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GCSE: IQ Correlation

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  1. GCSE Maths questions

    • Develop your confidence and skills in GCSE Maths using our free interactive questions with teacher feedback to guide you at every stage.
    • Level: GCSE
    • Questions: 75
  2. Mayfield High school

    102, 90,107, 107, 106, 79, 99, 101, 106, 108,85,106, 100,93,107, 116, 100, 116, 112, 105, 108, 103, 90, 97, 95,102,102,100,99,102, 100, 90, 94, 103, 116, 106, 91, 91, 113, 105, 101, 107, 100, 90, 100, 103, 110, 104, 116, 113, 117, 101, 83, 106, 94, 92, 101, 112, 116, 104, 110, 117, 100, 114, 119, 112, 104, 104, 101, 108 Then, I draw a stem and leaf diagram to group the data. Stem and leaf diagram 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 9 9 3 5 7 8 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 3 4

    • Word count: 2117
  3. The Game Of Spell

    After creating a new SPELL score I shall test it to gain validation. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that most of the SPELL's point system has unfairly given letters inappropriate amounts of points. I suspect that letters such as E, T and A are going to come out very common and be awarded a low score while letters such as Z, Q and X are going to be very uncommon and result in being awarded high scores. Method To gather data I will need to use various sources form a wide range of possible sources.

    • Word count: 2405
  4. An Investigation into Gender-Based Stereotyping Using IQ Estimates

    In general, the roles in modern society suggest that men should be domineering, aggressive, better at maths and sciences, should become successful in their careers and should control and suppress their emotions and feelings. Women, on the other hand, should be submissive, nurturing, gentle, better at languages and the humanities, emotional, and desirous of nothing more than a happy family and a husband to provide for her, while she remains at home and tends the house and children. These s*x-type roles are perpetuated and reinforced by the mass media and society in general in many ways.

    • Word count: 2713
  5. Maths Coursework: investigation into the correlation between IQ and KS2 results

    The Statistics are as shown below: Year Group Number of students Males Females Males %** Females %** Males needed** Females needed** 7 282 151 131 54 46 13 11 8 270 145 125 54 46 12 11 9 261 118 143 45 55 10 12 10 200 106 94 53 47 9 8 11 170 84 86 49 51 7 7 *Out of a total of 1183 students **Rounded to the nearest whole number Above is the representation of the entire year groups, to improve this investigation further, I can include a further variable of race, which would also give

    • Word count: 2983
  6. HYPOTHESIS Blonde girls are more intelligent than non blonde girls. Blonde girls that have a higher IQ watch comparatively less television. This will not be the case however for non blondes as there will be little or no correlation.

    Problems could occur as different results from the different parts of the investigation could appear to contradict each other and therefore I will have to choose which one is best to follow. For example: if one should measure the spread of data in terms of the middle 50% and compare that or if one should measure the full 100% and include the outliers which could cause an inaccurate and therefore wrong conclusion. Also, different styles of graph will focus on different parts of the data and forming a general, all encompassing conclusion and thus proving/disproving my hypotheses could prove difficult.

    • Word count: 2753
  7. Assessment Report

    to produce scaled scores. Ebrahim's Verbal scaled scores (41) gives a Verbal IQ of 89 and places him at the 23rd percentile, his score is below average as it means he scored higher than only 23 out of 100 children from the standardisation sample, in this case, his age group. Ebrahim's Performance IQ was 53 at the 0.1st percentile which is an exceptionally below average score. In result, his Full Scale IQ score was 67 at the 1st percentile; once again his Full Scale IQ score is very much below average, only scoring higher than 1% of the standardised sample.

    • Word count: 2149
  8. IQ Investigation

    Firstly I will have to work out my stratified sample. I chose the sample size of 60 because I believe it will be a viable size. YEAR 7 282 x 60 = 20.8 (rounded up to the nearest whole number as 21). 813 This means that I should take 21 pupil's sets of data from year 7 for my stratified sample. YEAR 8 270 x 60 = 19.9 (rounded up to the nearest whole as 20) 813 This means that I should take 21 pupil's sets of data from year 8 for my stratified sample.

