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GCSE: Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations

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  1. Mayfield High school

    Then I have compared these to comment on how these differ and spread of data. For example, box and whisker diagrams show the spread between Q1 and Q3. I have compared IQ and KS2 results for Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 in Mathematics test and all these Levels in English as well. I have drawn a conclusion which does prove my prediction that the higher the IQ the better the KS2 results are. Samples Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 76 89 103 103 126 76 98 90 108 108 83 94 97 116 116 74 91 113 104 117 78 94 106 116 131 86 102

    • Word count: 1895
  2. Data Handling Maths Coursework

    Girls get a head start in puberty so that's why girls are often taller than boys at this time. Therefore, I predict that the girls will generally be taller than the boys in year 7. 2. Most boys are taller than girls in year 11 I have chosen to investigate this hypothesis, as it relates to my first hypothesis, which states that girls will be taller than boys in year 7. Similarly, I think that there will be a significant height difference between boys and girls in year 11.

    • Word count: 6682
  3. In this data I will compare the heights and weights of pupils from year seven to year nine and males and females,

    In general, the taller people should weigh more than the shorter. I also expect that year nine students to be taller and weigh more than the year seven as they are older. I will need to collect data on heights and weights of from the years 7 and 9 students in Mayfield High School, to determine a population for my investigation. The information I have taken from the spreadsheet is made up data from a real school, Mayfield School. I have chosen this source of information as it is easily available, more accurate and it was the information that I needed.

    • Word count: 467
  4. "Medicine was a Battleground for the war between the sexes in the Greco-Roman World". Discuss.

    However, sources such as the Hippocratic Corpus point to a pluralistic medical system, in which learned physicians competed against 'itinerant sellers of charms and incantations, root-cutters, drug sellers, midwives and a variety of other women healers' (Lloyd, 2003). In this way there was no clearly defined group of 'scientists'; science and medicine did not exists as professions, and a doctor had no 'formal professional qualifications to cite' (Lloyd, 1970), never mind any that his community would accept as authority. The public sphere recognised several parallel, and often overlapping, dimensions to medicine and medical treatment, which ranged from temple to naturalistic medical forms.

    • Word count: 3728
  5. The purpose of this research paper is to present our findings on how the psychological factors of motivation and self-esteem contribute to male academic underperformance in the Caribbean Examinations Council's (CXC) examinations

    Hypothesis Lack of motivation and self-esteem negatively impact on the performance of secondary school males in the CXC examinations in non-technical areas such as English, and Spanish; causing males to underachieve academically in comparison to females. Research Question How do the factors of motivation and self-esteem affect the academic performance of males in secondary schools? Motivational Theories David McClelland: Need for Achievement McClelland stated that the need to achieve is "the drive to excel, to achieve in relation to a set of standards, to strive to succeed" (Robbins and Decenzon, 2001, p.

    • Word count: 4644
  6. mayfield statistics

    My plan is to first use the edexel website to get my data. I shall filter this data, deleting any excess information and then get my sample by making a calculation to find out how many samples I need for my investigation. I will use stratified sampling to select these. Furthermore, I shall try and prove my theory's by using a box plot graph which will give us a clear, visual insight into the results of the samples and also I shall be making scatter diagrams with line equations and analysing and interpreting these.

    • Word count: 3888
  7. Sociology Coursework

    Sexual stereotyping is an unexplored subject which I would love to venture into. My question: What are the attitudes differences between ages and sexes of people towards homosexuality? From this question I will be able to investigate and research many different kinds of people and their attitudes towards homosexuality therefore giving me a good amount of information. In this question I will try and focus on the differences in attitude between age groups and sex towards homosexuality. This will give me a wide range of people to try and interview and give questionnaires to which will therefore give me a lot more data.

    • Word count: 870
  8. Statistics Maths Coursework - Mayfield High School

    Year 9 Boys 118 1183 x 100 = 10 Every 12th Boy Year 9 Girls 143 1183 x 100 =12 Every 12th Girl Year 10 Boys 106 1183 x 100 = 9 Every 12h Boy Year 10 Girls 94 1183 x 100 =8 Every 12th Girl Year 11 Boys 84 1183 x 100 =7 Every 12h Boy Year 11 Girls 86 1183 x 100 = 7 Every 12th Boy Year Surname Forename Gender IQ English Maths 7 Anderson Zahrah Female 100 4 4 7 Brandwood Kelly Female 107 5 5 7 Collins Rebecca Female 108 5 5 7 Ditchmoor Sarah

