Mathematics coursework

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Mathematics coursework


Al the way through my coursework I will be exploring the positive and negative correlation between IQ scores and exam results in The Swaminarayan Independent day school. I also used data provided by Edexcel on the KS2 results and the IQ results in the Mayfield School. I will be carrying out investigation to see whether the IQ results have any significance towards how a student performs in his exams.

Mayfield Data

As you can see above, there are the first 30 IQ results by the Mayfield data. I will now try and prove that there is some kind for correlation between these two sets of data above. I will create a scatter graph in the Edexcel programme.                


As you see above, there is a positive correlation between the IQ scores and the total KS2 results. Now I will see whether there is correlation between the IQ scores and the English scores.

As seen above there is correlation between the IQ scores and the English results as there is positive correlation proving that if you have a higher IQ you are more likely to achieve good results in English.

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My Hypothesis

I will now use raw data from my school (the Swaminarayan School). Then I will make a hypothesis, which I will then try to prove. My hypothesis is too seeing whether there is correlation between the maths scores and the CAT scores.

I have decided that I will be using a sample size of 30 as less than 30 would not represent the population. More than 30 would make it rather difficult to plot the data on the scatter graph. I will be doing a stratified random sample so that when ...

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