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GCSE: Gary's (and other) Car Sales

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  1. GCSE Maths questions

    • Develop your confidence and skills in GCSE Maths using our free interactive questions with teacher feedback to guide you at every stage.
    • Level: GCSE
    • Questions: 75
  2. Maths Data Handling-Secondhand Car

    I expect there to be no Correlation for the Price against Colour graph because I don't believe that the colour of the car will generally change the price of the car. Also there should be a positive correlation for the Price against engine Size graph for those cars of similar ages and models because generally it costs more to have a larger engine in the car and so making the car more expensive. And finally there should be a positive correlation for the graph of Percentage depreciation against age because the older the car the more it should depreciate, in

    • Word count: 1655
  3. Maths Data Handaling

    I will draw a scatter graph (Mileage Vs % Price Drop 4) Then I will comment on my scatter graph to see if my hypothesis is correct. 5) What kind of correlation do I expect to find Quantity Car Number Price When New Second Hand Price Mileage Percentges drop 1 9 �13,176.00 �6,999.00 41000 47 2 10 �13,510.00 �7,499.00 27000 44 3 15 �8,601.00 �3,995.00 31000 54 4 18 �6,004.00 �1,995.00 20000 67 5 19 �13,586.00 �3,795.00 49000 72 6 21 �11,225.00 �5,999.00 42000 47 7 26 �5,599.00 �1,000.00 25000 82 8 27 �13,800.00 �1,495.00 25000 48 9 34

    • Word count: 1296
  4. Car sales

    * I will be investigating a range of variables to go with used price. These include 1. price new 2. price used 3. age 4. colour 5. engine 6. fuel 7. MPG 8. mileage 9. service 10. owners 11. length of MOT 12. road tax 13. insurance 14. doors 15. style 16. C looking 17. seats 18. gears 19. Air con. 20. air bags I will not be investigating every variable, but whilst I am investigating I expect to find some anomalies, these are results/points on the graphs that don't go with the coloration and line of best fit.

    • Word count: 1521
  5. What factors influence the price of a second hand car

    I will not use all 100 cars as this is too much data for me to work with. Instead I will take a sample of 40 cars as this will be an easier and fair amount to work with. To decide which cars to include in my sample I will first put the makes of the cars into a frequency table: Make Frequency Ford 16 Vauxhall 13 Rover 12 Fiat 10 Volkswagen 7 Nissan 6 Peugeot 5 Renault 5 Citroen 3 Daewoo 3 Mercedes 3 BMW 2 Hyundai 2 Mitsubishi 2 Audi 1 Bentley 1 Honda 1 Landrover 1 Lexus 1 Mazda 1 Porsche 1 Rolls Royce 1 Seat 1 Suzuki 1 Toyota 1 Out of the 100 makes the most information available is for Ford, Vauxhall, Rover and Fiat.

    • Word count: 1767
  6. Used car prices

    tend to buy small cars. For mileage, I decided to use 10 Fiat Punto and 10 Volkswagen Golf. The above cars were chosen, as I believe that they are few of the demanding cars in Britain. Aim I hope to find out how the age and mileage, makes a difference in car prices. Age The factor age will be investigated upon. I have chosen age as this has a major impact on price of cars. It can be proven that for example a car, in this case Vauxhall Corsa will be used.

    • Word count: 1801
  7. Marketing Strategy Of Ford

    Ford believes that a major factor in their success is their role as a positive contributor to the community. They introduced this plan in early 2000, which was to improve the fuel economy of their sports utility vehicles. They also created the Ford Rouge Center, which is an environmental restoration of their historic Rouge Manufacturing Complex. This center is a showcase for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that can be used around the world. Ford is focusing on building relationships and growing their family.

    • Word count: 1157
  8. GCSE Math's Statistics Coursework Introduction: I have been given a database which contains information about one hundred different used cars

    more easily and then compare between age and mileage because the computer can generate a graph much quicker than if done by hand. This will show me what sort of correlation the graph has, whether positive or negative and how strong it is and also become apparent with the line of best fit. If my investigation goes well, my hypothesis should be correct and should expect some outliers. On excel I would eliminate the outlier if I need to get a better line of best fit.

    • Word count: 1429
  9. Business at Work

    The company consists of eight core and affiliated brands (Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo) and automotive related services (Ford Credit and Hertz). In 1903, Ford Motor Company was established in Detroit by Henry Ford, when it sold its first vehicle, the Model A. The introduction of the Model T in 1908, along side the development of the assembly line, the birth of producing vehicles to the masses to sell in a low, affordable price.

