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        Who achieves better marks in their SATS

                    Exams Girls or Boys?



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3             Introduction




My name is Ikhlas Raja and I am studying GCSE Statistics. I live in Luton which is a town North of London. I go to Challney High School for Boys. Our school is an all Boys school but there is a Girls school right next to us. It is a well rated school for its grades it achieves, it is one of the best Boys School in the whole of the U.K. We study Statistics during the whole of Year 10. Coursework accounts for 25% of the final Exam marks.

 Our teacher gave us two weeks to decide a subject we wanted to base our coursework on. I decided to look at both Key Stage 2 SATs results Key stage 3 SATs results for Both Girls and boys.  We started our Statistics Coursework around 4 weeks ago. I decided to do coursework on Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 SATs results because I thought that it would be quiet interesting finding out who achieves the better results. I keep on hearing from my sisters that girls are better than boys in education. I wanted to see if they are right if not I will be able to prove them wrong. I was about choose a different subject for my coursework, I was about to do about how much people spend on computer games. I decided against it because I thought that it would be hard to obtain the data. It would be hard because I would have to ask a specific group of people. Instead, I decided to do it on SATs Results.

I decided to do 5 Hypotheses. My Hypotheses are as follows:-

  • Girls on the whole achieve a better mark then the Boys in both their Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 Marks.

  • I think that the Boys will have a bigger gain in their results from Key Stage 2 too Key Stage 3 than the girls. I have Predicted this because the girls who come with high results from Junior School to High School do make an improvement but not better than the Boys in Our School. Where as the majority of boys come with normal and below average results and make a better improvement than the Girls. I think that this is because our school is an all Boys school, if it was a mixed school I do not think that the boys would have made a better improvement than the girls.

  • I think by the time Boys get to year 9 their results are catching up to the girls but the Girls Results are still a nudge higher than the Boys Results. I think that in Boys School case the boys make a better improvement than the girls. The gain is bigger so the Results are catching up.

  • The higher the Key stage 2 Mark Achieved, for any subject, the higher the Key Stage 3 mark will be. I think that this counts for both girls and boys.


I will be using Results from both my School, Challney Boys, and the Girls School, Challney Girls.

  • The National average Key Stage 2 results for Maths, English and Science is: -  4
  • The National average Key Stage 3 results for Maths, English and Science is: -  6

I have a choice of what sort of data too use. I could use Primary data, this is data which you collect your self either face to face interview or some sort of a questionnaire. I also would be able to use Secondary data, which is data which has already been collected by someone else.




Before I could go any further in doing my coursework I had to decide on which way to use to obtain my data. I have two ways in which I am able to obtain it. Primary data, collecting it my self or secondary data, using already collected data. I was first about to use primary data, I had completed my questionnaire and then I decided against using primary data because I would not know on what sort of response I would get. It would also be inconvenient going to the girl’s school and getting the results from each girl.

Instead of using Primary data I then decided to use secondary data because it is much easier to obtain. I also did not think that I would have much of a reply rate if I did. Some of the boys in our school would not take the questionnaire seriously and most of Girls would not either. So I decided that it would be much more appropriate for me to use secondary data. It is a better choice in my case, I am sure that you would agree. I decided to go to the girl’s school and ask at reception for SATs the results and I was given them to me the next day. It was easy to get the Boys Results, I just asked my maths teacher and he got them for me.

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 Now I had got both the results for the girls and the boys. I had to find a suitable sampling method. The sampling methods available to me were as follows:-

Systematic Sampling

Purposive Sampling

Opportunity Sampling

Purposive Sampling

Random Sampling

Cluster Sampling

Out of all these Sampling methods I decided to use Random Sampling because I think that is the most appropriate method to use for my secondary data. To get a random set of numbers I am going to go to   this is a web site which is made to get a set of numbers ...

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