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Advertisement Evaluation - Domino's Pizza leaflet. How would I design it?

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Name of document Leaflet Produced by Give name of organisation Domino's Target audience Describe gender, age, characteristics eg secondary school teachers of ICT The leaflet isn't restricted to a specific age group or gender. It is geared mostly towards people who enjoy eating pizza. Purpose When you have read the document what would the designer like you to do/know/feel? The purpose of the leaflet is to sway people towards ordering pizzas from them. It is also used to inform potential customers of any offers that are currently available to them. Document size Size Number of pages 2 Orientation Landscape Fonts used Describe how different fonts, styles, sizes and colours are used On the front page, big gold lettering is used to attract people towards it. ...read more.


This appeals to potential customers, and will persuade them even further to read on, and possibly buy from Domino's. How well do the different elements work in the document? All the elements work well together. They create a leaflet that appeal to the users appetites, and is a highly persuasive advertising document. Alignment How are elements aligned in the document? All menu text takes left alignment in the document. This gives the leaflet at simple and easy to read layout for readers. However, all promotional offers that are featured on the righ-hand side of the leaflet, are composed of text which takes centre alignment. Balance How is white space used? ...read more.


The cluster of promotional offers on the right hand side in different sized/coloured boxes make the leaflet look unprofessional. I like the idea of including promotional offers. If I am to include them in my newsletter, I will have to ensure that they: a) Fit whatever colour schemes I wish to include in the newsletter b) Are all of a suitable size, and that they actually fit in with the rest of the newsletter Different coloured fonts associating with different things. I shall be creating a colour scheme that readers will be able to use to associate different sections with on the newsletter. E.g. Main-headings, sub-headings and main text. Poor use of white space. My newsletter will not have a white background. Having several white spaces, give the impression that the document was rushed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Evaluating document design ...read more.

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