Unit 14 Mobile communication technology

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Unit 14        Assignment 1        

Task 1

P1 – identify different types of mobile communication devices.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are portable telephones that don’t need landlines because they transmit frequencies to a tower to connect the call between the phones.

Digital cordless phones

Cordless phones are connected to the landline but they have a dock which the phone recharges its battery and the phone can be removed and taken with you, it uses short range radio when it’s out of its dock.


Laptops are compact versions of a desktop they have a keyboard, mouse, audio and display all on one machine. Laptops have a battery and adjustable screens so they are useful for people on the move. Laptops use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and may be attached with a dongle that could utilise 3g networks.


Palmtops are small computers that fit into your hand but can’t perform all the tasks a normal computer can but they are small and portable, they have a keyboard and can have slots to add disk drives, memory etc.


They are mobile phones with many features which a computer system has including: browsers, games, applications (Facebook, YouTube etc.) calculators, notepad and the list keep growing.


A type of computer that has an LCD screen similar to the Smartphone it is a bit bigger and the outline looks like a slab the input device is a touch screen that you can use your fingers to navigate around the menu.

P2 – describe the features of different types of mobile communication devices.


Tracks your location no matter where you are or what time of day it is, there are 24 satellites in orbit, they are spaced out so that four will always be above the horizon.


Can tell when the device is tilted, rotated or moved. iPhones use a three way axis device and many applications utilise this to measure speed and other things.


A device for recording visual images in the form of photographs or video.


Used for transferring files by using beams that need clear line of sight.

Touch screen

Some devices use touch screens as an input to have bigger screens.

HD screen

Displays more pixels on the screen that make the image sharper and crisper instead of having big blocks on the screen.


There are many different applications that can be downloaded for free using the apple store.


You can upload information onto the internet where it is stored so you can access it from different devices and locations as long as you are connected to the internet.

Social networking

Smartphones have applications which can access social websites instead of using the browser which could be annoying.


Transfers the video from your mobile device and displays it on your TV screen wirelessly useful for when viewing pictures or videos with lots of people around.

Video playback

Plays recorded videos or movies.


A wireless connection that is used for high speed internet, data is transferred from the phone to the modem.


Used for voice commands on the apple devices

Gorilla glass

Stronger screens so that they do not break as easily when dropped


Plays music in the mp3 format using a built in media player


Sending a text message using the keyboard of the phone that is sent by mobile towers that then send it to the receiving phone.

Internet access

Many smartphones have access to the internet by using 3g, 4g or Wi-Fi

D1 – Evaluate the features of mobile communication devices.

Screen size

Mobile devices are getting larger and larger screens some even completely removing the keyboard and using a touch screen keyboard to make the screen larger this allows things like surfing the web and playing games much easier but it will raise the price of the device and use more of the battery.

Join now!

Some devices have really small screens and it can be hard to see the information being displayed and people may have to squint to see small text or numbers or have to keep pinching the screen to zoom in on the text.


Pixels are small boxes the more there is the smaller they are meaning that the screen looks much sharper and smoother. Having more pixels means that the boxes are smaller and with enough pixels you won’t even be able to notice them.

When a screen has a lower resolution screen everything will be really blocky and won’t ...

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