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Advertising essay - describing some famous TV ads.

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Advertising essay The "t mobile dance", the advert was set at Liverpool St Station, London at 11:00am on the 15th January 2009. It seemed to be a usual day at the station, until music blared out of the tannoy system playing the song shout by lulu, a few people react to this and start dancing as the advert goes on a larger number of people seem to start dancing of all age groups, young and old. In total there were 9 songs played during this short advert lasting only 2:41 seconds, everyone seems to be laughing and generally having a good time. At the end of the advert the whole station is jam packed with people. ...read more.


All people in the advert are getting along with one another really well and just having a great laugh. The music suits this advert brilliantly; it has one of them real catchy tunes that is bound to be stuck in your head all day. To finish the ad the famous Coca-cola logo comes on screen, the bright red and the white writing made bold by black outlines giving it a bright lively feeling. The target audience is aimed at teenagers and young adults of both sexes. Gold blend is a series of adverts that are more like mini soap operas, the target audience is for adults in the middle/ upper class. ...read more.


These adverts start of in the nineteen sixties, with songs like wonderful world by Sam Cooke, and slowly moving on towards the later years like the nineteen seventies. The colours and surroundings change in each series; like the first series the colours were really dull and muted, however each series the colour gets a tad brighter and the surroundings change in each series , like in the first series the colour were really dull and matured, however each series gets a tad brighter and the surroundings change to different sceneries, such as; the bedroom, the laundrette, night clubs, a bar and office. The romance between male and female in these adverts is really strong and passionate; the way the camera shows you mainly the b*m and the package area of levi 501 jeans. ...read more.

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