ICT (double award) - Business systems portfolio.

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Finham Park School

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Daniel Chapman

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494 - GCSE in Applied ICT (Double Award)

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4873 - Business Systems Portfolio

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Identify and make brief comments about one use for each organisation.

State the information requirements of some of the systems.

List hardware and software used for at least one system.




Produce several sentences on each use of ICT for each organisation.

Produce several sentences about the info requirements, hardware and software needed for most of the systems discussed.




Recognition of why the organisations need to use ICT.

Clear explanation of how the organisations use of ICT meet those needs.

Detailed explanations about what the systems consist of.


Section A


I will be looking at two company's that I have had chance to study there ICT systems. I will be trying to see how ICT has improved their work rate and productivity, also to see if there software is up to the job it is required to do. The two different companies are Linde Hydraulics UK Ltd, which is a small engineering company that employ about 25 - 30 people. The other business is Holiday Inn in Aylesbury; this is a franchise and is a member of a larger hotel group, Six Continents. They are both in different sectors in the industry and should both have different uses for ICT.

Linde Hydraulics

Linde Hydraulics is a small business that sells and repairs hydraulic pumps, motors and parts. They have a clientele of around 1500 people. They use a lots of ICT systems, with a range of software and hardware.

One of the most used features of the company is the network, the building has been wired so all the rooms have a network port. This enables all the computers to be connected to the main server; the server has a 60 GB hard drive, which can enable large files to be shared across every computer in the office. It can also be very useful for communication; messages can be sent via the network to a specific computer or through an email service.

Since the company sells large amounts of goods and services (such as repair by an engineer) they take a large amount of quotes and orders off the phone. For this they have had a special program written for them which enables them to manage the stock they have and what stock they will have in. It will record the order and produce a slip that will be sent to a printer in the store, which will then be taken up by a store man who will proceed to pick the item and prepare it for shipping. The address of the customer is also printed off in another printer in the stores, which they are able to fix onto the box that the product will be shipped in. For quotes the system will produce a quote slip that will either be printed and faxed, or emailed depending on the customer. The program will then reserve the product for the required amount of days until the customer has agreed or disagreed on the price. This software also has a lot to do with the financial structure of the company; the program is able to record all the financial transactions that take place with the orders and quotes. This one program solves many issues that Linde would have without the use of IT. It also takes the incoming orders and can tell the store men where to place the item, and deduct the cost of buying them from the current balance.

They also use CAD machines to draw diagrams; this is a computer solely for the use of drawing technical diagrams. They only use this to load up drawings of new products and if they find a fault they can rectify it and send it back to the designers. It is also connected up to a special printer that is designed for CAD printing. Even though they have CAD machines the facility does not produce any produce so they do not use CAM.

Software at Linde

* Office 2000 - this is the software that all the general office tasks are performed on. All letters, faxes emails, graphs, charts, presentations are done on the various features of the program.

* AutoCAD 2004 - this is the CAD program they use. It is a special program for business that designs things.

* JBS-8 - this is the program that deals with all the quotes and orders, finances, and purchases. If they did not have this program or when it goes down, they have problems operating since the masses of problems that it solves. There would be so much paperwork and even if one piece went missing it could stop the whole order or purchase etc.

* Lotus Email - this is used to send some internal and external email. This is used when a non-professional email is sent; when a professional one is needed it is usually produced in Microsoft Word.

Hardware at Linde

* They have 18 desktops; they consist of 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processors. 256mb DDR ram, and 40 GB hard drives. These machines can run all the necessary programs and hardware they are required to. They are all fitted with a 10/100 Ethernet adapter, which enables them to connect to the network at speed. They all also include a keyboard, mouse and a 17-inch TFT monitor's.

* There are 3 laptops which have been upgraded to the spec of the desktops; they also have an Ethernet adapter and a 56k modem which enables them to connect to the network from an outside line.

* There is a server rack which controls the computers connected to the server

* There is a Firewall; this is a very important piece of hardware that stops any unwanted intrusions onto the system. It also stops viruses and worms being downloaded.

* There is one server which all the computers are connected to. It has a 60 GB hard drive 2 GHz processor and 512mb DDR ram. This enables a lot of processes to take place at any one time.

* They also use a T1 line. This is a very quick high-speed Internet line that can operate at nearly 1mb per second, which enables file transfer across the net very quick.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is one of the largest hotel chains in England. It is a member of Six Continents, which is also one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. The branch / franchise I have studied is the Aylesbury Branch, it was opened in the 1980's and has a bar and restaurant a joining. This is more the tertiary sector of the industry since they do not really provide you with a product, so there uses for IT are going to be different.

The main program that is used to check people in and out is called Opera, this

is a program that is widely used between hotels. This will record the main data that is needed to make reservation, address, credit card, details, name, etc. This is also used to keep a check on what room certain people are in and what they have spent in other aspects of the company i.e. restaurant. Without this system there would be lot of problems trying to check in a large amount of guest since all the details would have to be stored on paper, and you would not be able to use other systems in conjunction with it.

The Micros system is the main catering program that Holiday Inn use, this system has many different jobs. When a customer orders some food or beverages, the employee uses a touch screen to enter the order; now the bill can be sent to the Opera system and can be added to the room bill or just a straightforward money exchange. Once this has been done the system has a stock list and will remove the item off the list. This is useful because at the end of each day the system can be checked to see what stock they are running low on, and will be able to order some more before they completely run out. With out the system the food stocks would have to be checked every day, you would not be able to add food bills to your room bill. Also the waiter would have to make sure he wrote everything you ordered down carefully since without the touch screen all records would be on paper.

Another main system that they use is Holidex; this is a system that is worldwide, between all of Six Continents. This program connects all the hotels together; this can be useful when an alternative booking has to be made. This can be done when used in conjunction with Opera. It also lets u monitor how many rooms are free in different places.

They also use programs like Microsoft Office to produce certain documents like flyers and leaflets. They also use Office to make internal and external ways of communicating, this can be a letter or memo or fax. This though is not used very often in external communication.

There are other systems operating like the security system, which uses a camera and monitor, which can be classed as an IT system.

Software for Holiday Inn

* Holidex - this is an important piece of software for monitoring the status of hotels across the globe.

* Opera - This is the software used to check people in and out of the hotel. It can also be used in conjunction with other pieces of software to calculate the total bill size.

* Micros - This is the catering program, this just monitors how much stock they have and how much a customer has spent, and this can be used in conjunction with opera.

* Microsoft Office - this is just used as a general utilities program.
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* PC - This is for the use of Opera, Holidex and office

* Touch screen - This is used for Micros

* Printer - This can be used for a variety of things, printing bills and other documents like memo's and letters.

* Magnetic strip reader - this is a payment method; it will read credit and debit cards.

* Monitors - these can be used for a variety of things; they will be used on the PC's, security, etc.

* Scanner - these can be used to produce ...

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