The investigative task. Do housewives or working adults have a faster working pulse rate?

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Investigate: Do housewives or working adults have a faster working pulse rate?

I am going to investigate this area of my investigative task topic, because I have always wondered this question, because when ever I want something after I come back from school they are always telling me they are tired so which one of them is more tired my mum the housewife or my father who is the working adult. Now there are many ways that you can investigate and find answers to this question like taking there pulse rates, or timing how long it takes them to do something and the one with the longest time would be the one most tired, but I have used the method of taking results of their pulse rate. I am using his method because it is the most easy and eligible one for me to carry out as a task.

I plan to find out the answer of this question, by taking results of many of my results, but halving the amount up so I would get possibly 8 relatives that work and 8 relatives that are housewives. I will record the results, then go further looking for pattern and finding the average pulse rate for each category, furthermore to make this topic more interesting and to spot patterns more easily I will put my results into a graph and then investigate further from that.

My hypothesis is that working adults would have a higher pulse rate because; working adults get up earlier going to work and always around doing something. However if you look at housewives they don’t take a step out of the house, they are probably doing some cleaning, cooking etc… that’s what they are doing constantly. But working adults are not doing it constantly but faster possibly.

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However there are advantages and disadvantages from each category. For example the advantages for the category working adults are

  • They are working faster then housewives they have a time limit to do there work
  • They may have a really active job
  • They work for longer hours most of the time as they get up early on the day to start working
  • Etc

However there are disadvantages for the category of working adults, they are;

  • You may have a job in an office and hardly move a muscle
  • You are only doing this job for a limited ...

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