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GCSE: Hardware

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  1. Designing a system for an IT user - He needs to have a good internet connection because he uses games and plays runescape. He is a member of the local conservative party and needs to print flyers, so he will need Microsoft office and will also need a prin

    John needs to use email, design flyers and generally use a keyboard to type in text. He can also use a keyboard to play computer games like runescape. It is hard to use a computer without a keyboard. A keyboard is also very easy to use and doesn't take a lot of practice to get it right. But too much use of a keyboard can cause RSI (Repetitive strain Injury). Mouse A mouse is used to control what happens on the screen. There is generally 2 buttons left click selects an item and right click brings up a relevant menu.

    • Word count: 3311
  2. Hardware Choices and Operating System.

    It doesn't produce lots of noise like other printers. A laser printer is not good for someone who prints lots of photographs as they are not capable of printing high resolution images. It is light and compact so it is easy to lift up and move around and it doesn't take up lots of space. If your printer breaks or gets damaged and needs repairing then it will be quite expensive to repair. It has good print quality and produces print relatively faster than other printers.

    • Word count: 6569
  3. Choosing hardware and input devices.

    http//www.howstuffworks.com By Using the mouse you can control what happens on the screen by moving and clicking the mouse and selecting items on the screen. It is very cheap compared to optical mouse so people can afford them. Dust and dirt can get inside the mouse to make it slow or get damaged Because it is not wireless it can't get lost compared to a wireless mouse. To use the mouse you have to use it on a mouse mat or a special surface It is usually supplied with a computer when you buy the computer.

    • Word count: 6710
  4. Computer Hardware, uses, advantages and disadvantages.

    Instead of using the mouse to move the cursor you can use the arrow key situated on the keyboard to move the cursor on the monitor. 2. The frequent movement from keyboard to move and back could cause carpal tunnel syndrome. 3. Keyboard are less expensive because it comes with every computer. Optical Mouse �9.00 The optical mouse is able to work on just about any surface and without the need for a mouse pad; most optical mice use a small, red light-emitting diode (LED)

    • Word count: 8937
  5. GCSE ICT - Imput devices.

    A mouse is an object that the user holds under one of the user's hands. Most mice have two buttons the left and the right. Sometimes the mouse may have a wheel between the left and right buttons. The wheel is used to scroll up and down. The mouse is used to control the motion of the cursor, which is displayed on the monitor. It can be used to open and close windows by clicking on icons and carry out tasks such as printing. All computers in the library have a normal mouse connected to them however there are two mice connected to the computers with a large keyboard, the special mouse (above right)

    • Word count: 3207
  6. Choosing the best harware for my system.

    Mouse �7 A mouse is a device which you can touch and move around. The way you use it by moving the mouse and an icon on the screen will appear which enables you to go on different things e.g. application. The advantage of a mouse is that it comes in several types the laser sensor mouse. The disadvantage of a mouse is that it is not portable so you have to stay close to the computer therefore it might cause problems. Another advantage of a mouse that is very easy to control so nearly anyone can use it.

    • Word count: 7140
  7. I will describe the hardware I have used in my system, the way they work and the advantages and disadvantages.

    Mouse �13 There are two main types of a mouse. * Optical Mouse. * Balled Mouse. The way you move the mouse, in the same direction the arrow will move. A mouse can be used to play computer games. The ball in a balled mouse can get lost. A Mouse with a keyboard to enter data into data computer. Using the mouse to much can lead to RSI. A mouse is very easy to control. A mouse will only work well on flat surfaces. Scanner �60 A beam of light is shone on the object which is going to be scanned.

    • Word count: 6057
  8. Free essay

    Unit 3 Course Work

    The Bt ADSL Modem I would scrap and replace it with a BT package called BT Total Broadband Business. This package includes a free wireless router and also it comes with enhanced technical support. Also it gives you an option to have your very own web domain with a website creator. Then I would have another BT Line coming in to the house or home this enables you to keep you home personal line free and not having to give out your home number. With this free wireless router that is included you can have as many computers and Laptops as you like.

    • Word count: 3827
  9. It design

    Other inputs are the company details, contact details, ticket prices which are text input and there are two recommended devices and one additional one. These are all input data that will be needed for the basic creation of the system and they are needed for it to be set it up. First of all there is the QWERTY keyboard. It is cheap which is very useful because the company is quite low on budget and it means that you can easily replace it if it breaks.