    • Word count: 1342
  10. Case Analysis - The Ford Pinto

    Ford had an internal objective of a 20 mph standard that all cars would stand up to the moving crash test. They ran four tests on prototypes of the Pinto and three of them had slightly exceeded the one-ounce-per-minute standard. The fourth had a faulty gas tank so it leaked substantially. They changed the design to create less leakage and meet the standards set by NHTSA. Ford objected the standards that NHTSA was thinking about adopting with the 20 mph fixed barrier test by stating it was impractical.

    • Word count: 1749
  11. Test which factors affect the price of a second hand car using a variety of different statistical techniques

    An example is their opinion of the person selling them the car, as this will affect them a lot even though it is not possible to use this with the data sample. Hypothesis 1 The greater the original price of a car the greater its second hand price will be. I that there will be a link between these two factors because the original price of the car will be a reflection of the attributes of the car, so the second hand price should only change in price as a result of what has happened to it since it was new (e.g.

    • Word count: 1847
  12. GCSE statistics coursework

    The diagrams would maintain a clear understanding and show what is happening to the cars and what people prefer according to their engine size. After each of the diagram I would explain how I did the diagram and what people prefer and why. I would compare the mean, median and mode to support my hypothesis. At the end of the coursework I would be doing a conclusion explaining what has happened and why. I am going to calculate the number of each type of car according to its age and mileage.

    • Word count: 1090
  13. The business magnates of 1898 to 1929 began a transformation of business and industry that has lasted through the ages.

    These are just two examples of significant business magnates of late 19th and early 20th century America. Henry Ford, born in 1863 and died in 1947, was brought up in the farming lifestyle, and grew to dislike it. When he turned 15 he went to Detroit and trained as a machinist. In 1890 Ford began to experiment with things such as the horseless carriage, and in about 1896, he completed his first car, the quadricycle. Through the following yrs he tried unsuccessfully to get it into production, until 1903 when he launched the Ford Motor Company.

    • Word count: 1270
  14. What Influence Did Henry Ford Have On 1920s America?

    Even by 1913, when Ford was producing 500 cars a day, each car took 121/2 hours to make. He had to hire workers who were semi-skilled, or at least trained in many areas of car production, and so was forced to pay them higher wages than he would have liked. He also thought that too much time was wasted with workers moving around to do different jobs. In 1913, Ford visited the factory of Swift and Co., a slaughterhouse in Chicago, and came across an idea that would change his life. At Swift, the factory had adopted a technique that involved each worker having a specific task in cleaning an animal carcass, with the carcasses moving from one worker to the next via an overhead conveyor belt.

    • Word count: 1534
  15. Investigate what affects the price of a used car.

    As there is a lot of information contained within the database, I am goin to narrow down my search by first looking at four different brands of car. I will be using a variety of charts, diagrams and graphs in order to present my information. The results I collect from each make of car I will then combine to find an overall average of the affect of age on the selling price of a car. For each Make I will be finding: The Median This is the age in the middle, found by putting all the results into numerical order.

    • Word count: 1167
  16. I am going to analyse the given data from a used car sales person to see whether we can find out the price of the cars to sell in the garage.

    I am also going to try and find equations for the three graphs using this equation, y = mx+c. mx represents the gradient and c represents the y intercept. Finally I will aim to do an average for the three (according to the price) by combining them and adding all three graphs together and then dividing by three. Finding the average for the three graphs has advantages to it, here are some of them; * An estimate for the price of the next car that comes into the garage * If you wanted to estimate how much the car will cost after a few years.

    • Word count: 1348
  17. Data Handling: Used car prices.

    colour is not very important to the price of the car because cars are made in lots of different colours and sold at the same price, the only reason the colour would affect the price of a car would be if the buyer preferred a certain colour of car. Another factor that is not very important is the amount of seats the car has, most cars have 5 seats and this is only important is people are looking to buy large people carriers but even then it would not affect the price of the car profoundly Below is a tally

    • Word count: 1399
  18. Investigate what influences the price of a second hand car.

    I predict that red will be the Modal color of car and that ford will be the Modal make of car, I predict this because ford is a very cheap car and I think that most people will by ford cars because they are so cheap. I also predict that age, mileage and number of owners will affect the price of a second hand car. Below there is a table contain data about 36 cars the factors that I have listed below are those that I think are most important because this is the information that a person what's when they are buying a second hand car.

    • Word count: 1522
  19. Money Management - Buying a Car.

