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GCSE: Gary's (and other) Car Sales

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  1. GCSE Maths questions

    • Develop your confidence and skills in GCSE Maths using our free interactive questions with teacher feedback to guide you at every stage.
    • Level: GCSE
    • Questions: 75
  2. Statistic coursework-what has the most influence on the price of a second hand car?

    Moreover, I assume all the secondhand prices of cars are in 2005 because the database provided by the exam board did not state which year the secondhand price belongs to. Car no. Make mileage Year Cost when new (GBP) Secondhand price (GBP) 1 Mercedes 12000 2000 26040 11395 2 Mercedes 20000 2002 35025 25995 3 Mercedes 9000 2000 35025 19955 4 Mercedes 47000 1998 15640 4635 5 Mercedes 73000 2002 32867 24435 6 Mercedes 49000 2000 24590 13570 7 Mercedes 12000 1996 23805 3885 8 Mercedes 90000 1999 39040 12800 9 Mercedes 61000 2000 24590 13455 10 Mercedes 58000 2001

    • Word count: 2677
  3. Maths Data Handling-Secondhand Car

    I expect there to be no Correlation for the Price against Colour graph because I don't believe that the colour of the car will generally change the price of the car. Also there should be a positive correlation for the Price against engine Size graph for those cars of similar ages and models because generally it costs more to have a larger engine in the car and so making the car more expensive. And finally there should be a positive correlation for the graph of Percentage depreciation against age because the older the car the more it should depreciate, in

    • Word count: 1655
  4. Used Cards - find which factors will influence the price of a second hand car and in what way

    * What is my population? * What data do I need to collect? * What sampling method am I going to use? * How large a sample do I need? * What method of data collection am I going to use? * How am I going to record the data I collect? As secondary data was provided from the Edexcel website, I used that data to my advantage and then began with my simple hypothesis. Factors Elaborated / Example Hypotheses Age: The older the car, the cheaper it is, however this may not apply effectively when comparing prestigious cars to standard cars.

    • Word count: 8351
  5. maths=Data Handling Coursework

    I want to then find out knowing that the Mercedes is much more of an expensive make than the Ford and BMW, so if the mileage has been used up for the Mercedes and the ford and the BMW will the Mercedes still be expensive. The information that I will need to collect to find out if my Hypothesis is right or wrong: ==> Make of the car so Mercedes, BMW or Ford ==> The 'Used Price,' of the car ==> The 'Mileage,' of the car I can find this information from a database which is a Secondary data Source, as the information in the database is from Nower Hill High School.

    • Word count: 777
  6. Maths - statistical driving test

    Investigations From the previous breakdown I have decided on three areas of investigation. Each investigation will start with a hypothesis, which I will prove or disprove through the process of in-depth data analysis. Hypothesis one :- The more lessons a student takes the less mistakes they should make. Hypothesis two :- The more lessons a student takes the less mistakes they will make depending on their instructor. This means that some instructors are better than others. Hypothesis three :- On average males make less mistakes than females.

    • Word count: 2787
  7. Handling data Used car prices

    Firstly I will group the data that I have into different age groups. This stratified sample will produce a representative sample so then random numbers can then be used to generate cars from each group in numbers proportional to their numbers in the whole set. This is because there are likely to be fewer cars as the number of years increase. By doing a stratified sample for this particular situation there is no chance of bias towards a particular age group as each group will be fairly represented.

    • Word count: 3996
  8. Maths Coursework:Used Cars

    I am using this method because it is fair and unbiased. Using this pie chart I have decided that the four most popular cars are Vauxhall, fiat, ford and rover. This is because these cars are most common cars in the population and the other cars have single models so the results will not be reliable. Also the size of the database is very small and if I could do the survey I would choose a much bigger database. Stratified sampling I will use the four most popular cars in order to carry out the stratified sampling.

    • Word count: 2185
  9. T-Total Maths

    Numbers inside T shape 14 1 2 3 8 15 2 3 4 9 16 3 4 5 10 17 4 5 6 11 5 X 14 = 70 - 28 = 42 FORMULA = 5N - 42 GRID 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 39 40 41 42 43 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 T NUMBER T TOTAL 16 31 17 36 18 41 19

