Topic 2 Exchanging Information - forms of communication with their advantages and disadvantages.

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Topic 2 Exchanging Information Worksheet

Starting Point: Communication methods (25 minutes)

Use your textbook or the resources on Student Portal or the Internet to help you research these topics. The first one has been done for you so you can see the level of detail expected.

Method Of communication

What is it?



Mobile phones

Hand-help device for making calls, texting, listen to music, surf web, email

* Portable so the communication is easy

* Can be contacted anytime / You are always connected

* There are multiply uses

* Security – children feel safer as they can easily contact their parents

* In emergency situations , help can be reached

* You can call people anywhere on the planet

* No specialist equipment is needed.

* Cause accidents as they are a distraction for example driving

* Disturb other people

* Might be inference so the quality of the call can be poor.

* You can’t see body language so a lot of non verbal communication is lost

* Its hard to make a record of what’s being said , things may get forgotten or misinterpreted

SMS (texting)

Texts are sent from one mobile phone to another. It is a quick and convenient way of sending a short message to someone .Sending messages, images, videos and sound clips between devices.

* Can send them at any time, day or night

* Good for informal messages

* Good for helping friends and family keep in touch

* Only short messages can be sent

* Needs basic typing skills

* Text speak spills over into written school work and formal communication.

* Fast

* Cheap

* No internet needed

Instant Messaging (IM)

A system for exchanging typed electronic messages instantly via the Internet or a cellular network, using a shared software application on a personal computer or mobile device.
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* Conversations happen in real time .

* You can add video using webcams or add a mic rather than talking . This helps show that the person you’re talking to is genuine.

* Useful for customer support

* Internet is needed

* There’s no time to reflect on the message before sending

* There’s a lot of ads , you have to pay extra to remove ads

* Anyone can send you a message

Chat rooms

An area on the Internet or other computer ...

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