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GCSE: Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations

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  1. GCSE Maths questions

    • Develop your confidence and skills in GCSE Maths using our free interactive questions with teacher feedback to guide you at every stage.
    • Level: GCSE
    • Questions: 75
  2. I am going to find out the year 10 male average student at Weavers School. I will collect the data on hair colour, height and weight and see the differences between 2009 data and 1996 with the help of some graphs and some complex calculations

    I think students in 1996 will be less tall because old people who went to school in 1996 are smaller than me in height. Height = Continuous data Box and whisker diagram because it shows and allows me to compare the spread of the data, inter-quartile range, range, quartiles and find any outliers. I used this instead of standard deviation as this shows a shape which I can compare while standard deviation shows a number. 3. I think most students in 2009 will be 60kg as I am 50kg and most students are heavier than me.

    • Word count: 2193
  3. Statistics coursework Edexcell

    That year eight girls will weigh less year nine girls 9. That BMI of boys will be higher than that of girls Sampling I have chosen to sample 50 boys and 50 girls from a total 813 students, which is roughly 16 students from each year group. But the number students of each gender of each year group are not of equal number, as shown in the following table. KS3 number of children in each year: Male Female Total Year seven 151 131 282 Year eight 145 125 270 Year nine 118 143 261 Total 414 399 813 Table 1 To find the proportionate number of year seven males for the

    • Word count: 2398
  4. Height and Weight corralarion in boys and girls

    I expect the girl's results to be more consistent compared to the boys as the growth spurt for boys between the ages of 11 - 16 is more varied as there will be some boys that haven't yet reached puberty in KS3 who are a lot shorter that the boys who have shot up through puberty in KS4, where as girls don't go through such a drastic change in height and weight compared to boys. In the end I will conclude whether I have successfully proved my hypothesis right or wrong.

    • Word count: 2976
  5. Statistics coursework part 1

    Data For this part of my investigation I will use a stratified sample to as to obtain correct proportions of boys and girls from years 7-11. A stratified sample is needed as I am comparing boys with girls and so need the correct proportions pf each year group. In am comparing gender and not the age of the pupils In order to do this I will, Join both keys stage 3 and key stage 4 together, Delete the unwanted cells, for example eye colour and favourite colour.

    • Word count: 2011
  6. GCSE Maths Statistics Coursework

    I will be selecting my data after organising it because it makes it easier to get the sample that There was approximately 200 males and 200 females and if you divide 200 by 5 you get 80 which is how many people I want in my sample. The problems with systematic sampling are that the different ways in which the sample can get organised is not taking the different ratios of the different categories (Gender, IQ etc) into account. The benefits of using systematic sampling are that it is easy to sort out/organise, it isn't as time-consuming as stratified sampling as all you need to do is click on a button and find the command that you want to use.

    • Word count: 2514
  7. Mayfield Coursework

    I did this on a calculator by pressing rand# and rounded of the decimals as this was a fair way of gaining these numbers. I eventually did the same thing with every gender of every year although I would get different amounts of random numbers (but the same percentage of students). Here are the results I got, which I have split into genders simply because it is clearer: Year Random Numbers (Boys) Random Numbers (Girls) 7 80 218 7 20 263 7 12 239 7 128 217 7 79 224 7 3 270 7 64 168 7 119 152 7

    • Word count: 2444
  8. Maths - Handling Data

    Using a stratified sample makes sure that there is no bias to both year groups and by using the random number button on my calculator ensures there is no bias towards any person and everyone has an equal opportunity of being chosen. By sampling, I am both saving time and making the calculations needed to be performed easier although I am losing some accuracy, the amount of accuracy lost should not damage the results too much. I want to find the mean average height and weight of years 10 and 11 together and years 10 and 11 separately.

    • Word count: 2425
  9. Maths - Mayfeild High School

    The samples will be selected through the process of random sampling to ensure there is no bias. I will be using the programme Microsoft Excel to collect my samples. I intend to sample the school population of Mayfield High School, taking a percentage of the 1183 students, mine being 80. I am taking a percentage of 80 as my samples, to keep the data to a convenient amount it also allows me to acquire enough data without it being too little or too much.

    • Word count: 2541
  10. Comparing three newspapers using the percentage, cumulative frequency and box-plot

    articles I have and then times it by a hundred to find the percentage and then display my results in a bar chart. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that The Guardian will be more complex than The Daily Mail, which will be more complex than The sun. * The Sun will have the most entertainment and the Guardian will have the least amount of entertainment. * I think I will find the least amount of business in The Sun and The Guardian and the Daily Mail will have more business than The Sun.

