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GCSE: Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations

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  1. Maths Coursework - Statistics Mayfield High School

    The cumulative frequency always goes on the vertical axis. A frequency polygon is a line graph which shows the shape of a grouped frequency distribution. To draw a frequency polygon you plot the class mid-values against frequency. A Histogram is just a bar chart where the bars can be of different widths. The height of the bar does not matter but the area. The vertical axis is always frequency density which can be worked out by: Frequency density= frequency/class interval width The likely outcome for this hypothesis is that girls are in fact more intelligent than boys.

    • Word count: 2838
  2. Mayfield High School- Statistics and
 Data Handling Coursework

    Therefore, hopefully to find a higher correlation between height and weight, I will also be splitting the data into gender and age groups. After I had generated the random numbers, I found these in the data, then copied and pasted each one into a different worksheet. This made my random mixed sample. Number Year Surname First Name Years Gender Height (m) Weight (kg) 4 11 Acton Jenny 16 Female 1.67 52 19 11 Berry Shelly 16 Female 1.68 54 31 10 Collins Alex 15 Male 1.55 57 86 11 Downey Colin 16 Male 1.68 50 110 10 Edd Michael 15

    • Word count: 2294
  3. How does the height from which a table tennis ball is dropped affect its bounce?

    The mass of the ball (m) will remain constant. As the air resistance force (F) increases to the resultant force (mg), the acceleration of the ball (a) decreases to nothing, so the ball continues at its previous velocity without accelerating. Above a certain height, therefore, I do not believe that the height from which it is dropped will affect the height of a ball's bounce. However, below this height, where the kinetic energy carried into impact will vary between different drop heights, I believe the bounce height will also vary.

    • Word count: 2239
  4. The aims of this report are to explore the effects of taking those weight loss medicines.

    All of the students doing this survey are over 18 years old and studying Associate Degree Year II. Furthermore, we would like to compare the result of other public survey such as the "Choice Magazine" in order to know the real situation appears in Hong Kong. The weight loss products leaflet or booklet has been found as well. By investigating the effects of the ingredients brought about, different media influences, common ingredients that contained in the medicines have been interpreted. All the information we found has largely assisted us in doing research on the effect of taking weight loss medicine.

    • Word count: 2467
  5. Trolley Investigation

    This would mean that at higher points the trolley would have more gravitational potential energy. This would be a good variable to investigate because we can use various gradients but it might be slightly difficult to measure some angles with the protractor. * Height of start position- this affects the motion of the trolley because as the height gets larger the trolley gains more gravitational energy. This would be a good variable to investigate because there are many heights we can use and it is also easy to calculate the gravitational potential energy of the trolley given the height.

    • Word count: 2291
  6. Cause and Effect Essay - Cheating

    "Educators must continue to socialize students of all ages about the importance of maintaining high ethical standards," (Glazer 222). The educational system is where students learn these tricks and proceed to carry them on into there professional careers. Corners are too easy to cut these days, and in order for people to keep their minds as functional as possible, they need to do their own work. It is too easy for students to buy a students paper that had the same class the quarter before, reword it a little, and turn it in as their own. Students are no longer able to write a fictional story by themselves because the computer or someone else can do it for them.

    • Word count: 2224
  7. Data-handling project to investigate the relationship between height and weight of 30 random students of years 10 and 11.

    Here are the results I have been returned: Females Males Height (m) Weight (kg) Year Height (m) Weight (kg) Year 1.62 48 10 1.90 70 10 1.75 57 10 1.70 57 10 1.53 65 10 1.75 56 10 1.56 45 10 1.63 40 10 1.60 66 10 1.72 54 10 1.67 52 11 1.82 57 10 1.60 54 11 1.65 55 10 1.61 54 11 1.80 72 10 1.62 51 11 1.55 72 10 1.65 54 11 1.71 57 11 1.69 54 11 1.85 73 11 1.62 52 11 1.88 75 11 1.55 54 11 1.51 40 11 1.65 58 11 1.82 52 11 1.94 80 11 1.65 47 11 As you

    • Word count: 2141
  8. In this investigation, I intend to find out whether there is a relationship in height and weight in students, and how this relationship changes between girls and boys, with age.

    So, instead I will take a stratified sample of the total data and use this sample in the investigation. From these representations of the data, conclusions will be drawn as to how the relationship between height and weight changes with age and sex, but before this is done, any anomalous data points will be considered, so that they do not affect the overall conclusions. Hypothesis The following hypotheses have been made, to predict the outcome of this investigation: 1. The weight will increase in proportion to the height, which means the taller students will weigh more than the shorter ones.

    • Word count: 2956
  9. Investigate the factors affecting the motion of a trolley.

