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GCSE: Hardware

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  1. What should I look for in a digital camera?

    Or do you want everyone in their best clothes with hair brushed and mouths wiped for the family portrait? Do you want to carry the camera with you everywhere or does it only come out on special occasions? If you only take the occasional photo then a cheaper, bigger camera might be all you need, but if you take it everywhere and want lots of pics you'll have to spend more for a pocket camera - one that's smaller and can hold lots of shots. A professional model will be bigger and even more costly, just because it does so much.

    • Word count: 1071
  2. Windows 98 SE Installation and Configuration Log Ray Nimmo

    Disk Formatting and Labelling From the A:> prompt, typed FORMAT C:, then enter. Warning appeared saying "All data will be lost", Y entered to continue. -Disk format in operation. Prompted to enter volume label, HNCX4 entered. Serial number displayed ; 1B27-12FE. Windows Installation Windows 98 CD inserted in drive. At the A:> prompt, DIR C: entered to check drive is empty. Entered R: to change to CD drive ( Assigned R on this computer). Entered DIR to view contents of CD. Typed SETUP.EXE to run the setup program and begin installation. -Installation in operation when prompted during the install process, the following was entered: - typical setup options - computer name as Test

    • Word count: 678

    Software Operating system (Windows XP) Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Access Central Processor Unit: It s the component that interprets and carries out the command you give the computer through the input devices. It fetches, decodes and executes instructions, and transfers data to and from other components. Ports These are sockets at the back of the main processor casing, which are used to attach the peripheral devices (printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc). Cables from each peripheral plug into the port allowing data to be sent and received from the microprocessor. There are serial and parallel ports.

    • Word count: 4478
  4. Brake pads.

    The wheel wrench looks like a crowbar with a not bolt shape at the end of it. To get the rest of the equipment and recourses you must unfortunately buy it at an auto parts store or Wal-Mart of some kind. These pieces of equipment will consist of brake pads, ratchet set, flat screwdriver and stands. After you have gathered all the equipment and resources you should take your car and drive it to flat workable area. Make sure when you get out of the car that it is in gear and the E brake is up to ensure the car won't roll but be nice and sturdy.

    • Word count: 632
  5. Design a new computer system that will be used by the Manager of Pizza palace's restaurant. Because the system that he is using now is hard to do and it's also time consuming.

    Tasks c: The alternative solution to this problem would be; * Calculate a cash flow in spread sheet and know how to update. * Using a choice of a software package to set up a spread sheet 'computer model. * To know how to solve formulas in Microsoft excel. Tasks d: The advantages and disadvantages: * Backup files * Formula checked automatically * More accurate. Task c: The objectives of the new system are: * To be able to avoid the plan ahead for negative cash flow.

    • Word count: 1662
  6. Different printers.

    Like the dot-matrix printer, the laser printer still prints using dots, however the dots are packed closely together, so they are almost impossible to distinguish. The quality of laser prints is very high, this is because the resolution of al laser printers is at least 600 dots per inch (DPI) and the prints are very fast. They can print at least 10 pages per minute (PPM), but some can print as fast as 24 PPM. The set back is, that they are expensive to buy, and very expensive to run, as toner cartridges expire after about 6000 prints.

    • Word count: 632
  7. Research the different software and hardware available to aid students with special/particular needs:

    Fortunately, specialised hardware and software can make computer systems useable by anyone with sensory impairment. * Nerve damage associated with diabetes may result in Peripheral Neuropathy. This condition is manifested in numbness or a lack of sensitivity in limbs, including fingertips. * With appropriate computing tools and well defined strategies for their use, the person with a sensory impairment is able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge on computers. * The most common accommodation with people with visual impairment on the computer is to enlarge the display of the monitor by using screen enlargement software.

    • Word count: 3185
  8. River ching sports centre report on their use of ICT

    The button also can be held down to drag something across flat surface. Thirdly, another device would include; . Scanner is another input device where Scanners can convert images into digital data. A scanner works a bit like a fax machine. A scanner enables both pictures and text to be input to a computer. Sometimes special software is required to scan text in order to recognise the words and letters (OCR). Finally, a device called the . Graphics tablet is a device, which is a flat pad, which helps the marketing department as it is used to draw on with a device similar to a pen called stylus.

    • Word count: 3171
  9. Varndean e-Learning LTD.

