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Advert Analysis - Opium Perfume, Cointreau, Longines Watch

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Byron Atkinsothis isnt my actual work mum so shutup.im writing it in my book and making it better. English Monday, April 30, 2007 Media Analysis Advert 1:Longines Watch When one comes to analyse an advert such as this,one soon begins to sense a deeper meaning to the first thought meaningless images upon the page.The subtle,black and white background gives the advert a very elegant,chic resemblance.The advert becomes extremely intense and embracing,drawing the audience into the page. The black and white colours and italic font give one the impression that this advert is targeted at a somewhat sophisticated audience.The caption "Elegance is an attitude" implies that elegance is natural and that only these 'gifted' people can release the watches potential powers.There is an image of an elegant lady on the left hal of the page.She is standing in a plain black dress and is wearing no evident make up.She is only wearing one piece of jewellery and that is the watch.This image makes one notice that the watch is the only accesory she needs,the 'icing on the cake',the final ingredient of the divine life.Realising this enables us to discover that the is a larger audience than the upper class members of society. Members of the female society that feel insecure about themselves are also targets of the advert.The product will make them elegant and push the up the social ladder.Fellow women will envy them and men will desire them. ...read more.


be thought as one.Underneath this "HARMONIE SUBTILE DE SPIRIT NATUREL" is written,which means "subtle harmony of natural spirit".This means that the drink combines crystal clear purity with the subtlety of tastes obtained from the perfect harmony of orange peels.In the top left hand corner "Glow with Cointreau is written in large,bold letters,with blurs around the edge of each letter.This could be to represent the relaxed effects of consuming cointreau or the strobe lighting in a nightclub or bar.The phrase "Glow with Cointreau" suggests to the audience that if they drink it they will "glow" and attract people to them.Often a fun loving person is thought of as having "a glowing personality",and a healthy person is also referred to as "glowing".This will make unconfident or depressed people feel that they can "get out of their shell" and be happy and confident. In the bottom left there is the slogan "THE SPIRIT OF ORANGE INSIDE".Orange is often associated with energy,zest and happiness,so the audience will interpret that the drink contains these qualities.The font is orange in colour,bold,but is a relativley small size.The bold font grabs the audiences attention while the orange colour keeps the association of the flavour and qualities of orange,while the small text size remains unobtrusive. In the background there is a large image of a man and a woman.They are both close together in a relaxed and ...read more.


the product.This theory is in direct conflict though,with the jewellery and shoes that she is wearing.She is wearing these to show that the product is a release from the pressures of reality,and this complies with the first theory. The lack of an image of the product on the page is unusual.The need of an image seems to be fulfilled by the image of the model.The top of an actual Opium bottle is a similar red colour to the models hair.Also,the whiteness of her skin could represent the purity of the product,and the lack of hair on her body could be similar to the smooth texture of the bottle,while the jewellery and the gold shoes could symbolise the luxuriousness of the bottle and product.The luxuriousness is also shown by the blue velvet that the model is lying on. The advert contains no superlatives or comparitives to show how superior the product is.It also has no information on how to buy,all it has are the words "the fragrance from YVESSAINTLAURENT".The use of the phrase 'the fragrance' makes it seem as if the product is the best and the only fragrance worth having.Reputation alone seems to be the adverts way of selling the product.The manufacturers hope that the audience will realise the superiority of the product and know where to buy it from,as it is 'the fragance'. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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