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I have been asked to kit out the new world club travel call centre with computers and software that will make the job easier and more efficient for the people in the call centre.

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User Needs I have been asked to kit out the new world club travel call centre with computers and software that will make the job easier and more efficient for the people in the call centre. I was asked to do this by the managing director of world club travel. They want me to kit out the call centre because it has just been built and it has no equipment. The audience is going to be the manger director of world club travel as he is going to want to see the hardware and the software of the new call centre and he is going to want to know how much it is going to cost and he will most likely want to know what the call centre is being equipped with and what software is going to be used. There is also the people that are going to work in the new world club travel call centre. They are going to know about it because they will be using the hardware and the software as they are going to be working there. ...read more.


They need a 24-speed CD drive so programs can be installed on the computer. The floppy drive will be used to transfer files from computer to computer is the network is down. The finally the last piece of hardware they will need is a hands free kit so they can talk to the customers of the call centre and use the computer at the same time. The software that will be on then computers will be the only software that the employees need to use. I believe that we shall buy the following software: windows XP as this is the most up to date windows and it comes with office 2003 and Norton antivirus 2002 also XP comes with its own firewall we will need this software package so they can write invoices and things that involve using a word processor also the antivirus will stop virus's getting on the computer the firewall will stop people trying to hack into the computer. Internet explorer 5 as they can get on the Internet also they will need outlook express so they can receive and send emails to other people in the call centre. ...read more.


Also I will need to configure the software on the computer so that help boxes and tip boxes don't come up. Also I might want to configure it so that the program updates its self and the finally thing that might be configured are the place that the work is saved and how often it saves. Some of the other things that need to be set up are a suitable directory for the files to be saved in so that the information is easy to find. I will also need to install and set up a printer so they can print off there work. I will have to set up where the files are saved so that it saves time as the employees will not have to go through and find where they want to save things. I will need to set up the toolbars in office programs so that they have only the ones that they are going to use. I will also need to set up the spell checker in any programs that have one so it is set up for English spelling mistakes. The computers will be set up so that programs will save there self every 5 minutes. ...read more.

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