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GCSE: Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations

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  1. An Investigation into the Relationship Between Weight and IQ at Mayfield High School.

    The Sample (80 Students) To make sure I get a fair sample from each year I am going to do a stratified random sample. This is done by dividing the number of students in a year, by the number of pupils in the school and multiplying that by your sample size. I.e. number of students in year group Number of students in school But in my investigation I want to be even more specific and make sure a have a stratified random sample of both boys and girls in the year.

    • Word count: 2148
  2. I am investigating the difference in growth rates between boys and girls across Year 7 to 11 in Mayfield High School. I have obtained the data from an electronic database and is therefore secondary data.

    The numbers of pupils of each gender and year group are shown in the table below. Year Group Male Female 7 32 28 8 31 26 9 25 30 10 22 20 11 18 18 I then obtained this sample of 250 pupils from the database through use of random sampling.I did this by using a calculator: Ran # x No of Pupils e.g. Year 7 Boys: Ran # x 32 The sample of 250 can be found in Appendix A.

    • Word count: 2679
  3. Mayfield High School is a school for students aged 11-16. Although fictional, the data is based on a real school.

    In my project I will be investigating the relationship between height and weight Collecting the data I will begin taking a random sample of 30 boys and 30 girls from the database of the schools pupils, and recording their height and weight. The reason why I am taking these amounts of students is because the bigger a sample the more useful the data will be. I will press the SHIFT then RAN# buttons and the calculator will display a random number between 0 and 1.

    • Word count: 2421
  4. The aim of this investigation is to find whether there is correlation between height and weight

    63 156 62 168 56 163 58 Data Display Scatter diagram A scatter diagram will show the correlation between the combined heights and weights of girls and boys in my class. By drawing a line of best fit I will be able to determine if a relationship occurs. Conclusion From my graph I can conclude that there is very weak positive correlation between girls and boys, heights and weights. Thus suggests that as a person's height increases so does their weight, this only slightly supports my hypothesis.

    • Word count: 2655
  5. Investigate the factors that affect the bounce of a tennis ball.

    when the ball has been lifted to the height of the drop. The more G.P.E the ball has a the start of the drop (point A), the more energy is converted to kinetic energy while the ball is dropping and then to elastic potential energy (E.P.E) while it is static on the floor (point B). At this point the ball looses a percentage of its energy to sound and heating the floor. I know that it is a percentage of its energy that it looses rather than a fixed amount because I know that the more energy the ball has the louder the noise it makes on impact with the floor and therefore the higher the amount of energy released.

    • Word count: 2013
  6. The aim of the statistics coursework is to compare and contrast 2 sets of data. The data, which has been given to me, is from year 7 and year 9. The data is from Chatham House Grammar School, which is an all boy's school.

    E.g. Colour Tally Cumulative Frequency Blue ///// ///// 10 Green //// 4 Brown ///// // 7 From the tally chart I can then put the data into a bar graph. Hypothesis 2 For the second hypothesis I can simply put the relevant data into a scatter graph. Plotting the height along the horizontal axis and weight along the vertical axis. After all the pieces of data have been placed onto the graph I can draw a line of best fit. Then calculate the results.

    • Word count: 2772
  7. Control of Fertility

    * The pill may increase their blood pressure * The pill does not protect against sexually transmitted infections so they may need to use condoms as well. Contraceptive Injections Progestogen-only injections are very effective, long-term hormonal methods of contraception. One advantage these contraceptives have over other hormonal methods of contraception, such as the pill, is that women do not have to remember to take them every day. Once they have an injection, they should be protected from pregnancy for as long as they are in place.

    • Word count: 2832
  8. I believe that men have a larger range, larger inter-quartile range and standard deviation of IQ and Average Key Stage 2 Result than women but have a similar median, this means that men are, at times, smarter than women and, at times, dumber than women.

