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Uzair Bapu

Data handling coursework


For this coursework I am going to ask 25 males and 25 females to estimate a line and an angle. Once they given an estimate of the line and angle I record the data onto a spreadsheet. From this I will create graphs and I will work out the mean median and other things. I am going to analyse my graphs and charts according to my hypothesis.

Factor considered

I think there is a relationship between estimating angle and lines. People tend to be more accurate on estimating lines because people are more focus on it rather than when they are estimating angles they less concentrate. Another reason is that the understand lines much better than angles.

The factors that affected a person’s ability to estimate the angle or line are states below:-

  • Age –An elder person would have more experience in doing things than a younger person. Example younger people won’t be accurate in estimating angles than older ones this would be because they have less experience & skill, therefore the percentage error will be less for an older person than a younger one. However an older person can have visual problems as they get older so this could e a factor against older people
  • Gender- People have stated that females are better than males in doing certain things. Example females would be more precise in estimating lines and angles. For this reason, this would be a factor affecting the males on estimating lines and angles.
  • Job –the type of job would affect how accurate the estimate is. Example if you are doing a job where your eyes are affected i.e. I.T job, this would create problems for your eyes because they get damaged, therefore affecting your estimates.
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Hypothesis 1-People estimate the length of lines better than the size of     angles

Hypothesis 2-Males are better than female in estimating the angles and lines

Choice of length of line and size of angle

The        size of angle the group decided would be 550

The size of the line that the group decided would be 7cm

Sample population

I am going to sample 32 random people from the area of Blackburn collage on the 11/11/07.The 32 random samples of people will include 16 males and 16 females. This will be my primary data. The rest ...

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