Analyse Doves Men+Care and Garniers Synergie Stop. How effective are they in selling their products?

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Analyse Dove’s Men+Care and Garnier’s Synergie Stop. How effective are they in selling their products?

The two adverts I have chosen are Dove Men+Care and Garnier Synergie Stop. Men+Care is a men’s body wash, and Synergie Stop is a women’s moisturiser.

Men+Care is aimed at women aged between 25-40 who live with their boyfriend or husband, but there is a secondary audience of men of the same age. The advert is black and white which sells the idea of an “obvious” message. It is set inside, in the shower, and is high key lit, to create a happy, comfortable feeling as well as simulate the feeling of being inside a shower due to the bright LED lights that are in most bathrooms. The advert features a white male in his late 20’s or early 30’s, which is the age of the target audience as well and therefore is relatable. The man is attractive, topless and smiling, all of which are appealing to women who would be buying this product for their partner. Although there is a lack of colour in the photo itself, the copy, caption, slogan and pack shot are all in cool blue tones, which connote cleanliness. It is shot below eye level, because the model has thrown his head back laughing. However, what sells this advert most is the caption, ‘Finally, a Dove body wash for men, isn’t it time they stopped stealing yours?’, because it is humorous and makes the audience smile. It is also capitalised and in a bold font, which is eye catching and further sells the idea of an “obvious” message. Subconsciously though, it feeds the ego of the audience because in the copy it says ‘your man’, suggesting that he is only theirs. The humour and happy model also attracts the secondary audience because it implies that if they use this product they could be as happy as the model.

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Synergie Stop is aimed at the same sex, but older, between 40-55, the age at which women begin to worry about wrinkles. The advert is a MCU, shot at above eye level, so the viewer can see the flawless skin on her forehead. The model has short, trendy hair that is kept off her face to show her wrinkle-free, healthy skin and light makeup, both of which imply that the product does work. The woman is in her early 40’s, as is the target audience. The background and her clothing are white, which has connotations of youthfulness and simplicity, When combined ...

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