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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. GCSE Maths questions

    • Develop your confidence and skills in GCSE Maths using our free interactive questions with teacher feedback to guide you at every stage.
    • Level: GCSE
    • Questions: 75
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Reaction Times

    I decided that I would show the data I collected for the control first in a steam and leaf diagram and then present it in a line graph. Data collection This graph simply shows my control data- how ever I do not believe that this data is free from bias because it falls into the time frame for the evening so I could have just used this data for my experiment by using this as the results for the evening.

    • Word count: 920
  3. Statistics Coursework. I am going to study the wealth of countries in the world (GDP) and what affects this. Hypothesis 1: Countries with a higher Index of Economic Freedom have a higher GDP per capita.

    There is an "Index of Economic Freedom", a measure of economic freedom of different countries that was created by the Wall Street Journal. I will use the most recent data from 2008. GDP per Capita can measure how wealthy the people of a country are on average: It is the money that a country makes divided by the population. I will use the data from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, because their data is reliable. First I will obtain a sample of 50 countries, by using stratified sampling by which continent they are from.

    • Word count: 1174
  4. The relationship between level of parental education and SAT scores

    = The SAT test takers' SAT scores and the highest level of parental education are independent. = The SAT test takers' SAT scores and the highest level of parental education are dependent. Data Collection When students take their SAT's, one of the requirements is to fill out the survey or questionnaires for statistical references. These reports present data for high school graduates in the year of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 who participated in the SAT Program. Students are counted only once, no matter how often they tested, and only their latest scores and most recent SAT Questionnaire responses are summarized.

    • Word count: 1385
  5. For our GCSE statistics coursework, we were given the question Where are houses most expensive? To answer this question I have posed the hypothesis House Prices for 3 bedroom detached houses in the North of England are cheaper than those in the s

    * From the data I have collected I will produce a histogram to determine the shape of the distribution which is important as this will then show me the best measure of average that needs to be used. If the histogram shows a normal distribution then I will use the mean as well as the standard deviation and if it is a skewed distribution then I will use the Inter Quartile Range (IQR) and the median. * Then I will make a box and whisker plot I will do this as this is a clearer indication if there is there

    • Word count: 1710
  6. IGCSE Modeling Project bouncing ball

    = P (x�-nx-mx+mn) = P (x�+x(-n-m)+mn) This formula will turn to a quadratic formula after solving it, and then it would be the equation for the parabola. For example for the second parabola if you plot in the lowest and highest X coordinate in the bounce it should come out like this: = P (x-6) (x-12) Then if you solve the equation it should turn out like: y= P (x�-18x+72) Value P basically is the value that influence the curve so it's a very important value in this equation.

    • Word count: 656
  7. The investigative task. Do housewives or working adults have a faster working pulse rate?

    My hypothesis is that working adults would have a higher pulse rate because; working adults get up earlier going to work and always around doing something. However if you look at housewives they don't take a step out of the house, they are probably doing some cleaning, cooking etc... that's what they are doing constantly. But working adults are not doing it constantly but faster possibly. However there are advantages and disadvantages from each category. For example the advantages for the category working adults are * They are working faster then housewives they have a time limit to do there

    • Word count: 1493
  8. The aim of the project is to investigate the correlation between multiple sets of data, the source of which is 2 data sets, 1 from New Zealand and 1 From Great Britain.

    Despite this, the graph suggests that travel by bike is most common among the mid-ages; travel by bus shows a slightly older trend, along with motorcar, walking, and "other". I then rearranged the graph into a format that would ignore age; therefore directly comparing travel methods and also showing information about how gender affects method of travel. Due to the disproportion in the data, it can be assumed that travel by bike and train are both more commonly used by males.

    • Word count: 1866
  9. This is my GCSE data-handling project, throughout which I will be discussing the topic of how sleep deprivation affects the reaction and ability to estimate a minute.

    Below I will describe the method I will use for all subjects. To perform this experiment I will use a reaction timer. The tester will hold the ruler, and whilst standing ask the subject to put their thumb and first finger over the bottom of the reaction timer. To ensure all subjects have their fingers the same distance away from the ruler, I will turn the ruler sideways and ask the subjects to leave their fingers at the same width as the ruler when it is turned sideways.