    • Word count: 3452
  10. Maths Data Handaling

    I will draw a scatter graph (Mileage Vs % Price Drop 4) Then I will comment on my scatter graph to see if my hypothesis is correct. 5) What kind of correlation do I expect to find Quantity Car Number Price When New Second Hand Price Mileage Percentges drop 1 9 �13,176.00 �6,999.00 41000 47 2 10 �13,510.00 �7,499.00 27000 44 3 15 �8,601.00 �3,995.00 31000 54 4 18 �6,004.00 �1,995.00 20000 67 5 19 �13,586.00 �3,795.00 49000 72 6 21 �11,225.00 �5,999.00 42000 47 7 26 �5,599.00 �1,000.00 25000 82 8 27 �13,800.00 �1,495.00 25000 48 9 34

    • Word count: 1296
  11. used car coursework

    So I can get a good representation of the complete population. The main reason why I used sampling was as it reduces the time taken to process. Scatter diagram work Mileage Age Used car price Engine size 1 7000 1 7999 1.8 2 68000 7 1595 1.3 3 60000 7 1995 1.1 4 64000 7 2300 1.4 5 29000 3 4295 1.4 6 34000 5 4700 1.8 7 27000 4 3200 1.8 8 43000 7 3495 1.8 9 37000 10 1664 1 10 57000 5 3995 1.8 11 64000 6 2995 1.3 This table shows the 11 Ford cars out of 16 which were selected through stratified sampling.

    • Word count: 4114
  12. Car sales

    * I will be investigating a range of variables to go with used price. These include 1. price new 2. price used 3. age 4. colour 5. engine 6. fuel 7. MPG 8. mileage 9. service 10. owners 11. length of MOT 12. road tax 13. insurance 14. doors 15. style 16. C looking 17. seats 18. gears 19. Air con. 20. air bags I will not be investigating every variable, but whilst I am investigating I expect to find some anomalies, these are results/points on the graphs that don't go with the coloration and line of best fit.

    • Word count: 1521
  13. Statistics: Factors Affecting the Price of Used Cars

    With the data, I am going to analyse and investigate any possible correlations between them and the other factors. I am going to take the factors I have chosen and form different hypotheses and investigate them to see if there is any correlation between them. Hypotheses: 1) As the mileage increases, the price of the car decreases. 2) As the age increases, the price decreases. Method I am going to take a sample of 40 cars to carry out my investigation. I think the data of 40 cars is enough to represent the population because if there is a general trend, my sample for my investigation will show it.

    • Word count: 3106
  14. "Used Cars" Statistics Coursework

    I will also look at price depreciation and the mean price depreciation. Hypothesis 1. The Older the car, the cheaper it will be. I think this because the value of cars will go down in age. 2. The more the car has traveled, the cheaper it will be. I think this because a car becomes less efficient the more it has been driven. Although I believe my hypothesis to be true, there could be outliers. The outliers could be due to rare models that go higher in price. Or there is a missing data value. I will determine these from my results.

    • Word count: 556
  15. Legal and Ethical Analysis of Ford Pinto

    According to the auto executives, the auto industry now had to answer to many more people than just auto buyers and the multitude of often conflicting regulations had placed unreasonable burdens on domestic automakers (10). Ford has had a checkered past with the government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a regulatory agency in the Department of Transpiration, had investigated Pinto's engine fires and fuel-line hose construction problems, which eventually led to a recall by Ford (11). In 1973 Ford was fined $7 million by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a regulatory agency reporting directly to the US president, for unauthorized tempering of an emission test.

    • Word count: 3910
  16. Used second hand cars

    Also they would be more damage done to it been repaired several times. *MILEAGE: - Higher the mileage of the car, lower the car's second hand price. People would normally likes to buy cars with less mileage as it would not have gone through much wear and tear, so a low mileage of the car indicates towards its high price. *MAKE: - The better the make the higher the car's second hand value. I believe this is because different types of cars have unique characteristic which differ from one another.

    • Word count: 8793
  17. Gerald Ford President Ford was born on July 14th, 1913, in Omaha, Nebraska. He was born to Dorothy Gardner King and Leslie King. Their marriage ended a short time later.

    Another one of Gerald Ford's friends was Byrd Garel. Garel dropped out of high school and out of Gerald Ford's life when they were sophomores. After finishing high school he went on to college at Michigan State. Gerald Ford could not afford to pay for college, so they gave him a scholarship. He also found a job waiting on tables, and his aunt and uncle promised him two dollars a week. Ford was on the school football team and was one of the stars.