    This will be kept constant. * The height of the ramp: The greater the gradient, the faster the trolley will move down the ramp because it will be steeper. The lower the gradient, the slower the trolley will travel. This is because the forces of friction and gravity are unbalanced resulting in the trolley to move. This will be altered. * Mass of the trolley: The heavier the trolley is, the longer it will take to reach the bottom of the ramp.

    • Word count: 2137
  10. Mayfield High School Data Handling Project

    Stratifying Data: Firstly I will have to use the equation mentioned above to acquire the right number of boys and girls from each year. So for Year 10 Boys: 106 - 370 = 0.28 x 60 = 17.1 = 17 So For Year 10 Girls: 94 - 370 = 0.25 x 60 = 15.2 = 15 So for Year 11 Boys: 84 - 370 = 0.22 x 60 = 13.6 = 14 So for Year 11 Girls: 86 - 370 = 0.23 x 60 = 13.9 =14 (All results rounded to nearest 1, as you can't have a fraction of a child)

    • Word count: 2826
  11. The general aim of the experiment was to research into whether people of a 'similar attractiveness' are attracted to others who are of a 'similar attractiveness' to themselves.

    Walster et al (1966) tested the matching hypothesis theory. He asked students to rate partners who had been randomly selected in terms of interpersonal attraction. A 'computer dance' was advertised and 376 male and 376 female volunteers took part. They were assessed by four judges by their physical attractiveness as a measure of how other people would desire them. Participants then filled out a questionnaire. The students then went to the dance with their randomly paired partner. The most attractive students were liked more by their partners than the least attractive students.

    • Word count: 2377
  12. Video Games are profoundly sexist, and largely reflect a dominant ideology, which reinforces unequal power relations men and women. Agree or disagree, use at least 3 examples.

    Since the first video game character was Pac Man in 1980, then the first female role in video/computer/arcade games is therefore Mrs. Pac Man. While the female role in video games has developed over time it is still very much dominated by the male counterparts. In other words as technology has progressed and the quality of the image of the female has reached new heights, the principles of the female character has not. This can be seen through video games history.

    • Word count: 2162
  13. The realism of Sex and the city is easily assessed by identifying what aspects of the show the audience relate to.

    However the female characters in the sitcom are still victims of the male gaze. They are all very attractive and wear clothing to accentuate that. The difference is that because the female characters in Sex and the City flaunt their sexuality so blatantly and are comfortable in doing so they are the stronger party reducing men to mere perverts. The discourse of the voiceover always narrated by Carrie provides feminine identification. In providing Carrie's thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and narrating the activities of the other characters, she is able to weave together the multiple meanings of the central question.

    • Word count: 2887
  14. Investigating the relationship between height and weight for the pupils in a secondary school.

    The amount of data was large, spanning across different year groups. I could have looked at the variation of weight and height with age and with gender, but this would have made the project too long and time-consuming. I therefore concentrated on looking at the relationship between height and weight and comparing these for different sexes in year 9 only. Primary Data by Direct Observation This option would have given me the opportunity to write more about the problems of data collection and about possible sources of bias and problems in random sampling.

    • Word count: 2378
  15. "The taller the person, the heavier they should be" - In order to investigate this, I will collect data from the Mayfield high information spreadsheet.

    I am using random sampling to eliminate bias. My Samples Year Group Gender Height (m) Weight (kg) Age (Years) 7 Female 1.19 47 12 7 Female 1.20 38 12 7 Female 1.30 45 12 7 Female 1.32 35 12 7 Female 1.32 40 12 7 Female 1.41 40 12 7 Female 1.42 30 11 7 Female 1.42 34 12 7 Female 1.42 41 12 7 Female 1.42 48 12 7 Female 1.46 40 12 7 Female 1.47 38 12 7 Female 1.48 34 12 7 Female 1.48 40 12 7 Female 1.48 42 12 7 Female 1.49 53 12 7 Female 1.50 40 12 7 Female 1.50 45 12 7 Female 1.50 47 12 7 Female 1.52 50 12

    • Word count: 2205
  16. Investigate the relationship between the height and weight of boys and girls at Mayfield High School.

    In order for me, after I have collected all my data, to find out the different types of statistics on my computer like; correlation, median, and the quartile ranges I will use the following equations on my computer: Lower Quartile: '=QUARTILE (_:_,1)' Upper Quartile: '=QUARTILE (_:_,3)' Median: '=MEDIAN (_:_)' Correlation: 'CORREL (RANGE OF X, RANGE OF Y) I will use these equations to find out the results for all my data that I will be using to plot my tables and graphs.