    The most frequent car that appears in my survey will be the one I will tally from the most popular to the most unpopular. The reason I will be doing this is to find out what the general public is thinking. Prices of the most popular car brought in a car showroom. (b) I am going to phone up quite popular car showrooms to find out the most popular car brought per week and ask the prices of the cars I have on my survey.

    • Word count: 1553
  20. Why is Ford more successful than Vauxhall?

    Ford models include the: Focus, Mondeo, Fiesta, KA, Explorer, Galaxy, Fusion, Maverick, Transit Van and including 20 more cars available in the USA. Vauxhall models include: Vectra, Corsa, Omega, Combo and 10 more cars available in Europe. With Ford covering all the market they can afford to have a lower selling price for their cars, which also attracts more sales. Fords lowest price is �5,995 was Vauxhall is �8,995. With Fords unique selling point, which is available for all of the models, the heated front windscreen really helps in those frosty nights. Where Vauxhall doesn't have a unique selling point.

    • Word count: 1034
  21. The aim of this project is to investigate which factors influence the costs of second hand cars. The makes we were looking into include Ford, Peugeot, Renault and Vauxhall.

    to try and distinguish any correlation's (patterns) in the cost distribution. Fortunately, the median is not affected by extreme values so the box plots will be fine, as will any other cumulative frequency curves. Most variables would affect the cost, but by how much remains to be seen. I am now satisfied that results from my sample will represent the population as a whole. 1st Hypothesis I have said that age is the most important factor and so I will try to explore it further.

    • Word count: 1841
  22. The aim of this coursework is to find out what the different factors are that affect the value and price of different cars

    However older cars are less likely to include these features so the price will decrease more. The make of car could also influence the price because people pay different amounts for various makes of cars. The three variables I have chosen to analyse are the age, the mileage and the engine size of the cars. I will then do comparisons on different makes of cars. Summary of Data: In the age data there are four anomalies. They are the Bentley Turbo R, Porsche Sport, Mercedes Elegance and Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

    • Word count: 1815
  23. Investigation of factors that effect the price of a car.

    Mercedes may not be owned by that many people because it is a prestige car and has all the qualities, it still holds its price. The reason for car ownership could be that the Mercedes might not be affordable because it is too expensive for some people or isn't affordable. After doing so and once I have examined the factors affecting each of those cars than I will do frequency charts and Cumulative Frequency graphs on age, mileage and price for each one of those 3 selected cars.

    • Word count: 1928
  24. My task for this coursework was to analyse the data given to me to see what effects the price of a second hand car; I tested such ideas like, age, service history and M.P.G.

    Ford Escort 7 Ford Fiesta 8 Ford Fiesta 11 Ford Fiesta lx 7 Ford Escort duet 7 Ford Escort 5 Ford Escort 5 Ford Fiesta 4 Ford Focus 2 Ford Puma 3 Ford Escort 7 Ford Mondeo 4 Ford Fiesta 10 Ford Escort 5 Ford Escort 6 I plotted a scatter graph of my findings and found out that there is a positive correlation between the age of a car and the amount of % the car value has decreased. This shows that as the age of the car goes up the more percent is lost of its original value.

    • Word count: 1437
  25. My task for this piece of coursework is to statistically analyse the data for used car sales. I will use the information that was given to me, to investigate what influences the price of a second-hand car.

    If the mileage is low, the selling price is likely to be higher. * Engine capacity: The engine capacity is very important. The higher the engine capacity, the faster the car. Most people would like to have a fast car rather than a slow one. The price is likely to increase if the engine capacity is high. * Colour of car: The colour is likely to be important as different owners are likely to have different tastes in colour, but I do not think that the price will increase. * Condition of car: If the car is in good condition, inside and outside, it is likely to last longer.

    • Word count: 1910
  26. Gary's Car Sales Mathematics Coursework

    1.6 11 5,595 4 Ford 11,000 41,000 1.6 12 4,995 3 Ford 9,880 34,000 1.4 13 5,595 4 Ford 14,000 55,000 1.6 14 4,995 4 Rover 11,500 40,000 1.4 15 2,600 7 Rover 12,000 82,000 1.6 16 1,000 10 Peugeot 6,200 119,000 1.1 17 750 11 Peugeot 5,100 96,000 1.0 18 1,350 8 Ford 9,140 108,000 1.6 19 2,950 8 Ford 17,750 96,000 2.9 20 3,250 7 Vauxhall 9,990 86,000 1.6 21 5,650 3 Vauxhall 11,150 34,000 1.6 22 4,600 2 Rover 7,300 17,000 1.1 23 5,400 1 Rover 7,300 11,000 1.1 24 4,800 1 Rover 7,300 26,000 1.1 25

    • Word count: 1866

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