    Press the shift button the press Rnd with Rnd# above it then press * and 1 1 8 3. Repeat however many times you need. IQ Stem and Leaf: Male 130 0 120 1 110 0, 2, 3, 6, 7 100 0, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 6, 9 90 0, 0, 1, 6 80 0, 8, 8 70 8 Lower Quartile = 26 / 4 = 6.5 90.5 Median = 26 / 2 = 13 103.0 Upper Quartile = 26 / 4 * 3 = 19.5 109.5 Inter-Quartile Range = 109.5 - 90.5 = 19 Female 130 120 2 110 0, 4 100 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 6, 6,

    • Word count: 2023
  9. The media are a primary factor governing the circulation of subculture

    Bourdieu (1993) states that, "it is possible to consider the whole range of sporting activities and entertainments offered to social agents...as a supply intended to meet a social demand" (p117). Historically, men have dominated the sporting field in traditional games such as football, rugby, cricket, wrestling and boxing. Hence a general consensus that certain sports are only for male contenders are continually reinforced by mass media and thus socially consumed. Therefore, there is a bias when it comes to the representations of female and male sports and sportsmen.

    • Word count: 2698
  10. Data Handling Project : Heights of Girls

    I can find this information through the information I have been given and using a formula on excel I looked up I'm able to take 40 completely random people from the list I was given, of just male and females. I know that it is random because the formula uses Excel's random number feature. There is no way to create a completely fair sample, apart from taking everyone, and this is not suitable due to the quantity, so by making it random I hope to get a even spread between the tall and small, fat and thin.

    • Word count: 2515
  11. Was Plato’s View of the Nature and Capabilites of Women any More Positive than Aristotle’s?

    For now, however, our thoughts will concentrate on Plato and what he really thought of women and their capabilities. Firstly we should make clear that at no point does Plato deny that there are differences between the two sexes - his ideas on equality lie solely in the nature of humans. He does not pretend that women are as physically capable as men, nor does he deny that women are better at tasks like weaving. He does not say, though, that one could not be better than the other if they'd had the same training. And this is precisely his main argument in the Republic - that given the same training, education and opportunities, suitable women could be equally suited to the position of guardian as their male counterparts.

    • Word count: 2988
  12. The opposition between architectonic masculinity and female feeling for mystery and divination underlines much of Heaney’s writing and may be seen in the two part divisions of Wintering Out and North

    This idea is important, as it compares unity with women with death and decadence. It depicts images of women that were created as projections of anxieties, which were used as evidence for a need to control women. This idea is pursued in 'Act of Union', which is part of the North collection, from 1975. Here, Heaney develops his definition of gender constructions and a power shift is seen as the struggle for power between the sexes begins. Heaney now defines masculinity in his poetry as the dominant gender; 'an unequivocally dominant masculine figure, who explores, describes, brings to pleasure and compassionates a passive feminine icon'3.

    • Word count: 2226
  13. Data Handling Project looking at a database based in Excel where there is data from Key Stage 3 and 4 from Mayfield High School

    The amount of 1's you have typed will in the top of Column 1 - continue until 30. 3. Copy and paste the selected data into a new sheet so that you can draw graphs and analyse it etc... Do Female Brunettes have higher IQ's that Blonde Females? The hypothesis of this Question that I want to use the data from the Mayfield High School to prove is: The Females from the Mayfield High School in key Stage 4 that have Brown hair are more intelligent, as shown in their IQ Level, that Females in the same age range and from the same School but with Blonde coloured hair?

    • Word count: 2652
  14. Data Exploration of a Single Variable Data.

    the total number of boys and got: Actual Number ID number of Boy 2.3846 2 4.7692 4 7.1538 7 9.5385 9 11.9231 11 So when the calculator displayed 7.1538 that meant the boy number 7 was picked to do the test. There are many different sorts of sampling such as Systematic Sampling Systematic sampling is a method of choosing individuals from a sampling frame. If you were surveying telephone subscribers, you might select a number at random, say 66, then sample the 66th number on each page of the directory.

    • Word count: 2985
  15. Squash Ball Investigation

    The force of throw and weight of ball are also both hard to do because they are hard to measure with the equipment the school has and it is hard to change the weight of the ball. The only two practical factors that I could investigate are the temperature of the ball and the height of drop. I will use the height of drop because there are infinite values that I can release the ball from, and it is hard to know the exact temperature of the ball and if you heat the ball over a certain temperature it will melt.

    • Word count: 2337

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