    • Word count: 5631
  10. Powerpoint ICT

    To find research I will be using different software, such as the Internet. I will use the Internet to gather useful information on networks so it will help year seven and me and networks. I will then be able to use a look at my work using a program called Spelling and grammar check so if I spell a word wrong it will change the word to the correct spelling for me. I can use a thesaurus which can put in and take out better words to make it more detailed to make more interesting for year seven.

    • Word count: 3701
  11. Ict - Unit 2B

    If attractive advertisements are produced then more people will be attracted then there will be more customers and that would lead to have a bigger reputation and that is the biggest objective of Leisure II. Urchin: When the staff at the marketing department need to analyse the company web-site they do this by using a software called Urchin, Urchin tracks down how the web-site is being used such as what pages are most popular and what pages are least popular and it also analyses the use of the web-site for example it would tell the staff how much hits the web-site has got over a period of time meaning how many people have viewed the web-site in such time period.

    • Word count: 3794
  12. ICT Report 3B

    Advantages * He can publish anything which he creates online. * It is easy to use. * Search engines that are fast and powerful for finding resources. * Ability to link to him and contacts almost immediately. * He can buy/download the latest software for web design. * He can use email to transfer files without the need to leave his home. Disadvantages * Search engines that show results based on who pays them the most. * Speed takes precedence over quality. * Personal information being accessed by others. * Malware such as adware or spyware become a nuisance and can be very harmful.

    • Word count: 3055
  13. ICT & Special Needs This essay focuses on the way that Mr Glassey uses ICT to overcome being blind.

    The Braille In Keyboard supports all functions containing Shift, CTRL, ALT, etc that a standard QWERTY keyboard would provide; there is no loss in functionality between the two different devices. If it proves too difficult remembering all chord combinations of these functions a QWERTY keyboard can be connected to the Braille In Keyboard and both devices used simultaneously. The Braille In Keyboard features 8 ergonomically placed Braille keys, a space bar and 10 function keys that make tasks fast and easier.

    • Word count: 3490
  14. I will be describing and reporting about these three hardware items: monitor, mouse and Hard disks. it

    LCDS' The LCD which is the newer version of the monitors has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that it is smaller and flat so you can fit it on to your desktop and easier to carry for any circumstances. Also they look better and keep your desktop nice and clean. This type of monitor is much easier to carry (lighter) it will give you enough space on your desktop to work and also makes your place look quiet neat and tidy. These types of monitors are about the same price as the CRTs, so they are actually quiet cheap. Also the LCDs require less power, Power consumption varies greatly with different technologies.

    • Word count: 3116
  15. The company that I will be providing the ICT system is called Mags Estate Agents, the main goal for the company is to sell and rent homes for their clients and arrange mortgages for buyers and

    The company will also need store the information about the house prices and if the property is available or not and also need to store details about the clients. The company will also need to find a way of keeping the entire client appoints time and place to meet the staff; they will have to find a way to prioritise their prospective buyers and their needs. Outputs: This is what the company is expected to output out of their computer system: They company will need to produce newsletters for their staff, and also produce business cards for their customers and clients.

    • Word count: 4500
  16. The organisation I have chosen to investigate is Europes leading specialist retailer of computer software and video games, GAME. They operate from over 500 stores, concessions, and franchises in four territories in Europe. As a specialist, they have ce

    * Local price promise - this offer allows the customers to be assured that they are paying a reasonable price for their product and are not being made to pay more than the value of the product. Sometimes the GAME Company makes the price of their products lower than other companies to make sure more customers come to their shops. * 10-day returns policy - GAME has this unique offer, which allows customers ten days to try out the game or hardware they have bought.

    • Word count: 5884
  17. company I am investigation is McDonald's: the founder of McDonald's is Raymond Albert Kroc

    McDonalds has been known for its successful advertising since it open its doors in 1955. If you ask people on the street what the advertising slogan for McDonald is, nine out of ten people wound respond, "We love to see you smile." McDonalds has become a part of our culture it's famous throughout cities around the world. McDonald's is a great resource for a fast, cheap, good quality meal. More than 2.5 million people in this country place their trust in McDonald every day -trusting the company to provide them with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money.

    • Word count: 13092

    Software Operating system (Windows XP) Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Access Central Processor Unit: It s the component that interprets and carries out the command you give the computer through the input devices. It fetches, decodes and executes instructions, and transfers data to and from other components. Ports These are sockets at the back of the main processor casing, which are used to attach the peripheral devices (printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc). Cables from each peripheral plug into the port allowing data to be sent and received from the microprocessor. There are serial and parallel ports.

