Developing a Spreadsheet to Assist the Owner of the College Bar.

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Developing a Spreadsheet to Assist the Owner of the College Bar.

My project will be based on the College Bar. I will be designing and constructing a spreadsheet that shall assist the owner or manager of the business. The spreadsheet should allow users to store data such as, items being sold, selling and buying costs. It should also make it easy to calculate profits and losses over a period of time. At the moment the company record their data by hand as they do not have a computer. They store these written files in a large cabinet, which take up large amount of space. The company also find it hard to locate specific files/records. As these are written on paper, they can be easily damaged or lost, and can be difficult to transport from place to place. What I am planning to do should be a radical improvement in reflection with the currant method they are using.

Here are my tasks and subtasks in order of which I will complete them:

> To do this I shall have to create a data capture sheet. I think the easiest and most reliable sources of gaining this information required is to interview Elain Ridgeway and Mrs Sawford who both organise catering for school lunches and special events such as concerts.
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> To make this successful I will firstly have to find out what businesses are currently using so I know what I have to better, I will also be able to ask their views and what they think it should include. Therefore then using their input I should be able to design a spreadsheet that it caters for as many of their needs as possible.

> Design several layouts for my final spreadsheet using the views of potential users and choose the most appropriate.

> Then using that template create a fully functional spreadsheet that is ...

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