    • Word count: 940
  10. Maths grid extension

    Therefore the position-to-term rule must be 6n + or - something. Position (n) 25 26 67 68 3 4 Term (u) 194 200 446 452 62 68 6n 150 156 402 408 18 24 + 44 + 44 + 44 + 44 + 44 + 44 As can be seen, the term is always 6 times the position, plus 44. Thus, for the bottom stair of any 3-stair shape on a 10 x 10 grid, the formula must be Un = 6n + 44, where 'n' is the stair number, and 'Un' is the term which is the stair total.

    • Word count: 4693
  11. The decimal search

    x -2.0 -1.5 -1.0 -0.5 0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 f(x) -0.5 0.625 0.5 -0.125 -0.5 0.125 2.5 7.375 15.5 As the curve crosses the x axis, the value of the function f(x) changes sign, for example: The values of f(x) in the table above confirms there are roots between [-2,-1.5] [-1,-0.5] and [0, 0.5]. I am going to concentrate on finding a more accurate value of the root between [-2,-1.5]. I will achieve this by reducing the size of the intervals to a width of 0.1. The graph and table below show that the root is between [-1.8,-1.9].

    • Word count: 717
  12. Data Handeling

    Fiesta 95-99 7695 10 755 10000 23 Honda Prelude 17320 10 1810 6000 27 Citroen AX 7230 10 1080 12000 31 Skoda Fabia 7950 5 3585 20000 37 Renault Clio 8800 7 2210 18000 48 Peugeot 106 9560 10 1270 41000 55 Mazda MX-3 17170 10 2720 34000 58 Ford Focus 12740 7 4290 10000 66 Citroen C2 11212 2 7665 35000 67 Seat Ibiza 2003 9030 2 6315 7200 74 Chrysler Neon 10995 5 3080 40500 85 Audi A3 96-03 14650 9 4250 50000 94 Seat Cordoba 9995 7 1570 38000 96 Vauxhall Corsa 10135 4 5340 63000 103

    • Word count: 1673
  13. Fixed Point Iteration

    Let x1 = 8. I will use the following equation: Xr+1 = g (xr) The table below shows the iterations. x = g(x) X1 8 8.960279 X2 8.960279 8.903599 X3 8.903599 8.906772 X4 8.906772 8.906594 X5 8.906594 8.906604 X6 8.906604 8.906603 X7 8.906603 8.906604 X8 8.906604 8.906604 X9 8.906604 8.906604 X10 8.906604 8.906604 The rearrangement of 1/2lnx + x - 10 = 0 to x = 10 - 1/2lnx converged to the root 8.906604 because the gradient was not too steep in that region.

    • Word count: 546
  14. Maths Coursework

    I also found out by doing this that Virgin is generally more expensive than HMV and Woolworths. Pilot Survey Information gathered on the prices of albums. Price Survey (pilot) How Much do/did you charge for these Album's on release? HMV Virgin Woolworths Red Hot Chili Peppers N/A Red Hot Chili Peppers �7.99 Red Hot Chili Peppers N/A Freakey Styley �9.99 Freakey Styley �10.99 Freakey Styley �9.99 Uplift m**o Party Plan �10.99 Uplift m**o Party Plan �10.99 Uplift m**o Party Plan �10.99 Mothers Milk �10.99 Mothers Milk �10.99 Mothers Milk �10.99 Blood Sugar s*x Magik �11.99 Blood Sugar s*x Magik �12.99

    • Word count: 1327
  15. Mathematics Handling Data Coursework: How well can you estimate length?

    Using my frequency table I will create a histogram. A histogram can be used to discover the percentage of estimations within a certain range of the mean. In my investigation, I predict that 50% of Year Eleven pupils will have estimates between 1.52m and 1.64m (i.e. within 6cm of the mean), compared with 30% of Year Seven's. Sampling Data I will first collect my random sample of fifty pupils, as it would be too difficult to work with over 170 pupils in each year group.

    • Word count: 3196
  16. maths estimation coursework

    Also the age gap will help to determine if there is a connection between estimation and age as suggested in Patricia's data. I will take a sample of the population of year 8s and year 12s as the total number of year 8s and 12s is 226 pupils and is to large and would be too time consuming to work with. This sample taken from the estimating population shall be a stratified sample, and will be representative of the total estimating population.

    • Word count: 2224
  17. Statistics coursework

    of minor mistakes made and the driving instructor because they all have different methods of teaching and this may impact the way the drivers learn. However the driving instructors must be of a similar standard because they are employed by the driving school. But I can't investigate the weather conditions in my investigation as I am given no information about these conditions in my data sample. Plan of action The data I am given is secondary; it is based on how well a sample of drivers did in their driving exams.