    • Word count: 2535
  9. Statistics Coursework

    I used the random function on excel in order to get fair and reliable figures. I then gave each pupil from each year a number. I then used my random number to pick a pupil. Boy/Girl Year Equation Decimal Answer Answer Boy 7 <shiftRan#*279=> 213.435 213 Girl 7 <shiftRan#*279=> 44.082 44 Boy 8 <shiftRan#*269=> 247.48 247 Girl 8 <shiftRan#*269=> 48.151 48 Boy 9 <shiftRan#*258=> 226.782 27 Girl 9 <shiftRan#*258=> 141.25 141 Boy 10 <shiftRan#*200=> 129.8 130 Girl 10 <shiftRan#*200=> 44 44 Boy 11 <shiftRan#*169=> 29.744 30 Girl 11 <shiftRan#*169=> 108.498 108 Selection number Year Group Gender IQ Ave KS2 1

    • Word count: 1410
  10. height and weight of mayfield school

    In contrast to this, I have also made further prediction in saying that boys will weigh more than girls. The reason for this prediction is because I believe from my own opinion that boys tend to have much bigger and wider bones than girls. Also because of most of the boys go to the gym and work out, and start to produce muscles, I can say that the basis of what I know about muscles, I can say that the muscles weigh much more than fat, which consists in a female body. Therefore having muscles will increases the body mass of boys.

    • Word count: 4134
  11. maths courseowrk : height and weight at Mayfield school

    284-400 297, 301, 308, 324, 348, 351, 355, 373, 378, 389, 391 Year eight males 12 409-531 417, 421, 438, 441, 467, 482, 487, 493, 508, 511, 533, 551 Year nine Females 12 534-700 567, 571, 592, 604, 623, 627, 648, 659, 671, 627, 687, 694 Year nine Males 10 700-820 705, 712, 714, 731, 752, 759, 776, 788, 801, 807 Year ten Females 8 815-925 821, 829, 837, 841, 866, 895, 904, 901 Year ten Males 9 920-1025 923, 937, 954, 968, 971, 992, 997, 1008, 1011 Year 11 Females 7 1015-1100 1017, 1033, 1051, 1062, 1074, 1092, 1098

    • Word count: 1130
  12. Data Handling, Mayfield High School

    However, I could not continue with this as my results may have been affected as the results should also take into consideration what types of programs they watch. If someone watches a lot of television, but watches educational programs may have a higher IQ than someone who doesn't watch as much television but watches cartoons and other programs. This is why I could not continue with this enquiry. Therefore I chose the height vs. the weight. I will look to establish a relationship between the height of the students and the weight of a randomly selected group of students.

    • Word count: 2622
  13. freezing point depression method

    p-Dichlorobenzene is now often used instead of naphthalene as a mothball substitute. Naphthalene easily sublimates at room temperature. The structure of naphthalene is shown on the next page: Apparatus and Materials: * Naphthalene * Substance X * Test tubes * Beaker (500cm3) * Thermometer * Glass rod Procedures: Part 1 : Determination of the freezing point of naphthalene 1) A clean and dry test tube was weighed. 2) About 5 g of naphthalene was added to the test tube and weighed again. 3) The naphthalene was melted by using a water bath. 4) When all has melted, the test tube was transferred from the water bath, dried and clamped on a retort stand.

    • Word count: 2736
  14. Statistics - Heights and Weight

    In year 11 both girls and boys height will be normally distributed as all the girls and most of the boys should have gone through puberty. Firstly, before working out any calculations I had to collect the results from which the calculations were made. To collect my data I chose to use random sampling, which I used throughout the project. Before any of the data was chosen I needed to choose a sample of number of each gender from year 7 and 11.

    • Word count: 3975
  15. a comparison of natural and synthetic fibres

    We tested each thread five times. Results: Weight (g) 1 2 3 4 5 Mean Viscose 300 300 350 300 300 310 Cotton 850 600 800 600 650 700 Quilting Cotton 950 900 1000 1400 950 950 Silk 950 800 800 850 800 840 Nylon 750 850 750 700 800 770 Polyester 2650 2750 2750 3150 3450 2950 Wool 3000 2300 3000 3000 3000 3000 Polyester 2 750 700 1050 700 850 750 Polyester/Polyamide 650 600 650 650 650 640 Total mean for natural fibres = 1372.5g Total mean for synthetic fibres = 1084g Analysis: I have decided that the fourth result for quilting cotton is an outlier and have not included this when calculating the mean strength.

    • Word count: 806
  16. An investigation into the heights and weights of students attending Mayfield High School.

    With the mistakes in mind I think it would be best if I took a random sample of pupils and exclude the rest from my investigation to try and avoid any of the mistakes getting into my investigation. Other members of my class came to the same conclusion as me so we decided to save time we could choose the sample as a group. We decided we would select, at random, 15 boys and 15 girls from each year group.

    • Word count: 3829
  17. investigating terminal velocity

    During each experiment I will only be changing 1 variable and keeping all the others constant. This is so it is clear what effect the chosen variable has on the final results. Prediction I predict that when the single paper cake case is dropped from different heights as the height increases so will the time taken for the object to reach terminal velocity and hit the floor. I believe this will happen as the paper cake case will have more time to reach terminal velocity as it is travelling a further distance for the two forces working on it to equal each other out.

