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GCSE: Comparing length of words in newspapers

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  1. Investigation on Neologisms

    Technology is a very consistent source of new words. With the introduction of the Internet, and its ever-increasing amount of use, has brought in new words for use in mainstream English Language. One of these is the word "E-mail". In its full form the word means "Electronic mail" which has the meaning literally of "a message sent to one person to another over the internet." The word "electronic mail" had a very short shelf life, and the "-lectronic" part of "electronic" was soon clipped from the word, allowing the word to become more mainstream and easy to say than it was before.

    • Word count: 1907
  2. Compare the writing styles in two different publications

    To make the tests as fair as possible, both articles will be taken from the Sunday Times newspaper and both will be sports articles from each paper, specifically a post football match review as these types of article are generally written in the same sort of style whereas a scientific article would not be appropriate as these contain different types of words which generally are longer and would make the test biased. Furthermore, I have decided to use a post match review of an Arsenal match as they were in the running for the league title in 1989 and are

    • Word count: 1967
  3. New Words

    It is however slang term. "He is stoned". This is one of most common way that the word is used. In this case it means that the male in question has either been drinking alcohol or taking drugs (although in this day and age it would most l9kely mean that he is under the influence of drugs, rather than alcohol.) MINISKIRT. Entered into the dictionary in 1965. A miniskirt is a very short skirt that originally came into fashion in the 1960's.

    • Word count: 1346
  4. Investigation to find if there is a difference in word length between an American news paper and a British paper

    Here are all the words that I chose from the American paper and the British paper: USA Today Mail on Sunday Is Cabinet Efforts Majesty Of At

    • Word count: 201
  5. Children's Book Investigation

    Mean= 3 letters per word Mode Mode= 3 letters per word as that has the most entries Range The range= highest number of letters per word - smallest number of letters per word = 10- 1 = 9 Median The median of 441 items is at the 20.5th number, which equals 221st no. (middle value), which is equal to 3 Mean = 3 letters per word Mode = 3 letters per word Range = 9 Median= 3 letters per word Standard deviation Standard deviation = Mean = Mean = 441 1647 Mean = 4 No.

    • Word count: 2108
  6. Investigation in to the Variables, Length and Mass, to the Sag in a Bridge

    Hooke's law states that, within the elastic limit, strain is proportional to stress. The structure below is called a lattice and in between each of the molecules are bonds. These bonds are each like little springs this comes back to Hooke's law. If a force is added to this structure then each of these springs will be stretched. As in the Hooke's law experiment. This is the formula for Young's modulus. E = Fl eA The formula above explains why i think that in the length experiment the curve will not be directly proportional.

    • Word count: 1351
  7. It is unusual for a newspaper to publish an article by a child as young as James. Why do you think the editor of the Independent decided to publish both articles as companion pieces?

    Celia's piece backs up James. The words Big school big trauma build up suspense for the new boys and also the parents because they will want to know what the trauma is. The second article is called Starting School when I am a parent this heading wouldn't affect me because I know that the children are staring school but I don't know about the trauma involved.

    • Word count: 471
  8. Producing a Box

    To look at the possibility of there being a larger volume available, I am now going to place these figures in a graph on the next page. After looking at the graph, I realise that there could be a larger volume available. So I am now going to investigate this possibility. Because shape 2 had the largest volume, and I had removed a 2cm by 2cm square from each corner to make shape 2. I am now going to remove a 1.9cm by 1.9cm square from each corner to make shape 6, and then a 2.1cm x 2.1cm square from each corner to make shape 7.

    • Word count: 4546
  9. Compare: The first chapters of Bill Bryson’s “The Lost Continent” & Samuel Johnson’s “Rasselas”.

    Immediately, the differing styles are clear. 'The Lost Continent's first chapter contains shorter sentences, and considerably less abstract nouns. This striking fact lead to a certain detachment between the reader and the story, but this is offset by the 'first person narrative' factor. This factor is this: 'Rasselas' is in the third person: this means that Johnson can actively explore the unknown; for example, other people's feelings, thoughts etc. In 'The Lost Continent', however, because the narrative is in first person, not only is the action given a more personal tint, the range of subject is somewhat limited: the writer's thoughts only are explained.

    • Word count: 1105
  10. Press Reaction To Harold Shipman

    tend to be a lot taller than the ones with two, and the one column papers look to have more information, I think this is deliberate but it could just a matter of space on the paper, also some of the papers have a background colour. The newspaper that has the most impact for me is the Record views paper as it uses a dark background colour and the title is white on a black background with the word 'view' in a bolder type than 'Record', the title also uses a little picture of a dragon.

    • Word count: 1059
  11. The Open Box Problem

    I found out that 40mm corners made the largest volume. To find the measurements that gave the biggest volume possible I put more accurate numbers into my spreadsheet. Box Made From A4 Paper Corner Length Width Height Volume mms mms mms mms mm3 35 227 140 35 1112300 36 225 138 36 1117800 37 223 136 37 1122136 38 221 134 38 1125332 39 219 132 39 1127412 40 217 130 40 1128400 41 215 128 41 1128320 42 213 126 42 1127196 43 211 124 43 1125052 44 209 122 44 1121912 45 207 120 45 1117800 Instead of going up in10mms, I started at 35mms and went up to 45mms in 1cm measurements.