    • Word count: 770
  18. What factors influence the price of a second hand car

    I will not use all 100 cars as this is too much data for me to work with. Instead I will take a sample of 40 cars as this will be an easier and fair amount to work with. To decide which cars to include in my sample I will first put the makes of the cars into a frequency table: Make Frequency Ford 16 Vauxhall 13 Rover 12 Fiat 10 Volkswagen 7 Nissan 6 Peugeot 5 Renault 5 Citroen 3 Daewoo 3 Mercedes 3 BMW 2 Hyundai 2 Mitsubishi 2 Audi 1 Bentley 1 Honda 1 Landrover 1 Lexus 1 Mazda 1 Porsche 1 Rolls Royce 1 Seat 1 Suzuki 1 Toyota 1 Out of the 100 makes the most information available is for Ford, Vauxhall, Rover and Fiat.

    • Word count: 1767
  19. Maths Coursework - Used Cars

    Instead, I will use 40 cars because then it will be an easier amount of cars to work with and the investigation will remain fair. To choose which cars will be included in my sample of 40, I have arranged the cars in order of frequency: Make Frequency Ford 16 Vauxhall 13 Rover 12 Fiat 10 Volkswagen 7 Nissan 6 Peugeot 5 Renault 5 Citroen 3 Daewoo 3 Mercedes 3 BMW 2 Hyundai 2 Mitsubishi 2 Audi 1 Bentley 1 Honda 1 Landrover 1 Lexus 1 Mazda 1 Porsche 1 Rolls Royce 1 Seat 1 Suzuki 1 Toyota 1 As you can see out of the 100 cars, the majority are Ford, Vauxhall, Rover and Fiat.

    • Word count: 4010
  20. Factors affecting price of Used Car

    For each of them I will find the most popular colour and car make. I will record my results in a tally table and a frequency table so that I can easily spot the most popular ones. I will then use the 4 most popular car makes from the tally chart of all of the cars as my independent variable this is because the thing that people look at first when they are buying a car is the make and I believe this will affect the second hand price the most. Certain cars have a very good reputation of being reliable over others.

    • Word count: 6939
  21. Maths coursework - car prices

    the second factor I have consider is mileage because I believe that mileage depending on how much a car has travelled can affect the condition of the used cars with its price because when the car has travelled over 50,000 miles the parts of the car will deteriorate because the car parts start to be worn out so I think that the more mileage done on the car the less the price is. Sampling Out of the 204 samples I have chosen 110 samples because I believe that it will give more evidence to my hypothesis because the more the

    • Word count: 5734
  22. Used car prices

    tend to buy small cars. For mileage, I decided to use 10 Fiat Punto and 10 Volkswagen Golf. The above cars were chosen, as I believe that they are few of the demanding cars in Britain. Aim I hope to find out how the age and mileage, makes a difference in car prices. Age The factor age will be investigated upon. I have chosen age as this has a major impact on price of cars. It can be proven that for example a car, in this case Vauxhall Corsa will be used.

    • Word count: 1801
  23. Theory of Whether The Age of a Car Is Directly Proportional To It's Depreciation

    This scatter diagram displays the information on the Ford Cars table. This scatter diagram displays the information on the Fiat Cars table. Both scatter diagrams above show a positive correlation and this means that as the age of a car increases the cars depreciation or decline in price increases. However, some of the cars do not follow the same pattern, for example, a one-year-old Ford car lost about 50% of its value whereas the three-year-old Ford car only lost 38%.

    • Word count: 2406
  24. I will research the cars by putting the data I have been given into statistical charts, graphs and tables to analyse them. I will use a scatter graph to firstly look at how age affects all cars depreciation

    From the line I can also create a box plot and read the lower and upper quartiles, the inter quartile range, the median and the range. On this graph the lower quartile would show that a car loses a quarter of its value in however many years, the upper would show that the car depreciates three quarters in however many years and the median, half in however many years. The inter quartile range would show the distribution of the central fifty percent of the cars.

    • Word count: 2128
  25. Data Handling Coursework

    if it is new or second hand, the engine size, the mileage and finally the make. My first table will show all the factors that I think that will affect the price of the cars. The reason why I have chosen the cars that I have is mainly because they are the ones with the same makes i.e. the ones that there are a lot of from the same make. I have also chosen exclusive cars as I hope this will make the range of my investigation wider. Plan: I plan to investigate the following factors, the price difference and the percentage depreciation of a brand new car compared to a second hand car.

    • Word count: 2811
  26. Marketing Strategy Of Ford

    Ford believes that a major factor in their success is their role as a positive contributor to the community. They introduced this plan in early 2000, which was to improve the fuel economy of their sports utility vehicles. They also created the Ford Rouge Center, which is an environmental restoration of their historic Rouge Manufacturing Complex. This center is a showcase for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that can be used around the world. Ford is focusing on building relationships and growing their family.

    • Word count: 1157

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