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GCSE: Hardware

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  1. ICT Hardware Guide

    A keyboard consist of following four areas: 1. Function keys (F1- F12, Print Scrn, Scroll lock, Pause Break), which is the top row of the keyboards. 2. Main section (A-Z, Symbols, and some function keys) 3. Numeric keypad, which is on the right. 4. Courser movement and editing keys, which locate between the main section key and numeric keypad. When we press a key on the keyboard the key sends an electronic signal that will be interpreted as a character of function by the computer processor. The question is asked that why the letters on a keyboard are not alphabetically arranged the answer to this question is that

    • Word count: 1872
  2. An Introduction To Modern Storage Devices

    As computing technology develops, much more complex information can be stored requiring much more storage space. An example of such information is audio and video, which can now be stored at a very high quality. Although audio uses a lot of storage space, it should be noted that as storage devices have improved, so has the facility to "compress" files. The most notable method of audio compression in previous years has been the "MP3" or "MPEG" file which allows superb sound quality whilst maintaining a relatively low file size (usually around 4 or 5 Mb's dependant on desired sound quality)

    • Word count: 1983
  3. Proposed Hardware and Software For a Computer Aided Design Company

    The user can draw professional quality illustrations onto the flat rectangular surface of the digitiser, using a stylus. The computer traces the movement of the stylus and displays it on the screen. A high-resolution tablet would be needed by a CAD company. A scanner may also be of use to the company, or a digital camera, depending on what exactly the company was designing. Images of high quality can be obtained from the use of a digital camera, and there are many high-resolution scanners that would allow the company to scan in pictures that will be needed in the design of the product they are creating.

    • Word count: 566
  4. Computer Systems

    Here are the main input devices used today: *Keyboard *Mouse *Tracker ball *Joystick *Light pen Output Output devices provide the results after processing, in a suitable form. In most cases these will be in hard copy (print out) or on a screen. Here are the main output devices used today *Central Processing Unit The Central Processing Unit (CPU) often knows as the processing Unit. The CPU turns the raw data to information. The central processing unit works in a very complicated way.

    • Word count: 897
  5. Input Devices

    page design an long web pages �19.90 Keyboard QWERTY standard No

    • Word count: 72
  6. Output Devices

    DPI this will give excellent quality image's for the

    • Word count: 60
  7. An I.T. for a Geography Department

    I will use word processor to solve her problem. Why use IT? We use IT because you can edit and delete, be more presentable (therefore easier to read), and print multiple copies. You can also put in logos. Justification of Hardware and Software Hardware Specification Benefit of choice Home PC Intel Pentium 3 processor running at 866 MHz E.g. Mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, etc Good value for money, easy to get hold of.

    • Word count: 438
  8. Unit 14 Mobile communication technology

    iPhones use a three way axis device and many applications utilise this to measure speed and other things. Camera A device for recording visual images in the form of photographs or video. Infrared Used for transferring files by using beams that need clear line of sight. Touch screen Some devices use touch screens as an input to have bigger screens. HD screen Displays more pixels on the screen that make the image sharper and crisper instead of having big blocks on the screen. Applications There are many different applications that can be downloaded for free using the apple store.

    • Word count: 3126
  9. Hardware and software for a hairdressing business.

    Printer Printers are used for making a hard copy for a piece of work. There are different types printers such ink jet printers and laser printers. Keyboard A keyboard is a device that inputs information. It is used to enter data into the computer. On the keyboard there is a set of alphabet keys and a set on number keys. Mouse A mouse is used to navigate on the computer. And appears on the computer as a cursor on the computer screen or a arrow Picture.

    • Word count: 2475
  10. ICT Revision notes

    Real-time processing ? takes place immediately in response to input from the user e.g. if the no. of TVs in stock in an online store is 6 and someone buys 1, the level will immediately drop to 6. 4. Online processing ? takes place when a computer is working via an Internet connection. 5. Multi-user systems ? allows many users to log in at once e.g. when lots of people want to go on the same website at the same time. Internal Memory ? ROM (Read Only Memory) ? non-volatile memory ? it retains data even when the computer is turned off.

    • Word count: 1619

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