    • Word count: 6739
  18. Data Handling

    Number of hours Each class took their pulse rate 5 times and found the average of the 5 results. The mean was then recorded. Each Year group that was doing the investigation went outside and ran for 4 minutes. Then each minute each person recorded his pulse rate for approximately 15 minutes. Then from this data the maths teachers worked out how many minutes it took for each persons pulse rate to return to its mean resting rate. This was all recorded on the same survey sheet. There was a few more questions to be answered on the sheet which were: 1.

    • Word count: 2742
  19. Statistics Project

    I will take a new random sample, taking 20 random constituencies from each of Labour and Conservative using the method described before and plotting each of these onto a separate box and whisker plot. I can then use these two box and whisker plots to compare them and make a judgment as to whether it seems Labour or Conservative constituencies are more likely to have high levels of unemployment. Hypothesis I believed at first that in my initial investigation, the higher the level of unemployment was then the higher the turnout would be because they would have the incentive to

    • Word count: 1367
  20. Correlation and regression

    value, the other has a low (high) value. A correlation coefficient of 0 means that there is no linear relationship between the variables. Lines of best fit can be drawn to determine some useful estimates, but would differ in placement from person to person. Therefore it is useful to have a systematic method that always gives the same result. One procedure commonly used is the "method of least squares". The equation for the line of best fit according to the method of least squares is 'y = ax + b', with gradient 'a' and y-intercept 'b'.

    • Word count: 5329
  21. GCSE STATISTICS/Data Handling Coursework 2008

    I will therefore investigate the following hypotheses: 1. People with a healthy BMI have a higher bleep test. 2. The older people are the further their shot putt. 3. 100 metre times follow a normal distribution. Plan I will prove or disprove these hypotheses by presenting the data I choose to sample in different ways. For the first hypothesis I shall use a scatter diagram to consider the relationship between body mass index and bleep test score. This will allow me to observe any patterns or correlations in the data.

    • Word count: 3338
  22. Data Handling

    My next step is comparing. I will be comparing the key factors with price using scatter graph. The comparison is one way to find out if the factors have any affect therefore it is essential to use graphs in order to obtain evidence and look if the factor could affect the price also I will put line of best fit which will help me understand the graph more easily. My next step is the cumulative frequency table. Cumulative frequency will help me to find out the median, upper value, lower value and inter quartile range. Cumulative frequency will help to gain an accurate or in another words that exact median and the exact upper and lower value.

    • Word count: 3022
  23. Emma's Dilemma

    EM 2. ME Therefore, there are only two different arrangements for any two letter group of different letters. I also used this method to find out how many different combinations there would be for a group of six different letters and got 120 arrangements. Here is a table of all of groups of all different letters and the number of combinations each of them has: Number of letters in the group 1 2 3 4 5 Number of combinations 1 2 6 24 120 At first I tried to see if the answer had anything to do with the difference between each of the letters but that didn't lead me anywhere.

    • Word count: 1814
  24. Number Grid

    I should now try the same method but with boxes of 3x3 dimensions. 3x3 Boxes Box 1 1 2 3 11 12 13 21 22 23 1x23=23 --> 63-23=40 3x21=63 Box 2 33 34 35 43 44 45 53 54 55 33x55=1815 --> 1855-1815=40 35x53=1855 Box 3 14 15 16 24 25 26 34 35 36 14x36=504 --> 544-504=40 16x34=544 I have noticed the pattern here. Whenever the numbers are diagonally multiplied and then the difference is found, you always end up with 40.

    • Word count: 1645
  25. Maths Statistics Coursework

    I will also be using a random sample to select the pupils in each stratum, because a random sample means that each member of the population has the same chance of being chosen. I will do this y using a calculator to generate random numbers, which I will then select in the original data. However, there may be outliers or anomalies. I will treat any estimates that are above 50% error as anomalies. I will discard any anomalies when analysing the data and creating box plots.

    • Word count: 3495
  26. MATHS COURSEWORK - Mayfield High - To analyse data provided by Mayfield High School by using a range of different techniques...

    Also stress can play a factor as it can affect a student's weight. Year 11s have a lot of stress to deal with because of GCSE Exams. Hypothesis 3 The reason I chose my third hypothesis is to prove whether males or females are more intelligent by their IQ. I predict that males will have a higher IQ because previous research proves that males generally have a higher IQ than their counter parts. I believe this will apply at Key stage 4 as well.

    • Word count: 4542

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