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GCSE: Hardware

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  1. Hardware Components

    Mainframe (P.C.) Laptop PDA ? Writing 1.3.1 Define a peripheral device It's an input, output or storage device that can be connected to the CPU. 1.3.2 List all the peripheral devices you can see in this room Scanner, print, mouse, keyboard and monitor. 1.3.3 List at least five more peripheral devices you know about Zip disk, speaker, plotter, screen, joysticks. Find some pictures of peripheral devices and paste them here. Mouse keyboard monitor scanner 1.4.1 What does the term input mean when referring to a computer system?

    • Word count: 1095
  2. Hardware Justification

    It costs; �428.99 including VAT and shipping from Dell: http://configure.euro.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=d045001&c=uk&l=en&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&kc=segtopic~winxp_inspndt RAM (Random access memory) RAM helps the database to work at an acceptable speed and I recommend 64MB of RAM as the system will need plenty of memory for storing its data, if a Windows XP operating system is used, as my end user also needs the database to work fast for the business to function efficiently. Hard Drive The only use for the computer is to run MS Access 2003 and other Microsoft applications such as word processing as well as internet explorer/email, so there is no need to buy a hard drive with an excessive amount of storage which won't be used, this would increase the price of the computer.

    • Word count: 540
  3. Memory and Storage

    * They have a very large storage capacity. * Sound and picture quality is excellent. * There is an increasing availability of products in DVD-format. * There is still a lot of competition from VHS and CDs because the technology is relatively new. Hard Disks Used to store all types of software necessary for to carry out daily tasks. Documents and files are more likely to be saved on hard disk. * Support the way you computer works. * Large storage capacity. * Stored items are not lost when the computer is switched off. * Come as a fixed unit inside the PC - cannot get lost easily.

    • Word count: 1414
  4. Free essay

    Unit 3 Course Work

    The Bt ADSL Modem I would scrap and replace it with a BT package called BT Total Broadband Business. This package includes a free wireless router and also it comes with enhanced technical support. Also it gives you an option to have your very own web domain with a website creator. Then I would have another BT Line coming in to the house or home this enables you to keep you home personal line free and not having to give out your home number. With this free wireless router that is included you can have as many computers and Laptops as you like.

    • Word count: 3827
  5. It design

    Other inputs are the company details, contact details, ticket prices which are text input and there are two recommended devices and one additional one. These are all input data that will be needed for the basic creation of the system and they are needed for it to be set it up. First of all there is the QWERTY keyboard. It is cheap which is very useful because the company is quite low on budget and it means that you can easily replace it if it breaks.

    • Word count: 5631
  6. ICT Storage Media Coursework

    use random access, which enables any file on the device to be located and used in mere seconds. > Whenever multiple tapes or disks must be used to make a backup, the chances of backup failure increase. Disks also have to be loaded manually, or using an autoloader. This may sometimes rule out the possibility of backing up overnight, etc. > Writing data to tape drives is generally quite slow, with about 30 GB of data taking a few hours. Even with faster tape drives, there are problems: They often have minimum data transfer rates, because if they went slower than their rated minimum, they wouldn't record a good quality signal and would lose data.

    • Word count: 1722
  7. Input Peripherals Coursework

    With wands, barcode systems approach one error in every 3,000,000 characters, and with laser technology, they approach one error in 70 million entries. On the other hand, disadvantages are that: scratched or crumpled barcodes may cause problems being read, and if a wand type bar code reader is used, the wand must touch the bar code, if a bar code must be read more than once, it may become smeared or damaged and so, in essence, unreadable. A common business situation in which this input peripheral is used is at supermarket checkouts to scan items for payment.

    • Word count: 1182
  8. 3a ICT edexcel

    Internet We use the internet for many things such as research, playing online games and downloading music. There are millions of sites and search providers that give you easy access to any information that I might need. I can also download files from the internet using a sharing system. Disadvantages The major disadvantages of the internet are the decline in the number of people that go to the library and also the amount of unwanted information that is on the internet.

