Analyse and comment on the ways in which media reinforce or exploit Dominant Social Ideologies

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Analyse and comment on the ways in which media reinforce or exploit Dominant Social Ideologies

(DSI) then relate that to Maslows need


In this essay I will give a variety of media examples that will relate to Dominant Social Ideologies and in turn will relate to Maslows need hierarchy. A Dominant Social Ideology is a mass belief in society and mankind that you should aspire to a level in which you feel is right.

Maslow was a psychologist who in the 1950's devised a hierarchy of people's beliefs and behaviour. It consists of several layers with the basic or more functional needs at the bottom, rising up through the needs to the pinnacle of the hierarchy when you will gain self-fulfilment. All or most of the media represents and exploits the motivations of society and DSI's.

There are ranges of techniques used to affect the ways in which we think. I am going to give three television advertisements. My first advert is a Findus meal advert it involves two good looking women eating a savoury rice meal, with the 'feeling great' music in the background, it explains that no other meal make you feel as good as this one. The target audience is women who want to lose weight and feel good. This is a stereotype in itself because often men want to feel good and maybe lose weight. It shows that if you eat the food product it will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. This is related to Maslow's need hierarchy on the first level by feeding you, and on the proceeding levels until you reach the level at which you need to be respected, admired and loved by others.
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For my second advert I have chosen a loan application advert. At the beginning of the advert it shows two women talking about their finances. The first woman complains about the stress factors and how things are getting her family down. The second woman tells her about the specialist finance group. The first woman takes her advice and after you see her on the supermarket car park feeling amazing and being able to pay off all her debts and to afford a brand new car. The person describing the product was talking with a nondescript accent, he was ...

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