    • Word count: 2579
  11. Statistics Coursework

    Looking at this preliminary graph, I can see that the correlation is fairly strong, and is positive. This means that there is a basic relationship between my two sets of data, and so the hypothesis is worth investigating. Collecting Data: The data that I will need to collect for my main hypothesis is the IQ and the total KS2 result. I will only take this data from a sample of the students, the sample size being 120 students. I have chosen this size for my sample because it is approximately 10% of the overall number of students at the school (1183).

    • Word count: 2764
  12. For my coursework I am going to be investigating how students from key stages 3 and 4s weight affects their height and vice versa. I am going to be investigating this in Mayfield School

    The variations in eye colour, (qualitative data) 3. The relationship between the above two colours, (qualitative data) 4. The distances travelled to school, (not easily interpreted onto graphs) 5. The relationship between height and weight, 6. The relationship between two sets of Key Stage 2 results, (discrete data) 7. The relationship between IQ and Key Stage 2 results (no obvious link so it would be useless) 8. The height to weight ratio in terms of the body mass index (good but not as useful and easily comparable as 5)

    • Word count: 2238
  13. Mayfields data handling

    The next step once you have found the population of males and females would be to divide that population by the total population which would give a product which could then be divided by the number of samples you are working with; this will give you the stratified amount of samples you should work with. I am ideally looking to sample 30 people from each year group and I will use stratified sampling to find out how many boys and girls from each year to produce a fair investigation.

    • Word count: 2973
  14. Guesstiamte - investigating whether men or women between the ages of 15-25 are better at guessing the length of a line and the size of an angle.

    .......................cm In degrees please guesstimate the size of the angle ..........................degrees The questionnaire is to the point, gathers all the information it needs and is not intrusive. Random questions are not needed for this investigation. The actual size of the angle is 38� and the actual length of the line is 4.5cm. Sample. 81 people answered my questionnaire; 49 males and 32 females. I used 30 of these people as any less would be insignificant. To make it a fair investigation I took a stratified sample.

    • Word count: 2406
  15. Mayfield high school

    I will do this by adding random number on the data's end. For example it display 0.17 so I will use it as 17 then I go down to data 17 and take that data to a new paper. For Year 7 boys I have to collect six random samples therefore, I will repeat this process 6 times. I will do same thing for different years of girls and boys. The Reasons The reason why I use stratified sampling is because that I can find the answer more accurate, because that can even give me the ratio of the school

    • Word count: 2782
  16. Mayfield High. My hypothesis is year 11 boys taller and weighs more then year 11 girls.

    Box Plots: Box Plots will represent the range of the data. With the date in the form of a box plot I will be able to get a good idea of the spread of the data. Cumulative Frequency Graphs: Cumulative frequency graphs so I can find the median, lower quartile, upper quartile and interquartile range for my data. Stem & Leaf Diagrams: Stem and leaf diagrams to obtain the averages; mean, modal class interval, median and range for year 11 boys and girls. Scatter Graphs: Scatter Graphs to look for correlation and relation between boy and girls in year 11.

    • Word count: 2589
  17. maths coursework

    1.62 50 13 1.48 44 1.63 51 14 1.50 45 1.65 51 15 1.52 45 1.65 52 16 1.53 45 1.66 52 17 1.53 45 1.67 53 18 1.53 45 1.68 53 19 1.55 47 1.68 54 20 1.56 47 1.70 55 21 1.57 47 1.72 57 22 1.58 48 1.73 58 23 1.60 48 1.73 59 24 1.61 48 1.75 60 25 1.62 50 1.76 60 26 1.63 50 1.78 60 27 1.64 51 1.80 63 28 1.64 52 1.80 65 29 1.73 57 1.90 66 30 1.75 140 4.65 72 Representing my Data In order to see whether

    • Word count: 2972
  18. My hypothesis is that there will be a positive correlation between the height and weight of both boys and girls, as each is an indication of rate of growth and therefore both should be similar

    These will replace the most recently picked result of the over-represented gender so that the genders have an equal amount of results. This will result in 6 results for each gender in each year, meaning 12 samples per year group and 60 results overall. I expect there to be many instances of anomalies purely because by very human nature people can be different, however the nature of samples requires the majority stats as opposed to being affected by extremities. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that there will be a positive correlation between the height and weight of both boys and girls, as each is an indication of rate of growth and therefore both should be similar.

