The aim of my project is to make the task of the allocation of seats in a theatre in a much more efficient manner than writing down on a piece of paper,

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Chapter 1: Identification

The Aim of the Project A

The aim of my project is to make the task of the allocation of seats in a theatre in a much more efficient manner than writing down on a piece of paper, which will allow calculations to be taken to show the overall costs against profit for the whole show. This will also allow the spreadsheet to also take into account the fixed costs of show, the projected profits from program sales, confectionery sales and other miscellaneous costs and profits from the show and quickly and efficiently calculate them.

Background A


Mr Brown, owner of Brown Theatres puts shows on fairly frequently, so he requires a simple solution, that is quick and easy to adapt to and simple to understand. The problems faced by him is that the current solution is to write down all the information by hand and use a calculator to work out costs, expenses and profit. He wants the solution to be able to do all this in and instant, and in a simple, understandable format.

Mr Brown also believes that this new system will allow his company to expand, and become more profitable, he believes that this new, efficient way of calculating will allow him to accurately calculate everything he needs in a matter of seconds.

Alternative strategies for solving the problem A/B

Non-ICT solution

The non-ICT solution would be similar to one Mr Brown uses at the moment, that being pen and paper. He could create a notebook in which there is a graph where the person fills in the appropriate box relevant to where the person is sitting and whether he/she is an adult or child. After this has been done, this must all be calculated to the price paid by the person, multiplied by the number of other people of the same type and seating position, then added to all the other seating arrangements and classes of people, and then subtracted from the cost of the show. This would probably only be useful to a small business.

ICT solution

The alternative to ICT solution would be to use another processor package. A word processor could also do the job correctly, but it would be harder to use (as there is no row numbering system) and is harder for the person using it to understand, although the advantage of using one is the ability to add notes to the sheet, it can also be achieved in a spreadsheet.

Reasons for selecting the chosen approach B

The reason for using this approach is that it is fast and easy to use. The Excel environment is easy for the end user to understand as it can be labelled according to where the user must enter data, which is what Mr Brown wanted. It is also highly flexible in its ability to re-enter data in the event of, for example, the changing of the cost to put on a certain show, which could easily be achieved by simply imputing a new number into the sheet.

Details of the calculations A/B

The spreadsheet will calculate the amount of children, adults and concessions sitting in the various blocks of seating and multiply it with the income that was given with the brief. It will then Vlookup the price of the various shows and takes that away from the grand total. The projected profit from programmes formula will use the cell which contains the total of the amount of people who are watching the show and work out the percentage, it will also be configurable so that the user can easily change the % of people Mr. Brown thinks will buy the programmes. The model will also use the cell which contains the total number of adult and concessions and multiply that by £0.85 and £0.70, respectively which will contain the projected profit from confectionary sales, similarly the projected profit of the bar will be calculated, but will different prices.

The objectives of the solution C

1)        It will allow Mr Brown to simply and easily input data, and view the results already in a format that shows whether or not he gained money or lost it in the show, and where he must improve to achieve peak profit in order to gain more money.

2)        It will allow the staff to know where everyone is sitting, where there are free seats, and the cost of each of the seating arrangements according to whether the person is an adult, child or concession, and will allow quick and easy calculation of the overall price.

3)        It will show clearly whether or not the show has been a success (as a profit).

4)        Most choices can easily be selected via drop down menus which will change the whole sheet according to the pre-determined pricing of the item selected. With the use of macros Mr. Brown will be able to quickly and easily change seating arrangements by highlighting the appropriate cells and pressing the macro button which will allow them to change automatically without typing c, a or n in manually.

5)        It will solve the problem of the requirement of a calculator, which would otherwise be required if the calculations would to be done in a non-ICT solution.

6)        It will allow detailed examination of all characteristics of show, such as the catalogues, the bar, the type of show, and whether it was a professional performance or an amateur, and price it accordingly showing the overall cost. It will also allow detailed reference of how many children were there, the amount of adults and concessions, and allow their prices to be changed in an easy change of data

Chapter 2: Analysis

Hardware & Software E1/E2


The computer that I am using for this project is a Pentium III 600 CPU, with 128 megabytes of memory with a 15" TFT screen, and has 19 gigabytes of storage space on the hard disk. The computer the model is going to run on will be slightly more powerful. Having a PIII 733 CPU, with 256 megabytes of RAM with a 15” flat screen monitor, and has 120 gigabytes of hard disk space.

Reasons for choice of hardware

The is no general reason why I chose this specific machine, Microsoft Office would run on machine of lower power, such as a computer with 200 MHz, 32 megabytes of RAM and only 200 megabytes free on the Hard disk.


The Model was made in Excel 97 and the write-up is written in Word 97. Mr. Brown’s computer has Excel 2000, which is compatible with the model.

Reasons for choice of software

Excel is a trusted and commonly used product and due to this there are likely to be very little bugs in the programming of it. There are many books available on it and its usage, also due to its widespread use it is compatible with most computers that are in use today.

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Input E3

Data requirements

The requirements are the show that is being shown, whether is being performed by amateurs or professionals, the amount of adults/children/concessions that are watching the performance, the fixed costs and their respective percentages. These will then be used in the grand total to show whether Mr. Brown has made a profit or a loss.

Data collection

The requirements which Mr. Brown requested were that the spreadsheet be easy to modify in case of any change in price for any calculation. That it is easy to understand from "buttons" and that the seating be ...

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