.

NHS will make sure when designing there website that the information provided on the main page is professional and the language used on the website is correct and is appealing to a search engine this will inflict on how high ranked the website is on the search engine. So if you were to search about their organisation area there organisation would be first on the search engine.

Greenpeace will make sure when designing a website that the information they use on the website is correct they will use special language relating to their organisational area and that it is standing out from similar businesses, they will need to keep this as it will reflect on how a search engine will rank there website for information.
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Ranking Information

Amazon will use Ranking of information to make sure that the audience is not getting bored of reading a whole load of text. They also add headings/ sub-headings that navigate to a different webpage about the specific information the customer is looking for. This is really easy to use and makes it more entertaining for the audience. They will put the most important information first on the page to create a ranking on what they want to show on the design.

NHS website is a bit different as it does have a wall of ...

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