    • Word count: 1344
  9. Hardware : Input devices

    The advantages of using a keyboard are you can enter text easily and some keyboards are designed with a curved key layout to make typing faster and more comfortable. The keyboard was a vital part of my coursework, it helped me in all sorts of ways - it will be very difficult to cope without one. I didn't undergo any trouble using keyboard. It played a vital role in computers. These keyboards are widespread; all desktop computers have one, they are straightforward, trouble-free and simple to use.

    • Word count: 1329
  10. Using Hardware

    The input hardware devices I used is a mouse and a keyboard as not only do my staff not need any other input device but they would also have to take extra courses in order to learn the various input hardware devices. This would only be a waste of time. Entering data is very simple; the letters are big, bold, and clear and there's a very little amount of things that could go wrong which are hardware based. Alternative Devices and disadvantages My alternate devices that I could possibly have used would have been; a device such as a microphone with voice recognition which inputs the words which are being said.

    • Word count: 1001
  11. Powerpoint ICT

    To find research I will be using different software, such as the Internet. I will use the Internet to gather useful information on networks so it will help year seven and me and networks. I will then be able to use a look at my work using a program called Spelling and grammar check so if I spell a word wrong it will change the word to the correct spelling for me. I can use a thesaurus which can put in and take out better words to make it more detailed to make more interesting for year seven.

    • Word count: 3701
  12. ICT Hardware/Software report

    A modern form of data storage. It connects via USB. Compact Portable Large memory (up to 2GB) Small-easily lost Not compatible with all computers Fragile To take work home N/A Output Device Description Advantages Disadvantages Where did I use this device? How could I have used this device? Ink Jet Printer These printers use cartridges which contain ink. Produce good quality printouts Fast Cheap to buy Laserjet Printer They print in the same way as photocopiers. Powdered ink, called 'Toner', is fused onto paper by heat and pressure. High quality printouts Cost per page low (cheaper than ink-jet or dot matrix printers)

    • Word count: 1075
  13. Hardware and Software

    The latest mice's include a scroll wheel for scrolling through long documents. The Human Resources it to select icons, Select programs, Install programs, to highlight work for editing etc. A scanner is a device which copies an image (such as a photograph, printed text, or handwriting) and converts it to a digital image in your computer. The Human Resources might use a scanner to copy original documents and pictures into a digital format. These can then be shared with other Reuter's departments. The keys on the Keyboard are pressed to enter data such as text, numbers and punctuation.

    • Word count: 1086
  14. hardware reveiw

    These keys represent numbers and letter of the alphabet. An image of a keyboard There are many different advantages for using a keyboard when making my logo and my ID card including it will allow me to type the name of the Kingsbury health centre and it also allows me to type in the name of the workers on their ID card. It will also help my logo look more professional if I type the name of the health centre. Another advantage for using a keyboard is that it is simple and easy to use and I know how to use it.

    • Word count: 786
  15. Hardware Report

    The individual workstation has 64Mb (megabytes) of RAM (Random Access Memory) and 133MHz (Megahertz) processor that is then connected to the terminal server via a CAT SA 100Mb cable with a core 1Mb between servers and switch. The data i save at my workstation is not stored locally, however, is sent to a mainframe server located away from the main station. In the case of data becoming corrupt, deleted or lost, there is backup made elsewhere in the school that is provided by a UNIX based server.

    • Word count: 1528
  16. Make a website.

    It is very similar to a roller ball mouse however works by a light in stead of a ball. The light detects the movement you are making and makes it appear on the screen as a pointer. Advantages * Dirt won't get caught in the light space to stop it working so it won't get stuck. * Easy to use. * Easy to find and Buy. Disadvantages * Wire can get in the way. * Can break down easily. * Can be slightly expensive. Tracker ball Mouse This is another pointing device however it has a unique still it a mouse upside down.

