My speech is all about piracy.

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Hello everybody, welcome to my speech.

My speech is all about piracy.

I think you all heard the word more than once.

Piracy refers to illegally copying or distributing unauthorized software or music, mostly the internet is the medium for advertising, offering, acquiring, or distributing pirated software.

Everyone can create a website. Besides, the explosive growth of e-commerce and mp3 sites and programs, such as and Napster, have made it even easier for criminals to distribute software and music through the internet. This has decreased sales of legal software and audio-cd’s.

An estimated 2 million web pages offer, link to, or otherwise reference "warez" software - the internet code word for pirated software.

A recent investigation indicates that more than 60% of software sold through internet auction sites is counterfeit and more than 90% is sold in violation of the publisher's license agreement.

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History of piracy

Since the beginning of the personal computer there was piracy.

The floppy disk was made to transfer your documents to any computer you like. This opened a bridge to piracy, everyone could copy entire programs and give or sell them to others.

Nowadays you’ll be looking for a needle in a haystack to find software which isn’t secured for copying.

That’s logic, because many people have or have access to a burner. With the rise of the burner the sale of recordable cd’s rose too, and the market is still growing…

I’m sure everybody knows Microsoft ...

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