Impact of ICT on The Bank Of Cyprus.

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Impact of ICT on The Bank Of Cyprus

Information and communication technology has had a dramatic effect on the way communication takes place in a business.

Businesses rely more and more upon modern technology to communicate. This is because new methods make communication:

  • more reliable
  • more targeted
  • quicker
  • more convenient
  • more versatile

New technology means there are new ways of doing things around the work place.

The new technology means the introduction of:

  • computers,
  • E-mails,
  • network databases and
  • The Internet.


The introduction of computers means workers can do their work faster, more efficiently and more accurately. Computers also allow simple tasks to be done quicker, such as writing a single letter and printing it as many times as needed. Computers also allow access to the Internet and e-mail.

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Computers have also allowed files to be stored easier with network databases. This means files can be stored easier and can be found quicker when needed.


The Internet has had a major impact on every business including the bank of Cyprus.

The Internet is the largest wide area network in the world.

The Internet allows access to the World Wide Web, which is a huge collection of pages of information stored on hundreds of thousands of computer servers throughout the world.

The Internet allows the bank of Cyprus to communicate internally with its with e-mail and ...

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