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1st Hypothesis

The relationship between TV hours watched per week and IQ

I a going to predict that the amount of TV watched per week can affect your IQ making it less (Male and Female). This will show me which if there is a relationship between watching TV and IQ. I predict that as boys watch more TV their IQ will go down. I expect this to happen because TV has been shown to affect your mood or make you forget more.

2nd Hypothesis

The relationship between Number of siblings and IQ

Then I will predict that the more siblings you have can make your IQ higher (Male and Female). This will show me whether there is a relationship between IQ and Number of siblings. I expect this to happen because in many families with lots of children, knowledge is shared between brothers and sisters (More help is available basically)

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I took a sample of 50 students from Mayfield high school, 10 from year 7 to year 11. I split them into girls and boys so all together there were 25 girls and 25 boys, 5 girls and boys in each year. I used the random number generator to get all of this sample by typing in the calculator ‘Shift’ ‘Rand#’ then when you get the number you times it by how many there are in the sample. Say there are 200 then you would do ‘shift’ ‘rand#’ times 200. This would then not let the number be greater ...

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