    • Word count: 4478
  19. Research the different software and hardware available to aid students with special/particular needs:

    Fortunately, specialised hardware and software can make computer systems useable by anyone with sensory impairment. * Nerve damage associated with diabetes may result in Peripheral Neuropathy. This condition is manifested in numbness or a lack of sensitivity in limbs, including fingertips. * With appropriate computing tools and well defined strategies for their use, the person with a sensory impairment is able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge on computers. * The most common accommodation with people with visual impairment on the computer is to enlarge the display of the monitor by using screen enlargement software.

    • Word count: 3185
  20. River ching sports centre report on their use of ICT

    The button also can be held down to drag something across flat surface. Thirdly, another device would include; . Scanner is another input device where Scanners can convert images into digital data. A scanner works a bit like a fax machine. A scanner enables both pictures and text to be input to a computer. Sometimes special software is required to scan text in order to recognise the words and letters (OCR). Finally, a device called the . Graphics tablet is a device, which is a flat pad, which helps the marketing department as it is used to draw on with a device similar to a pen called stylus.

    • Word count: 3171
  21. Varndean e-Learning LTD.

    John says, "they receive 10-15 emails a day asking for more detail or information about their programs." So without hardware and software the sales department probably would work. Here is a list of all the things that makes this company work. Purchasing Deparment Another director at Varndean e-Learning is Andy Legget. He is more concerned with the purchasing department. His job can be as small as buying paper clips or paper for the printer or to buy 2 servers to power a website and an office from. They make all their purchases using a company bank account.

    • Word count: 3019
  22. ICT Coursework Report: Spreadsheet System

    Later on at home, as I assessed the report, I took into consideration any possible alternative solutions and objectives of the following concerning a sales analysis, marketing analysis and a system analysis. These were to... 1. Write a questionnaire: Write questionnaire in Microsoft Word. (For the customers- Customers will fill it in) 2. Do a survey: Plot survey results in Microsoft PowerPoint. (For the customers- Questionnaires will be sent out to customers as part of survey) 3. Enter all information and data into both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

    • Word count: 3141
  23. From what I have gathered, the AquaTeale Supermarket has 15 types of output. All these different, and important kinds of output can be generated on the word processing package, Microsoft Word.

    7. Goods Issue Vouchers: A document (voucher) acknowledging the kind of item sold to a client, and the date of issue, etc., and important as stock control has to be improved, so fresher and better stock is kept. 8. Goods Return Vouchers: this is a document created in case some of the goods that have been supplied to the company is spoilt, broken, or faulty, and requires replacement. This document will be sent to the supplier/ manufacturer for compensation for the faulty goods. 9. Envelopes/ labels: These can be done on MS Word and can be used to make the work look very business - like and official.

    • Word count: 3774
  24. How compact disc read only memory works.

    or EIDE (Electronic Data Interchange Enhanced) interface. CD-ROM drives have become a common componet on the computer, this allows a vast range of software to be delivered to the CD-ROM and can run many other programs such as databases, programs, and games. They are run directly off the CD-ROM drive. A person can find thousands of games, books or a set of encyclopedias on the CDs along with software application, presentations, and other multi-media programs. These all are available on CD-ROM.

    • Word count: 3226
  25. I intend to produce a piece of software to enable young children to establish the basic computer skills as a foundation to there IT learning - I shall do this by having two separate learning games, Mouse Movement and Keyboard Skills.

    The user should type the word in the text box provided, and then click "OK". Here we are reinforcing the previous exercise to allow the user to practise. In both activities, if the user enters the word correctly, clapping will sound, again for the psychological reason that if the child is being praised they are encouraged to repeat the event again and the next colour/word will appear. On the other hand if the user gets it wrong, TRY AGAIN will appear, three incorrect answers and the task will be completed for then in slow motion to allow then to learn from there mistakes.

    • Word count: 4936

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss how hard ware and soft ware of a C.P.U (central processing unit) could help a supermarket like Tesco.

    "3.0 Conclusion In this world of hardware and software it can help a growing chain store like Tesco by: - The checkouts don't just need keyboards to input the information of the products that people purchase you can use sensors or scanners, OMR, OCR and MICR. A supermarket could also use RAM and ROM. They could use the RAM for deals of the day, which are a one-day off, and the ROM to store the prices of the entire product in the shop. At Tesco they would use printers to print the receipt and use speaker to send messages to employees and customers; they can use a monitor/VDU to see the prices of the products that are being purchased. In the3 supermarket the security could use a joystick to move cameras around in the shop. They can use a microphone to tell customers the special deals of the day or week and they could use digi cams to find thieves. The supermarket would use ports on their checkouts to connect the receipt printer and the MICR to the main computer and cables would connect all of these and sometimes they might use USB."

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