Produce a spreadsheet for a successful and potential company

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In this project I will produce a spreadsheet for a successful and potential company “Belle Du Jour”. The company sells products for special occasions such as wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses and prom dresses etc. They also sell a range of jewelry and accessories for these special occasions. A spreadsheet will be beneficial to this company as they are very enthusiastic about expanding the successful service they provide customers, but at the moment they are not sure whether this is financially possible. The spreadsheet will help them keep track of their finances in a easy to use format. They would like to expand their business by opening a series of shops in the south east of London. This spreadsheet can supervise Belle Du Jour’s finances. This will help to keep track of how much is gained and how much is spent. It will allow us to see how much the company’s sales are increasing after the website has been uploaded to the internet.

I will be looking to include the following features in my design:

  • A series of linked sheets involving the company’s finances.

This will make it easier to manage. The finances are clearer to read when they are on separate sheets.

  • A summary page of the current financial situation.

This page will sufficient to use as you can look at the current balance at a glance.

  • A page or pages allowing interactive modeling to show what could happen given different financial situations.

This gives the company information about what would happen if bills go up or down.

  • A set of validation checks to avoid any incorrect data entry.

This is useful as it is easy to make mistakes. The validation checks on all the data input areas will show a visual message to the user if a mistake has occurred.

  • A network based user guide.

All Software packages have user guides for extra help or assistance. This guide will save companies money by being available to any users connected to the network.

The disadvantage of advertising using traditional methods:

  • You have to work out the sums on a calculator. This wastes time and mistakes can be made.
  • You will use up lots of paper.
  • You have to hand draw your graphs. This wastes time and will not be very accurate.

The advantages of advertising using the spreadsheet:

  • The computer has an auto sum key. This does all the calculations for you and is much more efficient.
  • You can put in a validation check. This enables you to type in the correct data; if the incorrect data is typed in it tells you there is an error.
  • You can also produce graphs from the spreadsheet. These are more accurate.
  • You also save a lot of time as computer are more effective.

I will set this spreadsheet up by using Microsoft excel. This is a software package that allows you to create financial spreadsheets and reports and to put data into a chart to visually illustrate the relationship between different items.

The research I will need to conduct is information about the sales services of the company. I will find out the information by interviewing the manager josh brown. I will also be asking about the network they use and the type of software that is available to me this will be researched by interviewing the technical director of the company. I will also be conducting a survey for the staff at employees asking what they would like to see in the spreadsheet and there ability to use Microsoft Excel program.

I expect this spreadsheet to be set up like a table with about 4 or 5 fields and at least 3 rows of the table filled in. I would like the spreadsheet to look professional and business like. It should display the colours of the companies theme.

The types of things I will include in the spreadsheet are formulas, validation checks and interactive links between pages.

I will include a help guide for the staff using the spreadsheet so that they will be able to access help when they are having difficulties. The help guide will be on hardcopy so that the user does not need to connect to the internet to access the help. It will be much quicker and easier to have a hardcopy help guide linked to the spreadsheet that way it is more efficient.  

Investigation and analysis of the problem

Belle du jour – Background information

Belle du jour is a single business that sells dresses for special occasions. It was first established in 1994 and since the year 2000 they feel that expanding the company will bring a lot of success. The shop has expanded their stocks and sells hair accessories along with the dress and other accessories like the jewellery and shoes. They would like the opportunity to expand the company into a chain business. The company is based around the South west of London, in the south east of England.

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Belle du jour is situated near Staines high street. Here is a map showing its location:

To access the company by road take the M25 junction 13 or A30 directly into Staines town. There are plenty of Car Parks situated throughout Staines, the nearest is opposite Debenhams Department store. The nearest main line station is Staines, or underground is Hatton Cross. The nearest bus station is opposite the Blue Anchor pub.

Here are the details of the shop.


There are 4 employees in this company they are all sales assistants that also work at the reception area.


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