    • Word count: 2372
  17. Show that different people have different reaction times according to their gender and the size of their hand span.

    above their hand so the bottom edge is level with their fore finger and thumb. Without letting the person know, I will drop the ruler between their hand. What the person has to do is to close their hand on the ruler as quickly as possible after I let it go. I will record the number at which they have caught the ruler. If the ruler falls straight through their hand before they manage to react, they score 10 points (maximum). This means that the quicker their reaction time, the less points they will score, the slower their reaction times, the more points they will score.

    • Word count: 2740
  18. Investigate the relationship between height and weight.

    I will plot all of my data points on a graph, then draw a line of best fit. Hypothesis 1: I think in this graph the points will slope upwards because I think an increasing in height will increase the weight. This mean there will be strong positive correlation. Height and weight of students in year 10 Height (m) Weight (kg) 1 1.90 70 2 1.60 56 3 1.80 60 4 1.75 57 5 1.54 57 6 1.56 56 7 1.55 65 8 1.55 55 9 1.79 52 10 1.57 40 11 1.75 56 12 1.68 59 13 1.65 50 14 1.73 48 15 1.63 72 16 1.51 36 17 1.77 59 18 1.66 45 19 1.68 50

    • Word count: 2021
  19. 'The relationship between age and height'.

    30 is also exactly divides into 360 which will enable me to draw pie charts easier. Highlighted (in yellow) here on the register are the 30 students I have chosen to analyse. I have extracted the 30 students from the database and recorded their height, weight, gender and age in a table. I have recorded the height to the nearest year instead of recording it in years and months as then the data is easier to handle. Whereas the investigation would have been more accurate if the age was recorded in years and months. Pupil No. Gender Age Height (m)

    • Word count: 2333
  20. This Investigation is to see if there is a correlational relationship between individuals G.C.S.E grades and their AS-Level grades, hence also individuals ability to adapt to a higher volume of more difficult study.

    Stratified sampling is when the number of data from a particular set in a sample is proportionate to the number of values in the raw data. I have used this method because it will make the sample more representative of the entire population. Random Numbers were generated on Microsoft Excel to selected the data, Excel replicates some of these numbers, therefore it was necessary to produce many random numbers: English 7 15 0 19 22 9 3 4 13 11 22 6 23 11 1 11 13 24 17 20 10 5 6 20 6 7 6 14 7 1

    • Word count: 2286
  21. Reaction Times.

    I then used random sampling in which I labelled every pupil with a number and then used the random key on my calculator to generate 60 numbers; 15 girls and 15 boys in each year. I had to find a smaller sample of the population because otherwise I would have found the data unmanageable to work with and I chose random sampling because then each pupil would have an equal chance of getting picked. I have chosen to use a sample of 15 per each group because that is a manageable number and the fact that it is a regular number may help me when I use calculations later on.

    • Word count: 2315
  22. Chrunchie-bone replacement Investigation.

    This is recorded so three measurements will be produced, width, length and height. The piece of crunchie will then be placed on the flat surface of the hardboard and a piece on top to stop weights pushing unevenly. Weight is then added in amounts of 1kg at a time and left for 10 seconds so any compression can take place. After each weight being added the board is removed and crunchie piece re-measured and results recorded. This process will be repeated each time for every piece of crunchie up to around 10kg due to resources.

    • Word count: 2395
  23. Investigating the falling of paper cake cases.

    This will is to be certain because one could be accurate and the other one could be broken. I am investigating a height of 2m to start with so I have to use two metre rules. I am using masking tape to secure them together. To make this fair I will ensure that the rulers are accurately placed on top of each other and they are not cello taped with a gap between them. If I did this I would be about 2cm out every reading. This could lead to anomalies and inaccurate results. To be sure of accurate results I will record each time twice.

    • Word count: 2333
  24. Contrast and compare the two central protagonists in the poems 'Knife Play' and 'The Ex-Queen among the Astronomers'. Consider the imagery and language used to express the resurgence of female power.

    This is a reflection of the vulnerable position she was in; with the male throwing daggers he could miss and stab her heart. The word 'showman' reflecting how he was practiced in his performance in hurting her, and perhaps other women previously. However this vulnerable state later changes with a tonal shift from the woman being abused, to a point of realisation about the relationship. "I have found some kind of favour;" The word 'found' is particularly important as in many abusive relationships other people may tell the abused what to do, however this point of realisation and later strength can only be 'found' when they are ready to reach that place themselves.

    • Word count: 2776
  25. Why are women paid less than men?

    The demand for labour is downwards sloping showing that the lower the wage rate, the more labour is demanded. At lower wage rates, employer's costs are lower so more workers can be employed. Marginal Revenue Product (MRP) explains why the demand for labour is downwards slopping. The MRP is the amount that is added to a firm's revenue by employing one more worker. A firm will employ workers up to the point where the extra cost of hiring an additional worker is equal to its MRP. Beyond this point, their costs of hiring an additional worker would outweigh the profits received from the product.

    • Word count: 2813

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