    John says, "they receive 10-15 emails a day asking for more detail or information about their programs." So without hardware and software the sales department probably would work. Here is a list of all the things that makes this company work. Purchasing Deparment Another director at Varndean e-Learning is Andy Legget. He is more concerned with the purchasing department. His job can be as small as buying paper clips or paper for the printer or to buy 2 servers to power a website and an office from. They make all their purchases using a company bank account.

    • Word count: 3019
  10. How ICT Effects A Person With Special Needs.

    Although colour blind, he got his driving licence when he was 22. In 1988 he was registered as Partially Sighted and 2 years later he was registered blind. Being blind, in government terms, means that he is 80% disabled, so this means that he couldn't do many things that he did before, such as drive and do the work that he did before. He became less able to do things in work and found himself being demoted because of his lack of sight.

    • Word count: 2130
  11. PC input devices - advantages and disadvantages.

    It could also cause cramps in the fingers. The mouse is the most common pointing device. People commonly use a mouse on a small mat and the mouse has a small cursor on the computer. This small cursor called a pointer follows your movements on screen. With this pointer you can select options using icons or menus on screen. To select the icons people will have to click on the 2 or 3 buttons on the mouse. The left button is most used out of the 2 or 3 buttons. Most mice have a small ball located underneath it.

    • Word count: 2229
  12. Purposes for which ICT is used and a description of ICT sysyems.

    In addition, invoices and orders are produced and sent to customers and suppliers. A management information system is used to collect data and produce reports. For sales of the organisation, a swipe card is used to process credit cards payments, local PC networks is used to process sales and activates the bowling lanes and a standalone PC in the admin office is used to produce invoices and produce orders for purchasing. Networked gold box machines on each lane control the sensors and machines and security camera's help of any wrong doing which is the whole operation.

    • Word count: 576
  13. ICT Coursework Report: Spreadsheet System

    Later on at home, as I assessed the report, I took into consideration any possible alternative solutions and objectives of the following concerning a sales analysis, marketing analysis and a system analysis. These were to... 1. Write a questionnaire: Write questionnaire in Microsoft Word. (For the customers- Customers will fill it in) 2. Do a survey: Plot survey results in Microsoft PowerPoint. (For the customers- Questionnaires will be sent out to customers as part of survey) 3. Enter all information and data into both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

    • Word count: 3141
  14. The Computer Mouse.

    Tracking Ball Perpendicular axis motion detectors Hole in which track ball would sit The diagrams above show the tracking ball and the hole in which the tracking ball sits. You can see the x and y axis motion detectors of which the y-axis detector lies 90? from the x-axis detector. These motion detectors are also known as rollers. When the mouse is in use the tracking ball moves moving one or both of the rollers. Each roller is connected to a shaft, which spins a disc.

    • Word count: 885
  15. The Right Desktop Personal Computer, Its Features and Importance.

    Allocated by Sony as a "studio" for digital media, the light gray and blue RS530G comes equipped with a 160GB hard drive, a dual-format 4X DVD record able drive, plus a pile of preinstalled software for recording live TV shows and for working with video, music, and digital photographs. Which meet with my needs as for I enjoy downloading mp3s, movies that I have missed or even sitcoms that I just want to collect. Other packaged software lets me turn the RS530G into a server so that networked computers can access the media files.

    • Word count: 1446
  16. Create a user guide for a beginner in building a P.C.

    In-order for it to correspond with the cutout in the right position fitting exactly in place. E.g. allowing the connectors to correspond with the cutout. You should now place the provided screws in to the exact holes in the motherboard and screw them up firmly. You should then place the ATX power connector at the top socket (this should click on if placed in right position). Picture of ATX socket. Processor- CPU To install the computer-processing unit in to your computer you should first find out what kind of processor you have e.g.

    • Word count: 1361
  17. Hardware & Software - User Requirements of Burgers away.

    Keyboard The keyboard is the most commonly used input device and is used to key in data or to enter commands to the computer. The great majority of keyboards follow the standard IBM layout and design. Touching or pressing a key sends an electrical signal to the computer which interprets it as a character or function. The keyboard is divided into four main areas: * Function keys across the top * Letter keys in the main section * A numeric keypad on the right * Cursor movement and editing keys between the main section and the numeric keypad.

