Survey of Horncastle

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Business Studies Coursework

Survey of Horncastle


In our groups, we were given the task of updating a database of certain areas in Horncastle. This database contained the names, type, location and ownership of business that exist in Horncastle. Our task was to update and correct any mistakes that had been made. To do this each group was given a section and we located this area by doing a query this narrowed down the overall database and gave me what I needed.  The area was then split up between the groups and then split up again among each group.  We then went on an expedition into Horncastle to find out the correct version of the database. I worked out a set area of Horncastle that I had to investigate and compared the database to what actually existed and if the data was correct. The corrected data was then put back into the database on to the school computer. Each person added the corrected section of the database and this was then emailed to each group. Everyone in the class then had a complete copy of the database. Although this was not completely correct as there were many spelling errors and repeated data. To correct this I arranged the data into alphabetical order according to the business name and then visually checking the data.

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We collated all our data in a database this was the best and most useful way of collating such information. A database is an organised collection of data that can be easily stored when there is lots of information. The big benefit of databases is that you can search them quickly to find specific data or use them to generate reports. The data file can be divided into records; information in each record can then be organised into categories called fields. Therefore a record is one complete unit of data, and will contain an item of data in each field. ...

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