    • Word count: 2645
  19. Statistics Maths Coursework - Mayfield High School

    Year 9 Boys 118 1183 x 100 = 10 Every 12th Boy Year 9 Girls 143 1183 x 100 =12 Every 12th Girl Year 10 Boys 106 1183 x 100 = 9 Every 12h Boy Year 10 Girls 94 1183 x 100 =8 Every 12th Girl Year 11 Boys 84 1183 x 100 =7 Every 12h Boy Year 11 Girls 86 1183 x 100 = 7 Every 12th Boy Year Surname Forename Gender IQ English Maths 7 Anderson Zahrah Female 100 4 4 7 Brandwood Kelly Female 107 5 5 7 Collins Rebecca Female 108 5 5 7 Ditchmoor Sarah

    • Word count: 2535
  20. Data Handling, Mayfield High School

    However, I could not continue with this as my results may have been affected as the results should also take into consideration what types of programs they watch. If someone watches a lot of television, but watches educational programs may have a higher IQ than someone who doesn't watch as much television but watches cartoons and other programs. This is why I could not continue with this enquiry. Therefore I chose the height vs. the weight. I will look to establish a relationship between the height of the students and the weight of a randomly selected group of students.

    • Word count: 2622
  21. freezing point depression method

    p-Dichlorobenzene is now often used instead of naphthalene as a mothball substitute. Naphthalene easily sublimates at room temperature. The structure of naphthalene is shown on the next page: Apparatus and Materials: * Naphthalene * Substance X * Test tubes * Beaker (500cm3) * Thermometer * Glass rod Procedures: Part 1 : Determination of the freezing point of naphthalene 1) A clean and dry test tube was weighed. 2) About 5 g of naphthalene was added to the test tube and weighed again. 3) The naphthalene was melted by using a water bath. 4) When all has melted, the test tube was transferred from the water bath, dried and clamped on a retort stand.

    • Word count: 2736
  22. the representation of women in the Greek tragedies

    However, Michael Zelenak is accurate in arguing that most women in Greek drama can be generally categorized into two broad groups- "the passive, suffering "female" victim" and "the active destructive "male" woman." However, one unifying element in all these women is that they are portrayed as being radically different or in opposition to the male sex. This has lead many critics to argue that the only function of female characters in Greek drama is to play a part in the formation of male identity and to reinforce patriarchy.

    • Word count: 2533
  23. My first prediction is that as the height of a child increases so will the weight because it is logical that if a person is taller there will be more mass and therefore the person will weigh more.

    To prove this hypothesis I will plot the data for boys and girls for each year as a scatter graph and create a box plot for weight on each graph. Comparing the box plots should show the increase in weight of boys. I will also use stem and leaf diagrams to further illustrate and represent my data. Plan Mayfield high has 1183 students. This amount of data is far too big to handle and so I will collect a stratified sample of 100 students.

    • Word count: 2517
  24. The factors I have chosen to investigate are the relation of height and weight to age and gender

    Yr 7 girls Yr 7 boys Height Weight Height Weight 1.56 53 1.48 44 1.42 41 1.62 48 1.62 40 1.42 26 1.6 45 1.45 40 1.58 50 1.41 45 1.51 50 1.52 37 1.63 50 1.52 25 1.48 39 1.36 45 1.65 40 1.49 38 1.32 35 1.47 50 1.59 38 1.54 43 1.42 34 1.58 40 1.62 49 1.46 53 1.58 48 1.52 32 1.62 54 1.60 44 1.73 62 1.68 45 1.55 50 1.55 38 1.51 50 1.53 44 1.53 52 1.71 49 1.49 53 1.35 29 1.45 41 1.42 48 1.31 45 1.43 33 1.32 40

    • Word count: 2777
  25. Mayfield High School data handling Coursework

    I will also use reference numbers, so it will help me when I am doing random sampling. I am going to examine these hypothesis "boys are cleverer than girls" and "The higher the IQ the higher the KS2 results will be". The higher the IQ is the higher their KS2 results should be because their IQ shows their intelligent and so they will be scoring good grades. I am looking at key Stage 2 results because IQ results would have reflected their KS2 results. However there are some anomalies with high IQ but did not achieve the best results in the KS2 SATS.

    • Word count: 2312
  26. Q2 With detailed reference to your specific area of study, analyse and discuss the relationship between women and film. eg Charlies Angels

    So in a patriarchal society, where the vast majority of the individuals controlling the film making process are male, females will be portrayed as passive individuals, sex objects for the male protagonists and spectators, and women in the audience will accept this as natural. Mulvey argues that in a dark cinema, the spectator may look without being seen which allows the spectator to watch in a voyeuristic way. Conventional Hollywood films typically have a male protagonist who is active and controlling.

    • Word count: 2445

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