Advert Analysis - Opium Perfume, Cointreau, Longines Watch

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        Monday, April 30, 2007

Media Analysis

Advert 1:Longines Watch

When one comes to analyse an advert such as this,one soon begins to sense a deeper meaning to the first thought meaningless  images upon the page.The subtle,black and white background gives the advert a very elegant,chic resemblance.The advert becomes extremely intense and embracing,drawing the audience into the page.

The black and white colours and italic font give one the impression that this advert is targeted at a somewhat sophisticated audience.The caption “Elegance is an attitude” implies that elegance is natural and that only these ‘gifted’ people can release the watches potential powers.There is an image of an elegant lady on the left hal of the page.She is standing in a plain black dress and is wearing no evident make up.She is only wearing one piece of jewellery and that is the watch.This image makes one notice that the watch is the only accesory she needs,the ‘icing on the cake’,the final ingredient of the divine life.Realising this enables us to discover that the is  a larger audience than the upper class members of society.

Members of the female society that feel insecure about themselves are also targets of the advert.The product will make them elegant and push the up the social ladder.Fellow women will envy them and men will desire them.

The lack of elaborate clothing on the model suggests that she doesnt need elaborate clothes or make up to express her personality,as the watch reveals all,just by looking at her people will know that she is elegant and upper class.

The advert is blatantly  marketing the watch as the chosen product.They only use the word watch once at the bottom of the page in a font that is very insignificant to the reader.This is highly impressive as it means they have instead used colour and perspective to sell the merchandise.The adverts background is split into two halves,one being black,the other white.The half with the black background has the image of the model wearing the black dress.Her skin has also been given a dark shade,so she melds into the background,while the watch is silver and thus stands out.On the right hand side of the page,the background is white which makes the watch even more exposed as it is a silver-grey colour.Also,the advert looks to be distinctively coming out of the page.The audience find themselves wanting to reach out,as if they could actually remove the product from the advert.It appears so very real,and no matter how hard you try to stop it,continues to focus on the image of the product.This is an extremely effective way of ensuring that the product stays in the potential consumers mind.

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At the bottom of the advert there is information on how to buy the product.This information seems insignificant due to its small size,this is far from the truth however,as this information is useflu to the audience.If the font was bold,the audience would feel pressured to buy the product,become claustrophobic and thus reject the advert and the product.The smaller print allows the audience to study the advert first as the eye will focus on the larger,more bold images on the advert,rather than any unsubstantiated text.When the potential consumer finally reads the information the manufacturers believe that the consumer will already have ...

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