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Mystery investigation

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Ahsin Iqbal        11AM        Unsolved Mystery

“A Woman’s Intuition”

I was lying down on my bed, fast sleep when suddenly interrupted by the loud sound of my alarm, placed on a bedside table next to my bed. I jerked up to a seating position & looked at the time; 5:30 in the morning. I fell back onto my bed. It feels warm & comfortable. My body feels too tired & stiff but work is pressing on. I have to be at the office in half an hour; in order to prepare for a very important meeting.

I reluctantly drag my tired body out of the bed & walk to the window. The cool breeze of the fresh, Monday morning sends a pleasant shiver down my spine. I open the curtains & witness my sleepy town, slowly & gracefully preparing herself for a brand new day. I smile & say “Good morning New York”.

I turn around & head for the shower. The water is cold and icy but it helps to wake me up properly. I don’t have the luxury of a hot bath & I look consciously at my wrist watch, now indicating 5:45.

I rush out of the bathroom & wrap my robe around me tightly.

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I walk in & find everyone already there. As usual I am greeted with a frown and a glance at their watch, indicating displeasure. I smile politely & take my seat. All my rookies smile at the prospect of my being put down but I rarely do. My arrogance is an indication of my skills. I am good at what I do, perhaps maybe even the best in New York.

I can hear my boss talking but somehow his words are lost to me. All I can think about is how hot the new case is. If I were to get my hands on this case, I will forever kiss goodbye to doing low rank work. I will solve it. This will make me invincible.

“In your own time!”

Everyone is laughing. I have been so lost in my own thoughts & dreams that I hardly heard my boss screaming.

God, this is not going to be a great start. I have made him angry.

He walks up to me & drops a heavy folder in front of me. I instantly recognise it. It’s a ‘drown’ case.

‘Drown’ is a term my rookies use to describe a case that will be a start to the end of your career.

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God she is good.

She diverts my attention to a different hidden clue. “The first two victims have the same expression on their faces when recovered. Their eyes muscles are tightened due to the force of suffocation but other than that, they seem motionless, almost as though they were not frightened prior to their attack. They knew the killer.

However the third victim is scared. Her muscles were reported as stiff in her autopsy. She has a broken finger which can mean a number of things. She was fighting her attacker and this happened before the strangulation. This I can tell by the severe bruising. A bruise of this magnitude needs time to develop whereas if you look at her neck, although stronger the force, the bruising seems to be not as bad. She did not know her murder”.

She keeps talking but all I can do is admire her. She took one look at the case and managed to find out new information, lost to so many others before her.

Maybe, it is not such a bad idea to have a woman on board.

“A woman’s intuition”….that can work in my favour.

I smile and whisper to myself, “Good morning New York” and what a brilliant morning it seems to be.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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