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GCSE: Phi Function

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  1. GCSE Maths questions

    • Develop your confidence and skills in GCSE Maths using our free interactive questions with teacher feedback to guide you at every stage.
    • Level: GCSE
    • Questions: 75
  2. a. Describe Aristotle's teaching about the difference between the Final Cause and other sorts of causes.

    These substances create the form of an object; Aristotle also questioned what causes these objects to have the characteristics that it portrays? If a chair had only three legs, would it still be a chair? Aristotle concluded that these questions can be answered in four different ways or four different causes, this was the best way explain why things are the way they are. The Material cause answers the question for what things are made of, but this was only the first cause meaning that it is not enough on its own.

    • Word count: 684
  3. Binary Integers

    = 148 (denary) So if you want to convert a binary integer into its denary equivalent, just write it in a table like this and add up the values in the columns which have a bit value of 1. Convert binary integers to denary Work out which denary integers are represented by these Binary Integers.

    • Word count: 526

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