    • Word count: 1323
  12. Investigation into how broadsheet newspapers word length differs from tabloids.

    How will I collect the information (what I am going to do) These are the newspapers that I consider to be tabloid newspapers: * The Sun * The News of The World * The Mirror * The Daily Sport That is the group of tabloid newspapers that I will select at random Here are the newspapers that I consider to be broadsheet newspapers: * The Times * The Telegraph * The Guardian * The Observer Some newspaper might consider themselves a broadsheet newspaper and I have not included them in my group of broadsheet newspaper's but these I consider to

    • Word count: 1667
  13. ‘Broadsheets are harder to read than tabloids’ - Maths Investigation

    Once taking 5 articles from the broadsheet using this method I chose 5 similar articles from the tabloid. Obviously there are many different writers with different writing styles and many different article types so I used this method to avoid bias. But what do I count? What is a word? What is a sentence? Sounds like strange questions but they are perfectly valid. Numbers, quotes, proper nouns, names and hyphenated words all need to be taken into account, so before I can count I need to come up with some rules...

    • Word count: 1249
  14. To study the relative accuracy and application of different measuring devices for linear measurement

    the problem is that we really not sure which of this devices ( steel ruler,varnier,micrometer ) is really suitable for measuring diameter and length . our investigation was to find out which one is very much accurate in the measuring diameter and which is much accurate in measuring the length so that in all our application we can identify which one contains errors and which one is accurate Though all instrument can be used when measuring but they all differ an accuracy and error.

    • Word count: 573
  15. Racism Essay

    higher up society .We showed how the mum would be embarrased and wonder more about her credit then about marian.The rest of the family were more worried about marians well being then what others thought. We also did a scene were marian failed a driving test all because she was black.We put the point across that she only failed because she was black you could see this because because she didnt do

    • Word count: 490
  16. The Open Box Problem

    Cut size Original length Original width Width Length Height Volume 1.61 10 10 6.78 6.78 1.61 74.0091 1.62 10 10 6.76 6.76 1.62 74.0301 1.63 10 10 6.74 6.74 1.63 74.047 1.64 10 10 6.72 6.72 1.64 74.0598 1.65 10 10 6.7 6.7 1.65 74.0685 1.66 10 10 6.68 6.68 1.66 74.0732 1.67 10 10 6.66 6.66 1.67 74.0739 1.68 10 10 6.64 6.64 1.68 74.0705 1.69 10 10 6.62 6.62 1.69 74.0632 1.7 10 10 6.6 6.6 1.7 74.052 The maximum volume for 10 by 10 cm's squared is 1.67.

    • Word count: 6215
  17. A Six Session Training Program for Swimming

    Backstroke- 4 lengths full stroke, 20 sec. Rest, 4 lengths arms only, 20 sec. Rest, 4 lengths legs only, 20 sec. Rest, 6 lengths full stroke. 2 min. rest. Drill-1 length arms only, 1 length full stroke, 1 length legs only, 1 length full stroke, 2 lengths 1 arm pull to every 4 kicks. 6 one length sprints walking back to the start of the pool after each length(this being your rest). 1 min. rest and then 2 two length sprints with 1min. rest between each. 2 min.

    • Word count: 923
  18. An Investigation of the differences in Ascophylum Nodosum

    The phylum of the plant is Chromophycota (brown algae) and its class is Phaeophyceae (Brown foliose or filamentous seaweed e.g. kelps and wracks. My hypothesis is that there will be a significant variation in the appearance of the A.Nodosum on the two different shores, differences in terms of frond length, number of bladders on the fronds and the distances between the first and second bladders along the frond of the seaweed. My null hypothesis is that there will be no clear differentiation of the A.Nodosum on the two different types of shores.

    • Word count: 2330
  19. What does the language of this extract reveal about Dr. Grantly and the way he treats his fellow men?

    The next part of the passage that is revealing about Dr. Grantly is when he stops speaking for a moment "Expecting that some murmurs of applause would show that the weakest of the men were beginning to give way; but no such murmurs came." First of all, this shows that he holds his own oratory skills in high esteem, because he "Expects" a few of the bedesmen to applaud. However, I think it again shows the way in which he regards the bedesmen, because he expects that at least some of them will have had their opinions swayed by only his opening remarks.

    • Word count: 741
  20. Statistics - Investigating whether Magazines or Newpapers use shorter words

    I won't need to write up a questionnaire. The information I need will be in the newspaper and magazine, I will need to collect a 100-word section from each. I will know that I have enough data when I have found 100-word sections from the newspaper and the magazine. The data I collect has to be very accurate for it to be fair. I will check the data is accurate by double checking the work, What I will need to do with the data is enter it into my table and there will be columns for words up to 14 letters long to see my results.

    • Word count: 431
  21. Emma’S Dilemma


    • Word count: 858
  22. “A word is half the sender, and half the receptor” - Montaigne

    Montaigne said something very true about the term 'word' as it is very difficult to define. To start, what is a word? What is the definition of the term word? All these deceptively simple questions have led to debate among linguists. At its most simple, according to David Crystal, a word is "a unit of expression which has universal intuitive recognition by native speakers". However, a word is so much more than that: a word has to be imaginarily divided into the person who say it and into the person that receives it because these two individual members of communication have their own way to interpret what is the idea within that precise word.

    • Word count: 832

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