    • Word count: 2492
  18. How ICT helps people with disabilities.

    is deaf this is a sensory disabilities Speech Recognition There are two uses for speech recognition these are Dictation and Computer control. Speech recognition is one of the desired assistive technology systems. People believe speech recognition is a natural and easy method of accessing the computer. A dyslexic person who has problems with writing English would use the speech recognition to make sure their English is correct. A person planning to use speech recognition must be aware he is required to go through an training session.

    • Word count: 918
  19. Hardware and Software Report.

    The hardware that I used was: * Tulip monitor: low emission * Tulip CPU: E85-00970 * Tulip mouse: M-S48a * HP LaserJet 2200d * HP LaserJet 4200n * Floppy disc * Internet modem The software that I used was: * Microsoft Excel * Microsoft Word * Microsoft Paint * Windows Xp * Microsoft Word Pad * Internet explorer * Windows Me The advantages of the hardware that I used were: * My work was saved on a CPU, and so my work wouldn't get lost.

    • Word count: 1116
  20. Computerisation in a business like Craven Plc.

    This will be used within secretarial and administrational departments. Microsoft PowerPoint: This is useful to senior management for presentation purposes. This will generate a professional look to any information shown to potential customers and investors. Microsoft Access: The use of databases is the modern way of keeping up to date records of employee details. This is an efficient and effective way of storing information which can be accessed quickly and easily. Microsoft Outlook express: This enables employees to send and receive e-mails over a wide area network via a modem.

    • Word count: 1960
  21. My speech is all about piracy.

    History of piracy Since the beginning of the personal computer there was piracy. The floppy disk was made to transfer your documents to any computer you like. This opened a bridge to piracy, everyone could copy entire programs and give or sell them to others. Nowadays you'll be looking for a needle in a haystack to find software which isn't secured for copying. That's logic, because many people have or have access to a burner. With the rise of the burner the sale of recordable cd's rose too, and the market is still growing... I'm sure everybody knows Microsoft Encarta.

    • Word count: 704
  22. Discuss how hard ware and soft ware of a C.P.U (central processing unit) could help a supermarket like Tesco.

    2.4 DIGI CAM A digi cam is short for digital camera and a this device is used for taking pictures and uploading them on to the computer and can be sent to other people, it can also double as a web cam witch lets people on the internet see you on there computer. 2.5 MICROPHONE A microphone is used to record sound of a persons voice e.g. for memo to reminder that person of what to do. It can also be used on the Internet for people to hear you it can also be used with the digital camera so it's like you are having a full conversation.

    • Word count: 1517
  23. I have been asked to kit out the new world club travel call centre with computers and software that will make the job easier and more efficient for the people in the call centre.

    The hardware that is going to be used in the new call centre is a computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor and a printer. The computer will have Intel(r) Celeron(r) Processor 2.0GHz, 256MB DDR RAM, 15" Analogue Flat Panel Monitor, 30GB IDE Hard Drive, 56K Modem, 24 speed CD drive and a floppy drive. The computer will have a flat panel monitor because of these reason: service life (a flat panel is expected to have a 50% longer useful life than a CRT), power consumption, lower heat generation, user productivity, lower end-of-life disposal cost and other factors, flat panels cost less over time.

    • Word count: 1119
  24. I am required to carry out a remedial computer maintenance.

    your motherboard check everything is in correct possession 6 now check that the motherboard is not moving if it is that means you will have to tighten so that it dose not move about. How often this procedure should be done This procedure should be carried out every six months. PIII 550 running at 100 MHz To remedial maintain a processor you would have to dust the fan and the heat sink, which is fitted in the processor as the fan is constantly spinning it, captures a lot of dust, so its necessarily to dust the heat sink and the fan.

    • Word count: 1836
  25. From what I have gathered, the AquaTeale Supermarket has 15 types of output. All these different, and important kinds of output can be generated on the word processing package, Microsoft Word.

    7. Goods Issue Vouchers: A document (voucher) acknowledging the kind of item sold to a client, and the date of issue, etc., and important as stock control has to be improved, so fresher and better stock is kept. 8. Goods Return Vouchers: this is a document created in case some of the goods that have been supplied to the company is spoilt, broken, or faulty, and requires replacement. This document will be sent to the supplier/ manufacturer for compensation for the faulty goods. 9. Envelopes/ labels: These can be done on MS Word and can be used to make the work look very business - like and official.

    • Word count: 3774

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