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In this essay (assignment) I am going to explain how I use ICT in my life and what it gives and does

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The way I use ICT at home and at school In this essay (assignment) I am going to explain how I use ICT in my life and what it gives and does. I will explain the benefits and the limitation of each technology that I will mention. The technology's I am going to write about can be used at home, at school, for work related matters, personnal use and social use. Internet The Internet is very important in my everyday life; it enables me to communicate online.. I Use the internet at home to communicate online by emailing my friends, going on chat lines, or by having my own chat space. I am able to do this even if I am in another country. Last year I went to Nigeria, I was able to have access to the internet. I was able to chat online to my friends who were in London. The Internet also enables me to play games. This an easier process because, just a few years ago updated games couldn't be played on the internet, and I had to lay games by hand like o's and x's. Playing games by hand is very boring and always has to be played with someone, which is also the same as a board game. Now the game on the internet is very fun to play and saves paper and time. The games on the internet actually have moving graphics and are very detailed so I find it more interesting. ...read more.


When Microsoft PowerPoint was not available to me I always wrote the notes on a card, which I read out. This wasn't very good because the people who were listening to my presentation got bored and using paper or card all the time to write notes is a waste of paper. Quality paper or card is tremendously expensive. As I don't work this is very difficult, so I usually end up using the same card but writing on the reverse side. Having Microsoft PowerPoint now is very interesting for people who I am showing my presentation to, during meetings. I can also add colour and pictures from files to add to my presentation, it is better than before because it saves money than using paper, at meetings it will be interesting to watch my presentation and its quicker as it saves time. Microsoft photo editor lets me view and edit graphics, including scanned images. I enjoy to take pictures occasionally. When I did not have Microsoft photo editor, if I had photos that I had taken with a camera, if I wanted to get another copy I had to go back and produce another one with the negative copy. Producing copies from negative photos is seriously a lot of money. Having Microsoft photo editor can just connect the wire of my scanner to the computer, scan it, then it will show on Microsoft photo editor. When I do this it allows me to alter the pictures I have scanned in any way, such as the colour or contrast. ...read more.


I also have a touch screen one, as well at home. Without having all the entertainment technologies I mentioned above, before I used to play board games, listen to my old fashioned walk man and watch channel which were repeated continuously. Having a mp3 player than a walkman is that, a mp3 player is portable and a walkman is not, it is also worth its money as it can store up to 400 songs. The limitations are that on games consoles information or games saved may be lost. On mp3 players the songs may not be the kind of music I like and the station, which I want to listen to, may not be working. A digital TV may not give the right thing I am looking for. Digital TV's can be used at school for information or for personal use. When installing music onto my mp3 player, to make sure I am not breaking the law I look for the privacy and policy section from where I am downloading it from. If it says that Incant install the music then I won't because installing songs I am not supposed to is against the law. Entertainment technology as met my needs by making life very easy for me and making it fun to entertain my self instead of playing boring board games like before. All this is for personal use. I have now explained most of the technology's used by other people and I.I now know which technology's are more important and not every technology can be used every where. Mary Ewumi Candidate Number:1043 Centre Number:10838 Unit 3a Mary Ewumi Centre Number: 10838 Candidate Number: 1043 ...read more.

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