    • Word count: 1919
  17. identify dtp

    I need to get these costumers to come back and shop a lot closer to home and see if they are satisfied with the new layout of the store. There are many new offers and Daniel is guaranteeing at least 5 half price offers a week to gain more business. Daniel also works as a part time dustbin man whenever he is not needed at the shop. The shop is situated in the centre of Reepham in the market place and is found next to a bridal wear store a near a local mini supermarket.

    • Word count: 741
  18. Analyse appropriate hardware and software needed to produce a poster.

    Microsoft Publisher is used for making publications for people such as, business owners or a product promoter. The advantage of using Microsoft Publisher is that it makes publications efficiently and makes your publication look very professional, rather than trying to promote a product on a hand made poster or writing it up on a shop window. Process Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is a very good program to write essays, create tables, creating logos and so on. Not only being very easy to use, you can save files very easily and are kept safe.

    • Word count: 1117
  19. Ict - Unit 2B

    If attractive advertisements are produced then more people will be attracted then there will be more customers and that would lead to have a bigger reputation and that is the biggest objective of Leisure II. Urchin: When the staff at the marketing department need to analyse the company web-site they do this by using a software called Urchin, Urchin tracks down how the web-site is being used such as what pages are most popular and what pages are least popular and it also analyses the use of the web-site for example it would tell the staff how much hits the web-site has got over a period of time meaning how many people have viewed the web-site in such time period.

    • Word count: 3794
  20. I.C.T Unit 3c

    The tracker ball also doesn't take up as much space as a normal mouse, because a normal mouse you need sufficient space to be able to move it around freely while as the tracker ball stays in one place and all that is needed is to move the ball in the middle around with your hand. A tracker ball lets Scott run an independent life without needing the help of others. A tracker ball is also needed to use other technologies such as On Screen Keyboard.

    • Word count: 1233
  21. Hardware 1. Input devices

    Optical mouse The information gained from the movement of the mouse information is fed to move the cursor on the screen. Hard drive The information that is stored on this is easy accessible. 3. Benefits and drawbacks QWERTY Keyboard 4.

    • Word count: 301
  22. ICT Report 3C

    Another main problem his disability causes was when he had to use the telephone and especially difficult to use mobile phones this meant that he had to learn to use his left hand much more effectively. His personal life involves the use of the computer to chat to friends abroad and to join in on chat room s about things he's interested in like computers and politics. He generally stays in touch with my friends using the mobile phone and also by using email so they can arrange night out.

    • Word count: 1452
  23. ICT Report 3B

    Advantages * He can publish anything which he creates online. * It is easy to use. * Search engines that are fast and powerful for finding resources. * Ability to link to him and contacts almost immediately. * He can buy/download the latest software for web design. * He can use email to transfer files without the need to leave his home. Disadvantages * Search engines that show results based on who pays them the most. * Speed takes precedence over quality. * Personal information being accessed by others. * Malware such as adware or spyware become a nuisance and can be very harmful.

    • Word count: 3055
  24. ICT & Special Needs This essay focuses on the way that Mr Glassey uses ICT to overcome being blind.

    The Braille In Keyboard supports all functions containing Shift, CTRL, ALT, etc that a standard QWERTY keyboard would provide; there is no loss in functionality between the two different devices. If it proves too difficult remembering all chord combinations of these functions a QWERTY keyboard can be connected to the Braille In Keyboard and both devices used simultaneously. The Braille In Keyboard features 8 ergonomically placed Braille keys, a space bar and 10 function keys that make tasks fast and easier.

    • Word count: 3490
  25. I will be describing and reporting about these three hardware items: monitor, mouse and Hard disks. it

    LCDS' The LCD which is the newer version of the monitors has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that it is smaller and flat so you can fit it on to your desktop and easier to carry for any circumstances. Also they look better and keep your desktop nice and clean. This type of monitor is much easier to carry (lighter) it will give you enough space on your desktop to work and also makes your place look quiet neat and tidy. These types of monitors are about the same price as the CRTs, so they are actually quiet cheap. Also the LCDs require less power, Power consumption varies greatly with different technologies.

    • Word count: 3116

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