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Analyse Adverts For DKNYs Be Delicious and Azzaros Decibel.

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Analyse 2 print adverts. How effective are they in selling their products? The adverts I chose to analyse are DKNY?s ?Be Delicious? and Azzaro?s ?Decibel?. The target audience for this perfume would be young, feminine women from teenagers to 30?s. The initial focus of ?Be Delicious? is a medium close-up, two-shot of an attractive, young couple. The use of the medium close up allows the models? facial expression to be clearly portrayed, yet still includes some of their surroundings. Also the tight MCU indicates the couple?s closeness by limiting the amount of space between the two. The predominant colours are warm saturated shades of brown and orange. ...read more.


The woman could be seen as an aspirational figure to potential audiences as she is natural, confident and beautiful, three things teenagers and young women wish to be. The male character?s presence simply adds to her image of importance and desirability. This could tap into women?s fears of not being beautiful and having an attractive partner. Azzaro?s ?Decibel? uses a very different way of attracting its target audience of single, masculine men in their 20?s and 30?s. The bold, masculine colours of black and white are very simplistic yet they grab your attention. The main feature in the advert is a bird?s eye view longshot of a smart, attractive man. ...read more.


The image is in black and white with very high exposure, this creates a lot more shadows and depth to the image. The dark colours and shadows connote class and sophistication which is then further emphasised by the suit the man is wearing. I think that DKNY?s ?Be Delicious? is more effective at attracting its target audience. This is because it includes more relatable imagery for the target audience. The overall advert is simple and natural which can easily appeal to all possible target audiences. I believe that the soft lighting and warm colours are more aesthetically pleasing than the harsh black and white of Azzaro?s ?Decibel? advert. Also by tapping into the women?s fears of not being desirable and ?delicious? the advert effectively encourages them to buy the product. ...read more.

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