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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7140

Choosing the best harware for my system.

Extracts from this document...


Hardware Hardware is any physical thing of a computer that you can touch. Monitor Tower Mouse Speakers Keyboard Types of hardware A computer has four main types of hardware in a computer which is: Input An input is a hardware device which is used to store data into the computer. Process Process is a hardware which manipulates the information in order for you to read it Storage Storage is a type of hardware than enables you to save your work or things on your computer. Output An output is an hardware that is used to transfer the computer data in forms so you can be able to read it. There are 9 hardware that I am using, these are the following. Input Keyboard, Scanner, mouse Process Intel Core Duo Processor (2 GHz) Storage RAM, ROM, USB flash drive Output Printer and monitor This table is the hardware that I am going to use and how they work. Name of device Price The way it works Advantages Disadvantages Keyboard �20 A keyboard is an item that you can touch. It has many different buttons each with different letters, symbols and number. Once you press one of these buttons the central processing unit sends message to the monitor and it appears on your screen and for you to understand. The advantage of a keyboard is it comes in several types including QWERTY concept. The disadvantage of a keyboard is that it is portable so you can't take more than a certain distance. The other advantage of a keyboard is that it has several buttons on it which are like shortcut for e.g. page up and page down. Also another disadvantage is that the wires of the keyboard could tangle up or cause a hassle or an accident. This keyboard is less complicated than others. You have to be careful not to damage the buttons. Mouse �7 A mouse is a device which you can touch and move around. ...read more.


It takes a lot of space on your memory. It lets you enter unlimited amount of data. When you want to log out or something then you have to take procedures to before you log out. Internet explorer Free with every computer Provides you to go on the net and lets you go on loads of websites. The advantage is that it easy to use. The disadvantage is that if you upload a lot of application at a time then it can go slow. It lets you find out the latest things and updates. You need to pay for this application. You can communicate with your friends all over the world. It can also download virus and crash your computer down. Paint Free with every computer The main use of paint is that you can create drawing on the computer and you can also design stuff as well. The advantage of paint is that you can actually draw your picture. The disadvantage of paint is that your drawing isn't accurate if you have a steady hand. It is very easy and straight forward to use. You cannot use it in any advanced data. Every one can use paint to create4 anything. Some people may find it very childish and might not like it. Alternatives This table is about the application I am going to use and the alternative application I am going to use. Name of Application Alternative Application The way it works Advantages Disadvantage Difference it would make if I used it Microsoft word Notepad The way it works is that it is special application that enables to write things and also you can write your work in such way that suits you best. The advantage of Microsoft is that you can do a publish your in various ways. The disadvantage of Microsoft word is that it takes quite a lot of space. ...read more.


After I had been looking at the output devices my work hasn't actually been affected that much but I have used the best output devices that I can and the devices I was used very good and I can now do my work easily. Conclusion Name of Hardware The way it works The way it will be used by the company Headphones The system sends the sound through the wire and to the headphone so you can hear The company will use this when there are a lot of customers and they will have used it when they are talking to the customers. Web-cam With a web-cam you can see the person who you are talking to and it is a customer then it is better because you can see them also you can talk to your friends all over the world. The way the company might use this to communicate with the customer and it will be easier. The system that I used was the right one for this task because I was able to do my work quickly, and efficiently, and I think the company would need one more hardware, which is a headphone for every employee so when they talk to the customers it would be more easier to talk and type. Also, all the hardware I used was the right one as it made me finish my task on time, and it was the right, or quicker time to finish on.. Also I do not think I will need anymore other hard wares because I used the most appropriate hard ware that I can. Choosing and Describing Applications =3 Describing using Hardware =3 Describing using Software = 3 Characteristics, Benefits, and drawback of each system = 6 Demonstrate use of Input Methods = 1 Comment on their speed, accuracy and validation = 4 Describe your system outputs = 1 Comparing Output devices Alternative outputs and drawbacks to your system= 4 ?? ?? ?? ?? Ruhul Islam Type A Flight AO1 1/27 ...read more.

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