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ICT as a marketing tool

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ICT as a marketing tool Marketing mix involves: Price, Product, Place and Promotion. Price can be reduced selling over the internet as CD's can be sold with out a shop with fixtures and fittings and with fewer staff. Product can be sold worldwide and have millions of potential customers. Place internet is every where especially with these internet caf´┐Ż's. Promotion internet can be used to promote a shop or a product. ICT can be and is used in many different ways in the Music business. These are just some of the packages that are used by Madonna to promote her. Internet Madonna has been producing music for twenty years and done a pretty good job making millions of pounds. ...read more.


This is a picture from Madonna's web site. Internet is used all over the world and can reach millions of people and is growing so companies should be looking to invest in the future of the internet. When ever you log on to the internet there are some adverts trying to sell you something and one day an internet user might see something they like i.e. books or CD's. Music artist's use their internet web sites to sell merchandise, music, videos and tour tickets. Downloads are becoming more widely spread as website legal and illegally are operating to make money, but do the artist receive any of the money. An illegal site lets internet user register and in return get to download music for free but the artist and record company don' receive any money e.g. ...read more.


Home Page This is the first page of a web site; it gives you all the options available. If you're after picture or latest information, news and hyperlinks to other sites it will be on the home page. The home page has to be attractive to get the server to look at the site. Pictures, hyperlinks http://www.MadonnaFanClub.com a little information on the artist and fantasy text would encourage the fan to read the web site. The company could sell products under the web sites and hopefully fans would buy them. A home page has to attract server's because this is the first thing the server will see if it looks boring then the server wont be interested and therefore the company or Madonna can not sell there merchandise. This is an opening page on Madonna website and already at the bottom there is an advert for Madonna's world tour on DVD. ...read more.

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