Compare three different newspapers by using readability, the amount of space devoted to various sections, and the number of pages.

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Mathematics Coursework - Statistics

 My objective is to compare three different newspapers by using the following information:

  • The readability in terms of standard of language evidenced in different newspapers.

  • The amount of space devoted to various sections such as Sport, news and business.

  • The number of pages, size and the cost of each of the three newspapers.

  • Another thing that I will look at is the average newspaper in terms of size and cost.

The three newspapers that I will compare are: -

  • The Sunday Times, which is a Broadsheet newspaper sold right throughout the UK containing news from right across the UK. It is mostly read by a person with a high standard of language such as a businessman. People may also wish to read the advertisements for housing, recruitment and classified advertisements. There are pages in this newspaper.

  • The Western Mail, which is a Tabloid newspaper, containing national news. This is one of the most popular tabloid newspapers currently being sold. It contains news on a variety of current events with a focus on features and leisure. It is considered an interesting paper for the reader. There are 90 pages in this newspaper.

  • The Telegraph is a Broadsheet newspaper with news from all over the world. It is known for its well-written articles and opinions and its readership tends to be members of the professional and business classes. There are 100 pages in this newspaper.

My Hypothesis

I think that:

  • The Sunday Times will have a large amount of business, but I don’t think that it will have as much as the Times.
  • The Western Mail will be the newspaper that has percentages closest to the average, in terms of space devoted to different items, as it is a middle classed newspaper.

  • The Telegraph will have more business, as the reader is usually of a higher class such as a business man for example.

I think that when I am comparing the readability of the newspapers:

  • The Sunday Times will have a high language level in the newspaper, and will have a similar measure of spread in word length as The Times will have.

  • The Western Mail will have the lowest language level out of the three newspapers.

  • The Telegraph will also have a high language level. I would rate The Times and The Sunday Times on equal par.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Telegraph

The Sunday Mirror

Pie charts to show the difference in each of the following sections from all three of the newspapers

A table to show the percentages of different sections in my three newspapers and the mean newspaper

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I shall use four line graphs to show my information as it is the simplest way of displaying my data clearly and easy to understand.

My Conclusions

  • The information from each of the three newspapers seems to create the same sort of shape on the line graphs.

  • The percentage of Advertisements in two of the newspapers is higher than in any of the other sections, with news following closely behind.

  • The Sunday Times has the highest percentage of Property information, the ...

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