Statistics - comparing word lengths from broadsheet and tabloid newspapers.

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Philip Pearson 11WG

Maths statistics coursework


This investigation involves taking two different newspapers, one a broadsheet newspaper and one a tabloid newspaper.  In each of the newspapers I will choose a random article and measure the length of each word for the first hundred in the article, this will provide me with the information needed to carry out this investigation.  

This investigation will involve three hypotheses, one concerning the tabloid newspaper, one concerning the broadsheet newspaper and one concerning bout the newspapers:

1: The average length of words in a broadsheet newspaper are longer

2: – The average length of words in a tabloid newspaper are longer

3: – There is little noticeable difference between the average lengths of the words

I have chosen to use the length of the word measured in the number of letters.

The investigation will be carried out by taking the front page stories from two newspapers on the same day, the tabloid newspaper and the broadsheet newspaper.  The articles will be taken from the newspaper and the first one hundred words copied into a word document.  When counting the words I will put the results into Excel.

I will then do a scatter graph so that the results can be compared easily to one another. With this graph I will be able to come to a conclusion concerning my hypothesis’s.

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I predict that the hypothesis number one will be proven correct because broadsheet newspapers are aimed for people with slightly higher intellect therefore suggesting longer word may be used because usually more intellect words contain more letters.

I believe that there will be a noticeable difference in the length of the words in tabloid and broadsheet newspapers meaning that this hypothesis will be dismissed in my prediction.


These are the papers from which I will be obtaining my results from:

●The Sun (Tabloid)

○The Daily Telegraph (Broadsheet)

Here are the results which I have obtained from ...

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