    • Word count: 1899
  18. the representation of women in the Greek tragedies

    However, Michael Zelenak is accurate in arguing that most women in Greek drama can be generally categorized into two broad groups- "the passive, suffering "female" victim" and "the active destructive "male" woman." However, one unifying element in all these women is that they are portrayed as being radically different or in opposition to the male sex. This has lead many critics to argue that the only function of female characters in Greek drama is to play a part in the formation of male identity and to reinforce patriarchy.

    • Word count: 2533
  19. I will select at random 30 boys and 30 girls from year 7 to year 11 and make a chart about the students heights and weights.

    3. The boys of year 9 there will be taller then the girls in year 9. To prove my hypnotises I will draw bar charts, pictograms, histograms, frequency polygons, cumulative frequency graphs, box and whiskers and stem and leaf diagrams. Data Year Gender Height (m) Weight (kg) 7 Male 1.41 26 7 Male 1.40 40 7 Male 1.61 80 7 Male 1.70 60 7 Male 1.60 50 7 Male 1.50 43 8 Male 1.62 50 8 Male 1.53 35 8 Male 1.51 32 8 Male 1.54 42 8 Male 1.75 42 8 Male 1.60 61 9 Male 1.77 66 9 Male 1.80 48 9 Male 1.83 55 9 Male 2.03 57 9 Male 1.60 60

    • Word count: 711
  20. Examine the intersection of psychology and the media

    Homi Bhabha wrote, " Otherness, the tethered shadow of deferral and displacement."1 thus suggesting a collective of alienation, a rejection by euro centrism. Surely though, for instance, in African culture the native people cannot be the Other? So this idea of Otherness has to be a constructed ideal as Bhabha further said of Otherness, " "Never the affirmation of a pre-given identity..... - it is always the production of an 'image' of identity and the transformation of the subject in assuming that image."2 This point shows how the media and other agents of representation can create this idea of difference as Otherness.

    • Word count: 3210
  21. Bug Up Toy

    Scientific knowledge and Prediction My Prediction for this bug up experiment is when the mass of the bug up increases, the height would decreases because it is getting heavier as each 1 gram plastercine adds on the toy. As the mass doubles with the plastercine, the height would decrease by half. I can see this because of the formula and the formula is Gravitational Potential Energy, G.P.E. (J) = Gravitational field strength (N) x Mass (kg) x Height (m), G.P.E.

    • Word count: 3041
  22. My first prediction is that as the height of a child increases so will the weight because it is logical that if a person is taller there will be more mass and therefore the person will weigh more.

    To prove this hypothesis I will plot the data for boys and girls for each year as a scatter graph and create a box plot for weight on each graph. Comparing the box plots should show the increase in weight of boys. I will also use stem and leaf diagrams to further illustrate and represent my data. Plan Mayfield high has 1183 students. This amount of data is far too big to handle and so I will collect a stratified sample of 100 students.

    • Word count: 2517
  23. Data Handling Conclusion

    My third method for proving this hypothesis is to construct box and whisker plots from cumulative frequency curves. My box and whisker plots not only show me that the heights in year 7 are similar between girls and boys but also that 50% of the boys in year 11 are taller than all of the girls. This supports my hypothesis. One explanation for this would be that girls do not have as big a growth spurt when they hit puberty compared to that of the average boy. Hypothesis 2 The second hypothesis was that in year 7 girls weigh more than boys however by year 11 boys weigh more than girls.

    • Word count: 856
  24. comparison of pupils heights

    911 1.70 50 252 1.58 65 354 1.55 64 504 1.48 40 538 1.58 48 2 1.57 53 272 1.75 55 344 1.45 51 894 1.62 52 1046 1.71 54 990 1.74 50 48 1.65 45 314 1.64 42 531 1.43 41 1131 1.61 59 333 1.78 50 718 1.59 64 445 1.72 53 853 1.75 57 654 1.58 58 113 1.63 47 27 1.56 53 1162 1.76 56 503 1.70 52 610 1.74 70 881 1.32 45 801 1.52 33 43 1.52 37 711 1.72 42 1061 1.68 58 32 1.52 52 377 1.70 42 642 1.71 68 391

    • Word count: 1025
  25. There will be a positive correlation between height and weight.The spread of boys' height will be larger than the spread of girls' height

    1. There will be a positive correlation between height and weight. I will investigate this statement, by collecting data on the height and weight of 30 boys and 30 girls, and then by plotting a graph, with height on the x-axis and weight on the y-axis. I will plot all of my data points on a graph, then draw a line of best fit, and calculate an equation for the line, by reading off the y intercept, and calculating the gradient, so I have an equation in the form of y=m?+c.

    • Word count: 3353

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