    • Word count: 2796
  9. Maths Coursework on IQ

    In order to do this, I will divide the population into groups which have something in common. Simple random samples will then be taken from each group. The number taken from each group must be proportional to the size of the group. This is a useful form of sampling as it is relatively simple and is often used to represent more complex populations. A disadvantage of this sort of sampling is that I may get "clumps" of data, but I will try and avoid this. Another problem I must investigate is that of age. The separation age of the school years (how to determine which year a student should be in), is September 1st.

    • Word count: 2758
  10. The purpose of this investigation is to find if there is any correlation between two variables extracted from 5% random sampling of the Mayfield Data provided.

    In this coursework, I will need to include and use the data below: * Intelligence Quotient (IQ) * KS2 results in English (level) * KS2 results in Mathematics (level) * KS3 results in Science (level) * Average number of hours of television watched per week Random Sampling Method Due to the fact that there is too many data to analyse, we were asked to take 5% of the data - a reasonable amount so that the results are meaningful and represent the whole population.

    • Word count: 2183
  11. Using the data from Mayfield High School, I am going to be investigating the relationship between IQ level and Key Stage 2 results.

    x 60 9 60 This table shows me how many pupils I need from each year group. To start off with I gave each student a number from 1 - 1183, I then sorted the data into year groups and then I generated a random number between 1 -1183 using my calculator. In order to see if there is any relationship between Key Stage 2 results and IQ I am going to draw scatter diagrams. I will draw a scatter diagram for the entire school as well as one for each year group. I am doing this so that I can see if the correlation is the same across the year groups.

    • Word count: 2224
  12. I am investigating to find a relationship between ks2 results and IQ in children and to determine whether there is a significant difference between boys and girl's ks2 results and IQ.

    I will use 50 Girls and boys IQ and ks2 total scores because it is a big enough to represent the whole of the data but is not too big so that it would use up all of the time allocated. First I will have to collect the information that I need, that is each pupil's IQ, gender and ks2 results. I need these so I can put them in my diagrams and calculations. Then I will sort out this data so that there will be a proportionate sample of all the years and sexes, I will do this by doing a stratified sample this will also make it not biased.

    • Word count: 2291
  13. Predicted grades given by subject teachers at the time of Yellis.

    one's that will give a misrepresentative grade to stop student getting complacent. I would like to investigate the correlation between the achieved GCSE results and both the predictions by yellis and staff, I will be looking at Mathematics and English language because yellis test specify these two skills so it is more likely to have less deviation, then to a subject such as art which is far from the original type of skill tested, I will also look at the results for Science double award because this is a subject that uses both skills, so it should be a truer representation to the results achieved.

    • Word count: 2803
  14. The aim of my investigation is to investigate the factors IQ and KeyStage 2 Results for girls and boys of a fictitious secondary school. I am then going to see how the results differ between the sexes.

    Excel. See appendix 1.1 for my samples. If I am to come across any obvious anomalous results I shall exclude such datum from any further investigation to make my analysis as accurate and fair as possible. To see if my statements are correct I will first have to plot IQ and KeyStage 3 Results in separate tally and frequency charts for both girls and boys and use it to find the mean, mode, median and range to analyse. Because KeyStage 2 Results are in 3 different parts I will take an average of the 3, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

    • Word count: 2093
  15. Using the data from Mayfield School I am going to construct an investigation to see whether the number of hours of television a student watches per week directly influences their IQ and exam results.

    I predict that the students who watch a lot of television will have lower IQ's than those who find alternate means of entertainment. I predict this because I believe that watching television does not provide much stimulus for the brain in comparison to active entertainment and taking part in conversations. I also envisage that the students who watch limited hours of television will do better in their exams. I think this because unless the students are watching educational programs related to their work then they are using time in which they could be studying.

    • Word count: 2081
  16. The relationship between IQ and Key Stage 2 results

    I will do this by using my calculator. I have given each page a number, and then the names on that page also have numbers. I will then press 'shift' and then 'RAN#' on my calculator, and it will display a number between 0 and 1. I will then multiply this number by 34 each time, and using the unit, I will find the page, and using the decimal, I will find the name. E.g. 0.283 x 34 = 9.622 9 is the page number and 6 is the number of names I must scroll down.

    • Word count: 2184

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